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NYC to Ithaca Drive

Glider Diner in Scranton is pretty darn good. Hot open roast beef with crispy fries or mashed potatoes and and gravy is spectacular. Also Coney Island lunch, great chili-cheese dogs.

fish taco [Long Island]

I don't know about the "best on Long Island," but Green Cactus Grill in Stony Brook/other locations and Funcho's in Riverhead both make a serviceable fish taco. I favor the authentic "battered" kind as opposed to grilled fish.

Are there fava bean spottings on LI yet??

I bought a bunch in Meat Farms last week and made fava bean "hummus"...they weren't the freshest specimens, but they were available. Port Jeff Station location.

Chinese in Port Jefferson or Setauket

There's nothing amazing...Eastern Pavillion in Setauket is the best of the bunch, but is better for eat-in than takeout. Szechuan Garden in Port Jeff Station is hit-or-miss. There's authentic "Flushing Chinese" at Yao's Diner in Centereach, but you have to be a bit open minded as it's not your typical Chinese fare.

Yao's wows in Centereach

Scott, here ya go:

Yao's wows in Centereach

Menu below.

Yao's wows in Centereach

They have a small section of more "typical" L.I. Chinese fare - beef and broccoli, lo mein, General Tsao's etc. Not sure how good it is. I have a menu that I'll scan later tonight and post somewhere.

Yao's wows in Centereach

I've eaten there twice now. Very impressed. They finally got English menus last week, and there are some pretty exotic choices: griddled frog, griddled duck head, pork liver and kidney, etc. Had the pork in spicy garlic sauce this last time, which was excellent, along with the snow pea shoots and kung pao chicken. All delicious. Happy to have this place nearby, but I hope they last; there hasn't been more than one table seated either time I went in. So, check it out, people.

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

I know this is late, but the Pelham Manor place is Four Corners Pizza - it was excellent when I lived around the corner 30 years ago and is still going strong today when I go back with my kids. Large slices with a great thin crust, done right. Just wish they still had RC Cola on tap...

Four Corners Pizza
902 Pelhamdale Ave, Pelham, NY 10803

Cuban Sandwich on Long Island??

They make a pretty darn good one at the Taveras deli in Patchogue on Main St. Also excellent steam table-type stuff (pernil, beans and rice, etc), and a very good avocado/tomato/onion salad. Pretty cheap, too.

O'Brien's Inn, Waverly, NY.

I'm up there pretty often to visit the in-laws. Not much restaurant-wise, but Yanuzzi's in Sayre, PA (about a five-minute ride) has a killer huge filet mignon larded with garlic slivers. The rest of the food there is "ehh."

Kasper's Hot Dogs in Northport

Thanks, Scott, I missed that. I'm not usually a big fan of steamed dogs either, but these were very good. The quality of the bun/toppings probably helped.

Zweigles in Mid Westchester

I've picked them up in Wegman's a few times - the closest one to Westchester is probably Bridgewater, NJ.

Kasper's Hot Dogs in Northport

Haven't been in Northport for a while and noticed this place while picking up a pot of meatballs at Maroni's tonight. "Original Kasper's Hot Dogs - Established 1929" read the sign. I was intrigued since (1) I didn't remember there ever being a hot dog place on that corner (next to Wolfie's Custard) and (2) I'm a sucker for hot dogs. Went in and found out from Tom, the very friendly hot dog purveyor, that it's an offshoot of an Oakland, CA joint that's been around for 80+ years, and they opened the Northport store about two months ago.

I got a regular dog ($3.75) with brown mustard and sauerkraut and a bag of Rylee's Sweet Onion kettle-cooked chips. The place runs a special - dog, chips, and drink for $5. The dog itself was a beauty - steamed all-beef natural casing, probably 6 to the pound, on a sturdy bun. The dog had a great "snap" and was very tasty - Tom said it was a brand from out west and not the typical Sabrett's or Hebrew National. They also offer an organic chicken dog and two types of organic chicken sausage, and have specials including a cheese steak. The toppings were high-quality - free choices include the "regulars" like relish (kept in an iron pot in the fridge), onions, kraut, dill pickle, and tomato, along with a variety of chutneys, hot sauces, and specialty mustards and relishes. For another buck, you can get chili, and cheese is 50 cents. Available side dishes include organic baked beans, chili, cheese nachos, and mac and cheese.

Overall, the dog was great, really one of the best I've had in a long time. I'll definitely be back - the dog/custard combo is hard to beat. The place is pretty small - they have 4 tables and a counter up against the window with a view of the harbor. Cash only.

Original Kasper's Hot Dogs
40 Woodbine Ave, Northport, NY 11768

Hauppauge and Central Long Island

Kitchen a Bistro is great, definitely worth the experience. Kotobuki is truly delicious. The sashimi lunch special is the best $14 I've ever spent; about 10 pieces of super-fresh fish, soup, salad, rice, half a house special roll and a small dish of cajun seared salmon in some kind of horseradish hollandaise.

Kotobuki Restaurant
1530 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn, NY 11576

li falafel

Second Hummus World - great, authentic Israeli falafel with all the toppings. Try the mango hot sauce.

Hummus World
17 Lincoln Ave Unit A, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Banh Mi on Long Island

It may be further than you want to travel, but Oriental Groceries in Stony Brook gets a huge selection of fresh dim sum from Flushing every Saturday morning. This includes decent banh mi's for $3.95 each. I've pretty much found that I like my own better, usually made with teriyaki-grilled boneless chicken thighs.

Anything stop-worthy (w/out a major detour) on I-81 heading north?

Coney Island Lunch in Scranton is a favorite stop for me and my family (chili dogs with onion and Dusseldorf mustard). In Utica, O'scugnizzo's pizza is unique and awesome. Medium thick rectangular crust is topped with your topping of choice (sausage and onion for me) and a ton of cheese,then baked. Sauce is ladled on when it comes out of the oven.

614 Bleecker St, Utica, NY 13501

Visiting Syracuse and Ithaca University

Not exactly breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but I love Purity Ice Cream in Ithaca, down by the farmer's market. For lunch/dinner, I've always enjoyed my meals at the Glenwood Pines, a bar/grill overlooking the west side of the lake about 3 miles north of town. The Pinesburger is excellent, as are the fish and steak entrees. And if you're in Ithaca on Saturday, go to the farrner's market. Lots of good things to eat and buy.

1213 Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca, NY 14850


RE Gourmet Burger Bistro - ate there recently with my wife. Two run-of-the-mill cheeseburgers, one fries to split, two sodas, $33 + tip. Never again. I know it's "down Port," but $9.50 for a cheeseburger is really pushing it.

Bay Burger in Sag Harbor - Tasty

After schlepping out to East Hampton for a kid's birthday party this afternoon, the wife and I hit Bay Burger in Sag Harbor, someplace we've wanted to try for a while. We had a very good experience over all, and we'll definitely return. It's an order-at-the-counter place with some inside tables and a nice garden patio with tables out back. The menu is reasonably varied, everything from your basic third-pound burger (or turkey or veggie or fish burger) to hot dogs, grilled cheese and buffalo chicken sandwiches, and a lobster roll special. Decent beer selection on tap, including a $2 pint option, and homemade ice cream, along with shakes and root beer floats. They also serve breakfast in the morning.

They grind their own meat and bake their own buns (almost like a brioche-type), and the finished product definitely reflected that - high-quality ingredients all around. I had a very juicy cheddar cheeseburger ($7) char-grilled perfectly medium rare with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. The burger was delicious, one of the best I've had in a long time. Had that nice char-grill flavor, and the juices were running down my arm. My wife had a falafel sandwich ($7.50) and raved about it - it was a burger-shaped disc of freshly-fried falafel on one of their rolls with tahini, lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers. I tried a chunk and agreed with her assessment - really tasty. We also split an order of tater tots and fries. Fries were just OK, tots were much better. Most of the people around us were eating the lobster roll ($14) and it looked like the classic version with mayo, piled high on a grilled hot dog bun. Definitely would have gotten one of those as well if hadn't eaten crappy birthday party pizza beforehand. Shakes were $6, so we skipped those.

Overall, it's definitely worth stopping if you're in the area and craving a really good burger. Wish it was closer.

Bay Burger
1742 Bhampton Sag Harbor Tpke, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Where to eat in or near Plainview and Massapequa, Long Island

La Piazza, corner of Old Country Rd. and Manetto Hil Rd. in Plainview. Very good italian, and reasonable to boot. Our go-to Italian place and we live like 40 minutes away.


I haven't tried Far East, but Win Hing in the King Kullen shopping center (Mt. Sinai) is pretty OK...Eastern Pavilion in Setauket is sometimes very good, sometimes ehhh (their General Tso's chicken is usually a winner). Not a whole lot of good options, unfortunately. Best bet: go to the Asian market in Stony Brook on Saturday morning around 11 a.m., they truck in a ton of stuff from Flushing and usually have a big selection of dim sum, roast duck, and my favorite -- a bed of rice covered with roasted pork, roast chicken, greens, and a fried egg, with garlic and soy dipping sauces. A bargain for $6.

Breakfast ideas on the North Fork of LI?

I heard some good news from the owner -- they're re-opening in a new space a few blocks east sometime in May.

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

Stopped at D'Angelo's on Saturday...definitely Sabrett's (or as they spelled it, "Sabrette's." I skipped the dogs and had a hot sausage and peppers that was delicious and that included a huge chunk of sausage. Wife had a cheesesteak that was very good, especially for Long Island. Both used great rolls. Fries and rings were hot and delicious.

Breakfast ideas on the North Fork of LI?


I'm not sure if I've been there since September...That would be a huge disappointment to me and my family.

Breakfast ideas on the North Fork of LI?

Scott, if you can make it to Southold, I highly recommend the Country Corner Cafe (south side, just west of the IGA). While I haven't been there for breakfast, the lunches have been spectacular. Home-made fish and chips, great burgers, fries and rings, and club sandwiches, etc. The breakfasts get great reviews as well: . We stop here with the kids every time we head east.

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

Went back again yesterday. Had a dog with mustard, kraut and grilled onions. They really piled on the onions (in a good way) and the dog was the closest experience to a Chicago Polish that I've had around here. Juicy and delicious. Also split a burger with my daughter and it was perfectly cooked. Have to complain about the fries, though, they were limp as can be yesterday (and a rather small portion) -- I'd rather have well-cooked frozen fries than mushy fresh ones anyday. Could be because it was so busy, but...

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

Damn, Scott, I drove right by Francesco's today with the wife...we were going to stop but neither of us was in the mood for sausage and peppers. If I knew they had their own brand of dogs I definitely would have. I ended up having a crappy wannabe philly cheesesteak at American Roadside Burger instead. PS, don't get one.

American Roadside Burger
80 E Main St, Smithtown, NY 11787

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

Scott, I would opine that what makes it unique is the sheer size of the dogs and buns (as opposed to the typical roadside truck version) and the quantity and quality of the available toppings...also, the fresh-cut french fries.