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Abbot's of Craighurst -- has anyone tried it?

Has anyone been to Abbot's of Craighurst near Barrie? I'm going to be skiing in the area come March and this one's really close to our resort. They seem to have no website, though, and I was really interested in seeing a menu or getting a general idea of what kind of dishes they serve.

Dallas Seafood

Wow, thanks for the many recommendations, now I wish we were staying longer!

If you remember what you had -- what would you recommend from the Dallas Fish Market menu?

Dallas Seafood

My family and I will be in Dallas in April and we're interested in a good, fresh seafood place. Price or location isn't an issue. Preferrably, though, a place offering more than just fried options -- light dishes with many vegetables would be great, too, and even perhaps some vegetarian/vegan options on the menu.

Thank you for the help!

Berlin - pig snout?

Hello all,

I'll be in Berlin this Christmas and my dad is set on eating pig snout (and knuckles) -- knuckles can be found at every turn, but I can't seem to track down any pig snout on menus (maybe I'm not using the correct terminology, though I've tried every variation of nose/snout). His friend ate a great collection of assorted pig-bits, including snout, in Berlin -- he just doesn't remember where. Anyone know where I could find some poor oinker's nostrils? (Or, if you're familiar with the rest of Germany, if there's any to be had ANYwhere?)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Authentic Italian Lunch in St. Louis

Great suggestion, thanks, I love Greek too!

Authentic Italian Lunch in St. Louis

I've looked into Stellina and I'm definitely going there--I may even try to go there before this lunch date just so I can try more things! I love that they use organic/in season ingredients, I'm very big on that but often (not always, happily!) have to set that aside when eating out. So thanks so much for the recommendation!

(I wanted to go to Trattoria Marcella initially, actually, but they aren't open for lunch.)

Authentic Italian Lunch in St. Louis

Hello all, I'm looking for a place in St. Louis to get a great Italian lunch--I'm particularly interested in good pasta, homemade and not swimming in butter or sauce, with vegetables, mushrooms, and/or seafood. I'd love some recommendations for places on or around the Hill, but I'm open to other ideas too. Preferrably something more "foodie" oriented, quality and real Italian authenticity.

I really appreciate your help!