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Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

Just want to update my review of Ruuthai. My family and I have eaten here several times now, the last time being last Saturday night. We have also gotten take out several times. I am happy to report that we have never been disappointed. The food is just plain awesome ... fresh, authentic, nicely presented and delicious! Really nice people as well ..

On Saturday we tried the Crispy Tilapia with Mango Salad which was a special. It was simply the best version of this dish that I have ever had. Fried perfectly with just the right amount of heat. The mango was fresh, fresh fresh.

I was pleased to see the place filled and I sincerely hope this is a sign that Ruuthai is catching on with foodies.

If you love real Thai food, please get to this place and support them so they don't disappear.

Aug 07, 2014
LTSomma in Southern New England

Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

Glad you enjoyed it kattyeyes! We went back for a 2nd time and it was just as good as the first. We also tried the chicken curry puff. Yummy.
We also tried the drunken noodle (with veggies) and it too was wonderful.

I hope the hounds will get out and support this place. Its a Thai oasis here in Fairfield County and I really want it to thrive.

Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

Just found this .. hope some find it helpful

Apr 11, 2014
LTSomma in Southern New England

Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

Fairfield County, CT has never really had authentic Thai in my humble opinion. Yes, I have been to all the standard haunts that many here get excited about. I have usually come away unimpressed. My wife and I used to drive to SriPraPhai in Queens from Stamford to get our fix. This was in the old days before SriPraPhai expanded and was still the "Holiest Hole in the Wall" we had ever been to. It was then, and perhaps still is, one of the top Thai spots on the East coast. With that shrine as our perpetual yardstick, we headed out to Bridgeport on Thursday 4/3/14 to try a new Thai hole in the wall which has had some buzz lately, albeit not here on Chowhound.

Ruuthai (648 Beechwood Ave) apparently opened about 6 months ago. It is a small, brightly painted storefront in a somewhat sketchy, but not too bad, residential neighborhood on the edge of the Black Rock section of Fairfield just over the Bridgeport line. It was a quiet night when we went, Only a few other diners and what looked like a brisk takeout/delivery business. But the look and feel and smell of the place made me hopeful. My Thai spidy-senses were tingling. We were not disappointed.

We started with one of our usual favs, Som Tum (Thai Papaya Salad). It was incredibly fresh, just hot enough and tasty. We had never had Papaya so fresh. It was excellent.

We then went for another old stand-by .. Green Curry Shrimp. The shrimps were nice and fresh. The curry was spicy and delicious without having too much coconut milk or sugar. It was perhaps the best version we had ever had.

We wanted to try something out of the ordinary and there were many options outside of the norm. We ordered the Hor Mok Pla Grai, a curry fish mouse served in banana leaf cups. I have never seen this dish on any other menu. It was warm, soft and mildly spiced. It was very very tasty. We agreed to order it again next time.

Finally, we had another salad .. called Yum Woonsen .. it was 5 jumbo shrimp with ground chicken, glass noodles, onions, carrots
and thai chilli peppers. It too was fresh spicy and delicious. Watch out for the red Thai peppers!

It has been a long time since I have been excited to return to a Thai place. We are already planning our next trip to RuuThai. We look forward to exploring their interesting menu and good assortment of unusual specials.

If your idea of Thai is Pad Thai noodles and sweet/mild pan-Asian food then this might not be for you. If you are interested in fresh, authentic, fantastic Thai then I highly recommend you that you try this great little gem.

RuuThai reminds of SriPraPhai before it was discovered by the masses. Its that good.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que comes to Stamford's South End

Now this is interesting!

Following weeks of rumors, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a popular restaurant in New York, announced Tuesday that it plans to open a branch in the South End next year.

John Stage, the owner, said he signed a 20-year lease last week with Harbor Point developer Building and Land Technology to occupy 7,500 square feet of ground floor retail space at 845 Canal St.

Read more: ...

Harbor Point
Harbor Point Rd, Cummaquid, MA 02637

Oct 11, 2011
LTSomma in Southern New England

Fish Choice at Maialino

I agree. I would choose the sturgeon for myself without a thought. However, when it comes to crowd pleasing, going out into uncharted waters can be risky. People like to think they are foodies, but most usually choose the salmon!

Thanks for feedback everyone ..

I will report back.

Jul 01, 2011
LTSomma in Manhattan

Fish Choice at Maialino

Thanks RGR ,, Your picture is delicious looking!

I have never had grilled sturgeon, so I was leaning heavily toward the Sea Bass (just to be safe).

I appreciate the input.

Jun 30, 2011
LTSomma in Manhattan

Fish Choice at Maialino

We are planning a 50th anniversary dinner for 15 people in the private back room at Maialino in July.
We need to select a fish course between these 2 choices:

Storione alla Griglia | Grilled Sturgeon & Romanesco


Spigola | Pan Roasted Sea Bass & Sautéed Mushrooms

I have been to Maialino twice now, but have never sampled the fish.
Anyone have any thoughts as between the two?

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Jun 30, 2011
LTSomma in Manhattan

Easter Dinner ideas in Fairfield County?

That looks great .. I wish it was open for dinner.

I have never eaten at Napa but I have heard it is surprisingly good.


Apr 22, 2011
LTSomma in Southern New England

Easter Dinner ideas in Fairfield County?

Anyone have any clever ideas for where to eat dinner on Easter Sunday in lower Fairfield County?

Open to any ideas for 6 people.

We have a reservation at Greenwich Tavern (never eaten there) , Eclisse in Stamford (not excited) or Brasitas (supposed to be good, but not quite right for the occasion).

Any input or suggestions greatly appreciated ..

Greenwich Tavern
1392 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06870

954 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Apr 22, 2011
LTSomma in Southern New England

Really Good Italian for 13 people?

This July will be my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and we want to take them for a special dinner in the City. My Dad has been wanting to try Babbo, but they don't take reservations for more than 6 people, so that's out.

Anyone have any clever ideas for where to take this large group (13-15 people)? We want great food, a warm atmosphere and the ability to talk and take our time on this special occasion,

Scarpetta? Peasant?

Any ideas .. even non-Italian .. would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 30, 2011
LTSomma in Manhattan

Best of the Hamptons?

Dear Hamptons Foodies,

We need your help. We are going to a friend's in East Hampton for the upcoming weekend. We desperately need your favorite current restaurant picks for 4 adults on Saturday and Sunday night.

American, Asian, Italian etc.

We have been to the Laundry (now closed?), Nick & Toni's (over rated) the Palm (yawn) and many of the other alleged hot spots. Most are over priced and underwhelming sad to say.

Anyone care to share your real hot spots with us so that we dont end up eating bad Chinese food at Phillipe Chow's for $200 per person?

Are there any great restaurants in the Hamptons (East, Sag Harbor, Bridge etc) these days ??

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Nick & Toni's
136 North Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937

thailand's center point - delicious

We had dinner here on Saturday night after seeing this thread. My wife and I are Sri vets having gone there for the last 8 years. Sri had a huge wait so we thought we'd give it a try.

We had the crispy green papaya salad with seafood and we were underwhelmed. The papaya was so heavily fried that it was almost tasteless. We also had the mango/papaya w/fried fish salad which also left us wanting. The fish tasted like a frozen fish patty. The mango/papaya was good however.

We tried the oxtail soup which we thoroughly enjoyed. Warming and nicely spiced on a cool, windy evening. We also enjoyed the green curry duck which was well prepared and better than Sri's version we thought.

Over-all, we still prefer Sri, but if one chooses dishes carefully, one can have a very nice meal here. We will return to try out other dishes and we felt that it was well worth further exploration. A great and convenient alternative to Sri, especially if the line is long or its a Wednesday.

May 10, 2010
LTSomma in Outer Boroughs

New Cuban in Stamford?

While driving on Hope Street in the Springdale section of Stamford I noticed that a new Cuban restaurant had opened (or was opening) where Quatro Pazzi used to be.

Anyone checked it out yet?

Nov 01, 2009
LTSomma in Southern New England

Stamford's Tabouli Grill -- Fresh

I agree with Louuuu's review. Fresh, delicious and, best of all, close to my work!

I have had lunch (take out) from there twice now, and both meals were very good.

Even my Dad loved the baba ganoush ... something he usually detests.

A very welcome addition to the rather thin Stamford scene.

Oct 04, 2009
LTSomma in Southern New England

Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

There are some great Indian restaurants one exit down from Newark in Iselin, N.J.

Philippe Chow in East Hampton?

So, we went to Philippe on Saturday night. Reservation for 4.

My gut reaction was correct.

The food was good, but not spectacular.

The prices were obscene.

The place was crowded on a Saturday night with attractive Hamptons types ..

Our service was good.

We started with some "specialty drinks" at $20 a piece! (Beers were comparatively reasonable at $10 ...

We had dumplings, a duck salad, beef and chicken satays, fried rice, Chilean sea bass, 2 fillets and Peking Duck.

All the food, especially the Peking Duck, was well prepared and pretty tasty.

However, when the bill for $550 arrived it sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.

Having desert later that night at the home of some foodie friends, we agreed that we would have been happier at New York Noodle Town with a stop at the Peking Duck House on Mott.

Oh well ... thats the Hamptons .. and we knew that going in.

Philippe Chow in East Hampton?

Going out to East Hampton tonight. Our friend's made a reservation at a place called Philippe Chow, or is it just Philippe?

Anyone have any thoughts on this place?

My Chow gut tells me over-priced, but not great, Asian/Fusion ... with lots of glamor. But I could be wrong ....

How about Harbor Bistro instead?


Vietnamese in Stamford

Thanks for the tip ... we having been driving from Stamford into NYC for our fix. I am very excited to try Pho Saigon.

Spicy Mina, still around, and worth a try?

I have eaten there twice in the last few weeks. I hadn't been there for awhile as we live in CT, but I would estimate that we have eaten there about 20 times now over the last 3 years.

I am happy to report that it is as great as ever. Food was fresh and delicious ... Mina was as friendly as ever and the place, though still a hole in the wall, is slightly more squared away.

Yes the service is quirky and sometimes slow, but then, we dont go there for a "fine dining" experience .. we go for the best Indian/Bengali food that we have ever eaten in the US.

We always order the Shak Ponir (fresh spinach and cheese, perfectly spiced - not the usual green glop), Chicken Tandoori- so nicely prepared and tender unlike the usual dried out, red stained version) and Chana Masala - spicy chick peas served with puri.

There are some dishes which we have tried that we didnt care for like the much discussed, Chicken Jhal Fry.

Yes the prices are a bit higher than the places up the street, but then, none of them are very good IMHO. (We also prefer Mina's to any place in Manhattan - no matter the price)

Go and enjoy ...

Feb 14, 2009
LTSomma in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy fancy "Nutella?"

The brand we have at the moment, which is from Whole Foods, is called Rapunzel ... made in Germany. Organic, no-trans fat and most important of all, really really good.

Jan 30, 2009
LTSomma in Manhattan

Where to buy fancy "Nutella?"

Whole Foods sells 2 different brands of organic chocolate hazelnut spread ... both are very good although the brand names escape me.

I recall that one is from Italy and is the better of the two.

Very dangerous to the waste line .. especially if peanut butter and crackers are nearby. An extraordinary combination.

Jan 29, 2009
LTSomma in Manhattan

Bedford/Mt. Kisco/Katonah area- looking for good pizza and good sushi

I just had lunch at Blue this Saturday with 2 NYC friends who love sushi.

I usually avoid Fusion places like the plague ... but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Very fresh fish, friends reported excellent miso soup and I had very good spicy tom ka gai soup.

Cool atmosphere, though dark (no windows).

I shall return to try more dishes

Need name of Mexican place at 189 W 10th street?

Hi ... I am meeting a friend at a Mexican place at 189 W 10th Street. He can't remember the the name of the place ... duh.


All help greatly appreciated.


PS ... is it any good?

Jul 12, 2006
LTSomma in Manhattan