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Stoney's Broomes Island: A Disappointment

I actually live in Southern Maryland and my husband and I go to Clarke's Landing often. My favorite is the crab impearial stuffed rockfish when it is a special. It's rich and very filling.

Stoney's Broomes Island: A Disappointment

The Broomes Island location still has not changed. Their crabcakes are just a bad as Joe says. It tastes like crabmeat rolled in bread then broiled that's it. Prince Frederick on the other hand still has great crab cakes. Whatever you do, don't waste your gas going to Broomes Island!

Savory Egg Pudding

travelchow, whatever you do don't use 1/4 cup of cornstarch. Yes you can replace the flour with it and it will give the dish a smoother consistency, but cornstarch has about twice the thickening capability of flour. The proper conversion for 1/4 cup of flour would be 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Apr 18, 2008
rudolphmx in Recipes