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Best Dishes to Order at Craft?

I have dinner reservations at Craft tonight with my girlfriend and I was wondering what were some of the preferred/recommended dishes to try at Craft?

Jul 17, 2006
ptkx83 in Manhattan

Neng myun/cold Korean buckwheat noodle soup

Oh man, You-Chun has the best naengmyun ever - surely beats Dae Dong, where I used to go for naengmyun. Try the boodae jigae at You-Chun as well.

Jul 13, 2006
ptkx83 in Manhattan

The Modern or Perry Street?

Trying to take my girlfriend to a nice dinner - both look nice and are pricey, but which is the better choice? Help!

Jul 12, 2006
ptkx83 in Manhattan

Dylan Prime in Tribecca

i really loved the carpetbagger and the cheese fondue there. the decor is very sleek and you'll have an easy time having a conversation over dinner. try the various side dishes too.

Jul 12, 2006
ptkx83 in Manhattan