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Lake Sunapee area

Hoping you might be able to help. We're going to be staying near the southern tip of Lake Sunapee, about a 1/2 mile from Newbury, NH. I've been trying to find some good dining options. Seems like there are some places in New London, but would rather avoid driving too far, as we will have our dogs either at the cottage or with us in the car.

Any comments on Cafe Andre, or 1 Mile West Tavern? Trying to avoid a meal that comes off a SYSCO truck. Thanks!

Cafe Andre
699 Route 103, Sunapee, NH 03782

Matt Provencher has left Richard's Bistro

Sorry for the delay in reporting back... @whs, you were absolutely right, the bread basket was wonderful. They started with a spoonful of crab salad, which was a bit disappointing... rather bland. Their caesar salad with polenta croutons was creative... really enjoyed the polenta croutons. For my entree, I had the haddock as suggested by gryphonskeeper... it was wonderful. The flavors were fresh and clean, but not distinct. The risotto was cooked to perfection. I would definitely order it again.

The rest of the table had the salmon and scallops, and they seem to have enjoyed their meals. For dessert, Richard's Bistro offers a mini version of dessert... $3 vs. the full-size $9 version. It was just the right amount. I would definitely go back to Richard's if I was in the Manchester area... not sure that I would drive more than an hour out of the way for it though.

The service was great. The people were very friendly, and since we hadn't seen our friends in a while, we were taking our time chatting... they did not rush us in any way.

Richard's Bistro
36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

Matt Provencher has left Richard's Bistro

whs, gryphonskeeper, jread23... thank you all for the quick reply. We'll give Ricard's Bistro a try! Just made a reservation for tomorrow night. I will post how it goes... thanks again.

Matt Provencher has left Richard's Bistro

Thanks for this post. I have been looking for a restaurant in Manchester and just finished reading a long post about Richard's Bistro. I was all set to go... then I linked over to this thread. :-(

Where do you go now, since Richard's Bistro doesn't sound like it's worth going without Matt? Looking for something super foodie. Thanks!

Richard's Bistro
36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

Chinese salted egg recipe anyone?

Bit of a silly question, but why discard the whites? I remember my mom telling us not the eat the whites as kids. Is it just the salt content?

Jan 29, 2011
travelames in Home Cooking

GInger Lemon Creme cookies

I was just search for a recipe and found this post... I haven't tried either of these, but thought I would share.

I want so badly to buy the Carr's ones, but I read the ingredients... partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils

Oct 25, 2010
travelames in Home Cooking

NE Vermont - Quality Dinner & birthday celebration

We were there Saturday night and it was amazing. We shared the bowl of spicy corn soup, which had roasted corn, tomatoes, leeks, and crispy sage leaves. The flavors and textures were amazing. The sweetness of the corn was bursting through the soup. For our entree, we had the crispy pork belly... slowed cooked to perfection and seared on the outside for a perfect crust.

I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy Claire's more often.

Claire's Restaurant and Bar
41 S Main St, Hardwick, VT 05843

Good Place for Fish

Rarely do all the stars align with so little prep. Oceanaire is in the Hyatt hotel and I was staying at the Hyatt. Table for 1 and 1 laptop. The hostess had two small tables put together so that I would have space for my meal and my laptop. Jim was my server and great! Wonderful personality, very friendly, and good recommendations. I had the broiled halibut with ala blue crab oscar... crab meat, grilled asparagus, and hollandaise sauce. The entire entree was really fresh. Gio the bartender was also very friendly, and made a delicious brandy alexander... dessert.

This place is great if you 1 on business, a couple, or a large group. I would definitely recommend it.

Oceanaire Seafood Room
1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403

John Brewer's Tavern, Malden

A group of us went to the Waltham location for lunch, twice last week. They were very accomodating to the size of our group and the fact that we had limited time. The two lunch orders that I had were... the Bacon Bleu Burger with cole slaw - it was a nice juicy burger and the Fish 'n Chips. The fish didn't have the traditional beer batter, but it was still very good. Other people at the table had the tuna melt, the cuban... there were no complaints at the table. Would definitely go back again for my lunch time burger fix.

Any reviews on the (new) 1824 House - Barn Door Restaurant in Waitsfield, VT

Answering my own question... :-)

The first thing we noticed that was visually different were the mason jars... filled with pickled scapes, preserved lemons, pickled garlic, peppers, etc. It's great to can the freshest produce and enjoy them later on.

To start we had their Mediterranean pate (special) which was flavorful, light and different from what you traditionally associate with pate, and the caesar salad. The croutons in the salad were fresh, light, crunchy and had just the right amount of seasoning.

For entrees, I had the Fresh Pasta, which was like a homemade paradelle with eggplant caponata - the flavors were wonderful, just the right balance between the caponata and the pasta. My friends both had the Taco special. I know that may sound a bit odd, but they both loved it. It even had hominy in it...

We will definitely go back again and try the other dishes on the menu. Looking forward to trying the Pad Thai, Fried Chicken and Bratwurst.

Any reviews on the (new) 1824 House - Barn Door Restaurant in Waitsfield, VT

I recently noticed that the 1824 House's restaurant was open for business again - under new ownership. Has anyone been there yet?

Barn Door Restaurant - Events Only
VT-100, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Bluebird Tavern, VT gastropub

In researching new foodie places, I stumbled upon Bluebird Tavern. I stopped in once to check out the ambiance, which I thought was quite nice. Particularly nice, was the outdoor seating that was screened in (and heat lamps for those cooler days). I am glad that I didn't read these reviews before, because I don't think I would have made the effort.

We were there last night for an early dinner (6pm) and were seated immediately. Our server started by describing the restaurant's approach, emphasizing the local ingredients when ever possible (but that the sardines were not local). She was very knowledgeable (guessing much of the feedback has made it to the owners) and answer all our questions... from portion size... fluke crudo being the smallest and the butcher's plate the largest of the small plates, garganelli being the housemade pasta that is rolled onto a dowel to get its shape, and testa being a refined head cheese.

For small plates, I had the steak tartar with the farm fresh egg. The tartar was nicely chopped (not ground) and also came with a large helping of french fries. I was pretty full by the time I finished it. My husband had the the head lettuce, with was a half of a head of lettuce (between a romaine and boston) with some dressing.

For our large plates, I had the garganelli with foraged mushrooms and asparagus - very rich. The portion was quite small, but after the tartar and fries it was more than plenty ($17). My husband had the double burger, which unfortunately must have had a salt accident... way too salty.

I would definitely go back again, specifying no or little salt. The flavors themselves were very good, and offering what is in season gave me some good idea for ingredients in my garden today.

Bluebird Tavern
Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

NYC to SF - Must trys?

Great little place! I would definitely go there again. The Duck Prosciutto (photo attached) was a perfect balance of flavor. The duck itself was wonderful, little slices of heaven. I went duck crazy and had the Pappardelle with Duck - wonderfully tender and delicious duck confit. My hubby had the Southern Fried Chicken was perfectly crispy. The leftover chicken even microwaved well... staying crispy, no worry of sogginess.

Maverick Restaurant
3316 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

NEVER been to San Francisco (or even California)

A friend recommended this place for dinner. We had a group of 7 people there last night - a Tues. We had 1 drink each and some small plates to share. I'm not sure about everyone else, but at least 2 of us left starving. The bill was $300, and we $12 - $15 drinks.

The small plates were okay. I didn't do the ordering so not sure of all the names, so going by description:
- bowl of oysters (on fire): tasty, but almost impossible to eat with chopsticks
- bacon wrapped shrimp: nothing special
- broccoli & cauliflower: it tasted like just cooked veggie with some sauce
- kobe beef with some salad: beef was nice
- sashimi: not sure of the type of fish, but very tasty
and maybe 3 more dishes that were not memorable.

If you're looking for a bar with a good atmosphere and drink selection, Nihon is a good pick. However, I would not call this a dinner place. I can't even imagine what it would cost if we ate until everyone was full.

Nihon Whisky Lounge
1779 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Slow Cooker - Consumer Reports Ratings

I'm doing some research as well... it's between the Cuisinart PSC-650 and the Breville Slow Cooker with Easy Sear

The Pro in Breville for me is the ability to use pot on the stove top to sear meats... one less piece of cookware to clean. The Con is no programmable controls.

Does anyone have any insight in the Breville? Thanks!

Mar 06, 2010
travelames in Cookware

Vermont's North East kingdom

It's been a year since the post above, thought I would give an update. We went to East Side tonight for dinner. The view and the staff were great. We asked if we could bring our dogs on the patio... while it was too busy for the main patio, they let us bring our dogs to the patio on the other side of the restaurant, which was empty. So we had our own private little dining area.

Unfortunately, the food was not great, not sure if the economy has cut into their quality. Instead of a bread basket, we were given a basket of what seemed like Nabisco or Kraft crackers. When asked if the meat was local, we were told that it was unlikely since all their food came from SYSCO ( We had the maple bbq burger with fries and a gorgonzola steak salad. The burger was too sweet from what was likely not really maple syrup and the green beans in the salad were water logged.

I would recommend this place for drinks on the patio.

Recommendations along route from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center, Vermont.

velotrain - thanks for the Lago Trattoria recommendation. We had dinner there last night. Sandy was our server and also the sister to chef/owner. She was friendly and knowledgeable. For appetizers, we had the cesear salad and their special "native" tomato stuffed with avocado and lobster drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It sounds like such an interesting combination of ingredients. The flavors were wonderful, the balsamic really brought out the flavors. This appetizer can easily be shared. For entrees, we had the Stuffed Chicken with was stuffed with a sweet sausage stuffing; risotto and asparagus on the side. I had the Bologese Toscano with homemade paradelle. I only had few bites as I was still stuffed from the tomato, but it was delicious (we took the rest to go).

Recommendations along route from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center, Vermont.

We love Trout River! A nice lunch stop.
Sounds like our dogs may be staying home some evenings while we grab some dinner. Unfortunately driving on Monday so going to miss the farmer's market.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Recommendations along route from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center, Vermont.

Hi All. We are planning on driving from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center on I-91, renting a place on Lake Memphremagog. So we are looking for any dining, market, or other recommendations. We will be traveling with our two dogs, so we would also really appreciate any dog friendly suggestions.

Since we will be so close to the Canadian border, we may drive across for the day. Welcome those recommendations as well (will catch out posts in Canada threads).

Thanks in advance.

Help - green onion overload

Extra scallions are great for a scallion pesto! Only use the greens, as the whites will add too make liquid and change the taste. I combine the scallion greens, toasted pinenuts and EVOO in a food processor. Afterwards I mix with grated parmesan cheese and sale to taste.

You can reduce the oil to make it more of a spread on crackers.

Jul 03, 2009
travelames in Home Cooking

Visiting Natives need recs for Bklyn SI & Queens

Just had dinner at Queen last night. We had the mix salad (ok nothing special). The Trenette - black and white homemade linguine with cuttlefish ink served scallops and shrimps in a light tomato sauce. The flavors were delicious and the seafood very fresh. My husband had the eggplant parmigiana, which he ranked #2 from all the places he has tried (#1 is still Sarducci's in Montpelier, VT). For dessert, we shared the ricotta cheesecake which was light and not too sweet. Plus 2 glasses of wine and 1 espesso, the bill was $100 with tip included.

Tonight, we are heading to either Henry's End, Noodle Pudding or Le Petit Marche... letting the friends decide. Will advise after.

Jun 06, 2009
travelames in Outer Boroughs

Rte 89 through Vermont.

sharon05676 - yes, their bread is great. I usually buy loaves from there. And they have those great fresh baked cookies!


I haven't tried the places mentioned on the thread, but will definitely try them out.

I am quite fond of the tiramisu at Carmine's on 44th. It's served family style and the flavors are wonderful. Has anyone tried Carmine's and some of the other mentioned, and can offer a comparison? Thank you.

May 26, 2009
travelames in Manhattan

something natural, nantucket

Happy to report that as of May 1st, 2009, something natural is still going strong! I walked up Cliff Road, got a half Curried Chicken Salad sandwich on Portugese bread. It was plentiful and delicious. With sandwich in hand, walked down Liberty Street to the Jethro Coffin's house... arriving with still some sandwich left over. It was an unexpected location for this shop.

If you like their Curried Chicked Salad, it was showcased on "$40 a Day"

Nantucket-High End

I heard great things about OranMor but unfortunately some stores and restaurants were not open for the season yet... OranMor was one of them. :-(

Must Try Restaurants Within an Hour of Hanover, NH?

Simon Pearce - looking forward to next time. We were there last night. If it's your first time there, i would suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early so that you can enjoy seeing the glassblower, the turbine, waterfall and all the beautiful creations.

Our timing was perfect and we were able to take advantage of the Spring Delights Menu. Sunday-Thursday, 6-9pm, Prix fixe, 3 course, $32.

I had the Curried Steamed Mussels (fresh large mussels with a flavorful broth), Crispy Buttermilk Chicken (very moist piece of chicken breast) with mashed potatoes, corn and gravy... it was like high-end comfort food! For dessert, the Chocolate Duo... a scoop of chocolate mousse on top of a piece of flourless chocolate cake.

My husband had the Seasonal Greens and the Cavatelli Pasta and Grilled Artichokes. The pasta was flavorful and the fresh grilled artichokes - none of that "jar" stuff.

I would highly recommend Simon Pearce!

Simon Pearce
Quechee Main Street Quechee VT, Quechee Main Street Quechee, VT

Nantucket-High End

We were at Black Eyed Susan this past Saturday and had a wondeful time. We started with the ceasar salad and the tuna tartare with scallions pancakes. The tuna was definitely sushi-grade and the spicy aioli was a perfect touch. I had the linguine with white clam sauce (half portion - it was plenty). I had read on another thread how great it was... and it lived up to "hype". My husband had the ropa veja. He didn't expect it to come with the arepa, but was quite happy with it. BYOB was an added bonus, as we were able to enjoy (bring) a nice bottle of wine, without any of the markups.

I would highly recommend it. Agree with ciclista - it doesn't have that "high-end" feel... which is actually preferable, very down to earth.

First time in Boston - 2 adults no kids - what are your favs?

We were at Craigie on Main last night. My husband who has previously had the burger there raves about it. We went for the Chef's Whim, which starts at 9pm on select nights. At 9pm the place was packed. There are only 2 choices to make with the Chef's Whim... The Surprise or The Vegetarian, and 4-course for $40 or 6-courses for $55. We were told the overall amount of food is about the same, just more selection. We went with the 4-course Surprise.

1 - pieces of moist smoked mackerel topped with caviar, it had a very fresh sea taste to it and a nice balance of spices
2 - 2 fresh shrimps which had been marinated and lightly grilled, on a frothy broth (sorry bad description - but delcious) The spices here were less subtle and really make the flavors stand out
3 - fish sausage in a broth - you could taste the different fish all neatly packed in a sausage casing
4 - skirt steak with foie gras and marrow
dessert - still it was the two of us, there were two different desserts... a chocolate mousse with walnuts and a mango crisp with a scoop of ice cream. Still not sure what the ice cream flavor was, but it was wonderful.

Overall a wonderful meal, amazing flavors, each unique and not competing with one another. I would highly recommended the Chef's Whim, though next time I may have to try that burger that everyone is talking about. :-)

Lunch near South Station?

I ordered lunch take-out from the Channel Cafe today... the a.b.l.t. sandwich - avocado bacon lettuce tomato in a wrap. The wrap had the right balance of ingredients and the bacon was perfectly crunchy. It came with a small side of mixed greens, a small pickle and some house chips... $8.35 Attached is a photo from my Blackberry.

Sandrine's lately?

I was there last night - Tues night 7pm and the place was empty, only 3 other tables were filled. There seemed to be a group downstairs, as I saw food heading downstairs. We started with the Terrine de Foie Gras Maison Mi-cuit which was wonderful, creamy and rich. Instead of the traditional toast, it came with toasted challah bread.

For our entrees, I had the Lobster Risotto... YUMMY! The risotto was prepared properly and the lobster sauce was delicious. For $29, there was enough lobster to justify the cost, and it was very filling. My partner had the ravoli du jour... which had eggplant and cheese... he said it was okay, but he wasn't thrilled.