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Angelina's decline?

I haven't been to Angelina's for about 4 years. My favorite Baltimore crabcakes:

Henningers; Bowman's; Perring Place; Faidley's.

Bowman and Perring are very similar in style to Angelina's (think old school "hon" style).

Carry out crabs help

Salty Dog's on North Point Blvd. (technically Dundalk I think) has fantastic carry-out crabs. Call and reserve early - because they do sell out!

Been to Sander's Corner lately?

My family dined there about 5 months ago for a Sunday lunch. It was still as awful as it was when I went there nearly three years ago. I got the crab soup which was incredibly salty and pretty much inedible. My husband got the fish and chips and asked for malt vinegar... they told him that they didn't have any vinegar. Ummm... yeah... we won't be returning unless something exciting happens there.

Help..... upscale, modern, romantic

Oceanaire is nice, but it doesn't have an "intimate" feel.

Roys is nice, but you should be a fish lover to maximize your dollar here.

The Brass Elephant is a little old and stodgy for my liking. The food and service are good, but it has an old smell (I feel a little bad typing that :)

Bicycle is an excellent choice.

Corks is good, but the service during my two visits was not impressive.

From your list I would choose Bicycle.

My husband took me to 1789 in Georgetown for our anniversary. The food/service/ambiance was superb. They printed a special Happy Anniversary menu for me with my name, signed by the chef, that I saved as a souvenier. It was top notch - albeit not in Baltimore.

Bar food, beer, and trivia in South Baltimore?

This isn't exactly south Baltimore either, but the James Joyce Pub ( has trivia nights on Mondays. I personally think their calamari is da bomb.

Soft Shells in Baltimore

The Red Star (in Fells Point) is currently offering a "Surf n Turf" special that is a soft shell crab over filet mignon medallions. It is really good -- I was just there on Wed. and highly recommend!.

Cinghiale or Ixia: Mothers Day

I was disappointed in Ixia during my last two trips due to (1) service and (2)what I thought was a really fatty cut of pork. I would go with Cinghiale. Of course, I've never been there other than to walk by it on my way to James Joyce for their killer happy hour and 1/2 priced calamari, but it does look very nice.

Take Out Indian- NE Baltimore

Tamber's Diner will prepare carry-out food as well. For the price I find them to be better than the Ambassador, seriously.

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

This is a fun one, and won't you please answer your own question?

I'm a chowhound newbie, but I've been to three new-to-me restaurants since April 1, purely on Chowhound advice. Obviously I went with pretty cheap eats, but here they are:

1. Thai Restaurant (Greenmount)
2. Duda's (Fells Point)
3. Red Star (Fells Point)

I enjoyed all three restaurants. By far Red Star had the best ambiance. Thai Restaurant had the best service. Duda's had raw oysters better than Mama's. It's hard to compare the three since they are all so different. I'd probably go back to Thai and Red Star before Duda's, but only by a slim margin :)

Best wings in Baltimore?

I love the wings at Ale Mary's (Washington & Fleet). They grill their wings, the place doesn't even have a deep fryer. Delicious!

Just over the city line, the wings at Buffalo Wings & Beer (Parkville Shopping Center, Harford & Taylor) are good as well. Tuesday is wing night, buy 1 lb. get 1 free.

Nacho Mamas

Don't forget the Boh 40! Nacho Mama's is great -- I'll be a wet blanket and throw out one complaint though. Their guacomole could be better...

BUT, their chilean sea bass (special) is excellent!

Recent Baltimore Crab house info

I'm sorry for the late reply venera, here is Seasides website: It is on the small side so you may want to arrive early. The crabs have always been heavy and good. They use the traditional Old Bay seasoning.

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore Area

If you want to be slightly north of the city, Joey Chiu's Greenspring Station (off of Falls Road) has a nice champagne brunch. I believe the cost is $25/person but it includes unlimited mimosas or bloody marys and the buffet brunch. The brunch is a variety of seafood/sushi/chinese food/and traditional breakfast foods, as well as desserts.

B'more Hamilton dinner and good beer

There's a place simply called "Buffalo Wings and Beer" at the shopping center at Harford Road and Taylor Avenue, about 2 miles north of the Hamilton area. It doesn't sound fancy, but the wings are really good, the place is clean with a nice pool hall in the back, and the beer is a good selection at a great price. On the night that I was there Heineken's were $1.50 per bottle - hard to beat. Enjoy the show.

Best Potato Chips

I LOVE Utz! Utz are so fantastic that when I lived in Newport Beach I would make my mother ship me Utz from Maryland just so I could get my fix.

Thankfully I'm back in Maryland now... therefore closer to my beloved Utz!

Apr 26, 2008
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The Bad and Good of Yesterday's Lunch

I've been to Copra three times and find it to be hit or miss. It was a hit once, and a miss the other two times. I haven't fully written it off because their chili and beer samplers are good :)

Thanks for the info about Lumbini, will have to check it out.

Abercrombie in Baltimore

According to their website (, yes. I haven't been there personally in about two years though.

Eating out and saving money in the Baltimore area

Ale Mary's on Fleet St.

Mama's on the Half Shell

Rocket to Venus

Does IKEA count? :)

James Joyce Pub (1/2 price appetizers, yes, it is slightly an Inner Harbor tourist trap)

Recent Baltimore Crab house info

My favorites are:

Obrycki's - Baltimore
Costa's - Essex
Seaside - Glen Burnie

By the way, never settle for a light crab when dining in! If you get served a dud always send it back, don't be shy. They're too expensive to be unsatisfied.

Salt Tavern or Jack's Bistro in B-more?

For adventures in tasting and food pairings I would pick Jack's. Logistically though, depending on how many relatives are coming, Jack's may feel cramped since it is a pretty "cozy" (read: small) place.

Milkshakes around Bmore

Get a snowball hon! Seriously, I like Coldstone Creamery also.

If only they had In n' Out burgers/shakes on the east coast....

Ryleigh's Oyster Bar

My husband is an oyster hound. Currently we go to Mama's on the Half or Bo Brooks (when they have them) to get his fix. Is Ryleigh's the type of restaurant that we could bring an infant carseat carrier for our 7 month old (or would they have a highchair)?

Hand full of Baltimore restaurants

One World Cafe - Young, hipster atmosphere. O.k. food, average service.

Bamboo House - Kind of a blue hair crowd, decent food, nothing special.

Sabatino's - overpriced, but good service, good menu options, old school Little Italy ambiance.

Tapas Teatro - Fun upbeat atmosphere, hit or miss service, decent prices for tapas, good Sangria, hit or miss on *wow* factor of taste.

Helen's Garden - Good deal on Wed night wine specials, somewhat cramped restaurant. I got the salmon on my visit, it was the special of the day and very good.

Ixia - I've been here 4 times. The last time I went the pork was so fatty that we had to send it back, we haven't been back since. High price, pretentious, but worth a visit. The crab cakes are just o.k., I've had better at a hon restaurant like Bowman's.