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Hummus Help: Alternative Recipes?

I used to eat hummus, until... I became fatally allergic to chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans). I've been looking all over for an alternative recipe that uses something else (fava beans? white beans?). Black beans just don't do the job... anyone got any ideas?

Apr 18, 2008
jngc in Home Cooking

Tokyo ramen list

You definitely need to visit Harukiya in Ogikubo, about 10 minutes west of Shinjuku. It's always got a line out the door no matter the season or weather. The quality is consistent, service is fast, and it's a shop that's got a lot of local history. They specialise in shoyu ramen, and you can get take-home toppings and fixings if you want. It's consistently listed in the top three most famous ramen spots in Tokyo. In general, the Ogikubo/Nishi-Ogikubo area is well known for their ramen shops.

Apr 18, 2008
jngc in Japan

Best airplane food you've ever had?

I flew Austrian Airlines recently, and even economy class the food was surprising.. apparently it's catered out by a rather well known restaurant company in Vienna. They served up things like three cheese ravioli in a leek and cream sauce, poached salmon in a dill and tarragon sauce.. and metal cutlery too.

Apr 18, 2008
jngc in General Topics