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What's for dinner #325 - The Transition to Autumn Edition [through September 12, 2014]

Arrr Matey. I might have to bust out the rum at midnight! Cooking up a big pot of chicken broth from lots of frozen bones. It will probably be chicken rice soup but I am eyeing the big pumpkin I bought. Might be pumpkin soup.
If I carve up that pumpkin there will be brined and then roasted pumpkin seeds for snacking.

What's for dinner #325 - The Transition to Autumn Edition [through September 12, 2014]

Linda I almost didn't get the grapes because the top of the plastic bag is bright pink. Too gimmicky I thought. But they are easy to spot. And delicious.
I am a night owl and all those sandwiches and desserts call to me. I also have a wegmans about twenty to thirty minutes away and deemed it worth the trip for a late night munchie run. Now it is just too convenient. I've given up on resisting the late night treats and just do my regular shopping then too. But I really gotta start exercising more.
This new Wegmans is the only one attached to a mall so I can get a cup of coffee in my Wegmans cup to take along while shopping and then get a half price refill on my way out too. Gah.

Sep 08, 2014
givemecarbs in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #325 - The Transition to Autumn Edition [through September 12, 2014]

Last night I found whole stalks of brussel sprouts at Trader Joes. I resisted holding one up high like a wand or sword and shouting behold the power of greyskull or something. I really felt more like Link from Legend of Zelda.
Steamed up some of the sprouts along with mashed potatoes, sirloin steak and corn on the cob. Unfortunately a 24 hour Wegmans opened nearby about a year ago so it made it easy to nab a slice of chocolate cheesecake for myself while my friend had the last chocolate peanut butter cupcake from TJs. He loves those things.
I should try to make something special for the harvest supermoon tomorrow night err tonight but most likely dinner will be spaghetti and meatballs with some zucchini slices in the sauce. If I have the time and energy I'll make some garlic biscuits to go with.
The highlight of the week so far has been the green smoothie my friend made with the last of the cotton candy grapes we got from Wegmans the other day. The smoothie tasted like cotton candy.

Lansdale Area Indian Cuisine

Thanks for the review amysep. What did you order?

Sep 07, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

Lansdale Area Indian Cuisine

I saw Biryani Bowl on broad street in Lansdale where the pizzeria was and before that the pet shop. They have just opened very recently so I haven't tried there yet. Has anyone eaten there?

Sep 04, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

What's for Dinner #324 - School's Back in Session Edition [through September 7, 2014]

Ooo. Thanks

What's for Dinner #324 - School's Back in Session Edition [through September 7, 2014]

That dessert looks divine maria. Visited your blog. I will have vicarious fun following your food related adventures. Just one thing, any chance you could post a pic on the blog of those boots?
Last night I complied with a request for roast chicken, filling, gravy, cranberry compote mashed potatoes and green beans. Good thing we like to eat late so it was cooler for this thanksgiving feast in sept.
I had a small stash of frozen cranberries purchased last fall on sale after the real thanksgiving. We smoothied them up all winter but there was just enough for one small jar of compote. Yummy!
Tonight is gaming night at the library so we will have satisfying leftovers afterwards. If I really want to channel the day after thanksgiving I can grab some croissants and make sandwiches on them with chicken, cranberry sauce and filling.

cotton candy grapes

I noticed these at Wegmans about a week ago and I finally grabbed some because I wanted cash back and they were right in the front of the store. Wow. I thought it was a gimmick but they are tasty. My friend is enjoying some right now and he agrees.

Sep 01, 2014
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Any Update on Zina's in Ambler?

NOoo! Just finished demolishing some wings from soho two. It was pretty quiet there but I'm guessing people are still doing some traveling. Those wings are like crack. I'd hate to see soho go.

Aug 23, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]

Hey summer doesn't end til deep into sept. :) The great migration of college students has begun though. For me this meant a nice uptick in service in may when many students scored summer jobs and now things are declining to normal.
The back to school drum beats earlier and earlier each year. My local target's selection of school supplies has been dismal since early august. But corn here in Penna is still fantastic and my favorite farm stand has tomatoes on sale there are so many of them.
Tonight will be charcoal grilled organic grass fed beef burgers, corn on the cob and possibly some new potatoes. It's tempting to mash them but it is also cool enough to roast them in the convection oven.
A few days ago I made a pot roast with a grass fed beef chuck roast. It seems freaky to be doing this in august. The beef was delicious and made a fine gravy but I didn't cook it long enough to be really tender. I threw the leftover beef into a vegetable beef soup and that beef is yummy but still not falling apart.

A Personal Announcement

Will miss you Jac. Thanks for all the care and attention you have given to chowhound. I wish you health and happiness and okay why not Live Long and Prosper! :)

Aug 20, 2014
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What's for Dinner #319 -- Hot Town, Summer in the City Edition! [through August 18, 2014]

It has been cooler in the north east US so I have been having fun with pairing more brisk weather dishes with summer fare. Tonight was a chicken pot pie with corn on the cob. I keep thinking the corn has peaked here in Penna and then it tastes even better.
Used a frozen pie crust from WF but the filling was from scratch.

What are your favorite products to buy at Trader Joe's?

I'm looking forward to pumpkin rooibus tea and the cooking pumpkins but they won't appear til oct. Next time I go I will check for their pie crusts as I want to make an apple pie as soon as the Penna apples are in. I love the chocolate croissants and almond ones too. They are so worth the wait for the dough to rise. Last oct they had pumpkin ones too with pumpkin seeds on top yet. I really hope they show up again.
I like keeping the wide noodles around for soups fettucini dishes or stroganoff and I always get some of the jarred pasta sauces. My last visit I tried the jo jos cookies and cream ice cream which was very refreshing. I pounce on the puff pastry when it shows up and tend to go a little overboard with those.
There are a few teas that only appear during the winter holidays but I am getting way ahead of myself he he.

Aug 11, 2014
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What's for Dinner #316 - the Hot August Night edition [through August 4, 2014]

Thanks nothingiswrong! I like a nice catsup bark as my friend John calls it on my meatloaf but gravy too. Leftover meatloaf tonite! My friend said that the dog had it's jaw right over my doxie's neck. It can happen so fast. The owner of the pizzeria came out too to see the commotion. I assume he let that dog owner keep his dog in the back of the pizzeria. No apology or anything from him. He did pick up my pocketbook that I had dropped and hand it to me.
I live in the land of suvs and my friend has a theory that the suvs enable dog owners to bring their large dogs more places rather than leaving them at home. Don't even get me started on the telescoping leashes.
Going to make corn and zucchini to go with the leftover meatloaf. There is only a little organic mashed potatoes left and I am out of spuds so I am going to make hot meatloaf sandwiches with leftover gravy over bread.

Aug 04, 2014
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What's for Dinner #316 - the Hot August Night edition [through August 4, 2014]

My little daschund was charged by a huge dog who wouldn't back off. Luckily there were two of us and my friend scooped up the doxie fast but the big dog kept jumping at her. I screamed and the owner came out of the pizza shop, the dog had escaped from a rear door, and finally got the big white dog under control. The owner scolded me twice for screaming and said his dog only wanted to play. I liked the pepperoni rolls from that place but we are NEVER going back.
I bought some grass fed beef hamburger the other day and fried up hamburgers a couple of times but saved the grease. I made meatloaf from the rest of the meat and used the grease and some beef stock to make a mushroom gravy for the loaf. Organic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and stewed tomatoes and zucchini for sides. I'm grateful that it was cool enough to use the convection oven.

Aug 04, 2014
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What's for Dinner #314 - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Edition [Through July 26, 2014]

Sounds delicious gaffk. Last night my friend had a craving for cherries so we went to Wegman's. It was a beautiful night and people were enjoying the outdoor eating area with beers and such.
It had been so hot that I hadn't eaten much and when that Wegman's air hit me my hunger spiked. I wanted to eat right then but the food bar was closed. I had had a lobster roll at the pub there last fall and went hunting for another one in the prepared refrigerated foods. No luck but I came upon a container of lobster salad that looked delectable. I hunted down some split top hot dog rolls and a couple packs of mayo.
We ended up eating outside and it was peaceful and relaxing. I was able to assemble the lobster roll that I craved and the lobster salad was almost all lobster but still moist. I ended up not using the extra mayo. My friend ate cherries and red bananas (I stole a few cherries) and I washed my lobster roll down with a green glory juice from the chilled juice bar. Now I want more lobster salad!

What's for Dinner #313 - There's a Summer Place Edition! [through July 21, 2014]

Christina I don't toast the bread but that is my family tradition, for other hounds there is no reason not to if so inclined. Both my grandmothers made this for breakfast in the summer but now this works better as a dinner dish for me.
How I ended up lying down on the couch groaning as a kid was that after the fried tomato slices were gone I would have a helping or three of just bread and gravy.
Breakfast today was TJs almond croissants and cantalope slices. The dough really rose nicely, the croissants were huge. Dinner was medium rare grilled ribeye steak on my little Smokey Joe charcoal weber and grilled zucchini planks, corn on the cob and mashed organic red skin poatoes rich with butter.

What's for Dinner #313 - There's a Summer Place Edition! [through July 21, 2014]

After this last winter I was starting to have mixed feelings about living in the suburbs of Philly until this place opened about a week ago. http://www.frankenfieldfarmmarket.com/ Shopping for food there could not be more relaxing and simple. Now this is my summer place.
You pull into the gravel driveway to absolute silence. No canned music, no dodging the carts of other shoppers. No credit cards accepted. In fact most of the time you are completely alone. Just you and the jewels of summer waiting to be selected at leisure. They only accept cash and there is not a soul there to collect it, just a money box. The honor system still exists in my neck of the woods.
Every once in awhile another car comes rushing up the driveway and usually it is a lone woman looking harried and purposeful as they grab a few things and dash off grimly. I feel lucky that I have engineered some time to savor this shopping experience. Once in awhile a giant dog named hunter comes to greet me. There are flowers that you can cut yourself.
The other night I made my favorite dinner, fried tomatoes from that farm with milk gravy over thick slices of TJs texas toast bread. This is the only thing I overate when I was a child and the first dish I learned to make. I used my secret family tech, a half a teaspoon or so of catsup added to the gravy. Heavenly.

Where to find an inspired slice of pie?

I got some apple pie with crumb topping at http://jessesbarbecue.com/ last fall that was just like homemade apple pies from my childhood. Maybe it was the apples from their own farm or that the pie wasn't too sweet so the tartness of the apples came through but eating that pie felt like an ambush in a good way.
The next time I went I bought some of the apples and was inspired to make my own pie. Best pie I ever made.Can't wait til the apples reappear this fall.
They are closed til tues but they understand pie. For example the slices of the peach in the peach pie are succulent and have some resistance to them when you bite into them. Not a trace of mushiness. I never expected to find great pie at a barbecue place. Come on tuesday!

Jul 19, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

What's for Dinner #312 - the July Super Moon Edition [through July 17, 2014]

Awesome gaffk. It is the honor system at Frankenfield so cash only. They used to also accept checks. Not sure if they still do. Be sure to say hi to Hunter the big friendly dog for me if you go.
Had an early dinner of just a big sandwich and chips on TJs texas toast bread. The thick slices of tomatoes from Frankenfield on the sandwich almost brought tears of joy. Went to Wegman's after with my friend for some guac and frozen fruit for smoothies. We continued down the frozen aisle as we were heading to the check out when I realized I was doomed. Muggy July and frozen treats to walk past. A container of Haagen Daz pistachio gelato jumped into my cart. Very refreshing.

Jul 15, 2014
givemecarbs in Home Cooking

Mazia - new Korean proletarian food in North Wales

Thanks for posting this. I was there tonight trying to get a take out menu. None yet but I do want to try this place

Jul 15, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

What's for Dinner #312 - the July Super Moon Edition [through July 17, 2014]

That sucks that you lost power gaffk. Sounds like you rallied. I think we are practically neighbors. Did you go to the North Wales Whole Paycheck? I was eyeing the peach pies there but managed to resist.
Frankenfield opened on saturday https://www.facebook.com/pages/Franke... so I drove over there today between thunderstorms and scored corn, tomatoes, zucchini and green peppers. I think of corn as the main dish this time of year when it's fresh and local, so just had corn with kerrygold butter and pulled pork sandwiches. I had some ben and jerrys tiramisu ice cream that I thought was only okay. That was before I tried some in my iced coffee. Dangerously yummy that way.

Jul 14, 2014
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Wegmans going downhill

There are two Wegmans near me and the older one does seem more upscale. I miss the hot entrees with sides you could get to eat at the food court or take home. You can still get them cold and I suppose you could microwave them in store but it's not the same.
I really liked the coffee bar at the new wegmans. A few times when the place first opened my friends and I hit the pub and then relaxed with coffee after. The coffee bar used to be open til ten pm on fri and saturdays. then they cut the hours til nine but good luck getting coffee at ten of nine. Other nights it used to be nine and they dialed it back til eight. Wouldn't surprise me if everything got rolled back yet another hour.
I like the food bars but they keep taking them down earlier and earlier. And my friend John said they continued to remove food from the tray he was serving himself from. He said it was like fighting for his food.
The pub does some annoying things as well. For example I got the crab cakes appetizer, and the cakes were great but sauce was squirted all over them and I would have liked the option to have the sauce on the side.
Even in the first month the new place opened I almost got a curry sauce shower because the food bar attendant tugged on a lid or something too hard and yellow sauce sprayed the air. Luckily I have good reflexes. The newer Wegmans is in Montgomeryville and the older one is in Warrington Pa.

Jul 14, 2014
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What's for Dinner #312 - the July Super Moon Edition [through July 17, 2014]

A fellow hound tipped us off that Whole Paycheck had cherries for 1.99 a pound friday only. They were tasty and we regretted only buying four pounds or so. I had a tournament so I just ate mine out of hand for quick energy.
But while we were there I nabbed some premade guac and pico de gallo and also refried beans from the steam table. It was going to be a quick meal when we got home but WF was outta bakery bagels so we shot over to TJs for some. Then my friend got really hungry and the friday traffic was scary so we decided to just buy some tortilla chips and a cold drink (carrot juice) and had a picnic in a little grassy area behind TJs and waited out the crazy full moon traffic. It was so relaxing.
Tonight I fried up some of the handmade TJs tortillas and we had tacos with the leftover guac and pico and some kirkland pulled pork. With a coupla ears each of corn from Maryland it was a feast. I was surprised at how good the corn was considering I got it friday at WF.
Later we will have some cherry rhubarb pie from TJs. Tomorrow I am hoping for local corn.

Brews for Books

Anyone going this year? Not sure if I am or not. But Jesse's will be there with brisket and chicken

Jul 13, 2014
givemecarbs in Philadelphia

Lancaster corn at Merrymead

Don't think so. Neither is Frankenfield. His website says in about a week. Was tasty and fresh though.

Jul 10, 2014
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Lancaster corn at Merrymead

Munch munch munch. /happy sigh

WashPost declares end of gluten-free fad

thanks for this AdinaA. I know I wanted to go to Legal Seafood a few years ago just so my friend could have gluten free dinner rolls with his meal. They were yummy.

Jul 07, 2014
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What's for Dinner #310 - The Yankee Doodle Dandy 4th of July Edition! [through July 6, 2014]

Heh gaffk I went to Skippack and Merrymead today! Skippack is a lovely town to walk around. And the Italian Deli has Kenny the cat but we grabbed some take out from the black dog and stopped on the way home for corn and some on sale bedding plants, but of course we looked at the animals first. Corn was tasty.
The corn was the first of the season for us and I served it with charcoal grilled hamburgers. I'm slow grilling some zucchini and tomatoes on the dying coals for later in the week.

Jul 06, 2014
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What's for Dinner #310 - The Yankee Doodle Dandy 4th of July Edition! [through July 6, 2014]

gaffk, it really was a perfect day in our neck of the woods today. I think tomorrow will be a sequel. Picked a bunch of black raspberries for breakfast, it's been a really good year for them. Did some gardening and then a family member had a craving for the best bagels around these parts so we ended up at Pumperniks.
We really just came for the bagels but somehow I found myself in the dining room enjoying a chocolate egg creme and a rare roast beef special. While we were there the place filled up with early dinner customers.
We quested on to TJs for some organic strawberries and are having strawberry smoothies and bagels with creme cheese.
What little town did you end up at? I'm intrigued.

Jul 05, 2014
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