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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

Went to Silver Coach two weeks ago. Ordered pira pira tuna...blackened yellow fin on pasta with just the right amount of herbs and spices with a touch of olive oil. This fairly simple dish vaulted to my top ten list. The pre meal bread was served with a baked head of garlic that was a first for me and as a garlic lover I was very pleased. This gem in a rather rural area is a must visit should you travel to Central Wisconsin.

Oct 23, 2008
scottmeyer in Great Lakes

Chowhounders Rule

I used the great restaurant critics from this board and took my clients to two highly recommended places in St Pete and IRB. They thought I was some sort of food guru as they kept raving about how good the food was at Guppies IRB and Frescos in St. Pete. One of my clients was even from the area and was impressed. I had to confess my restaurant expertise was due to you great chowhounders out there. Thanks so much. FYI , the seafood at Guppies totally rocked (I went for the for the blackened Grouper) and they have an awesome banna cheesecake. At Fresco's the Yuccatan Spring Rolls were mouth watering and I had a pasta dish with crawfish,andouille sausage, and shrimp that had a nice cajun kick to it and was qutie tasty.

Apr 29, 2008
scottmeyer in Florida