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Sobeys - Broadview.Todmorden

This store is wonderful; the fresh fish counter is fabulous; the staff in this store is great. I know it is a little more expensive than some other large chain stores, i.e. Loblaws and Dominion - but I would rather pay the extra and get the great service and quality.

As for the Loblaws at Danforth and Broadview - I agree it is awful - but I guess considering the number of apartments in the area - it is a necessary evil for those who don't have transportation to travel down to Leslie Street or up to Sobey's at Todmorden.

This is an amazing site - I just discovered it today and I LOVE IT!!! It's so nice to see TORONTO issues, restaurants, stores etc etc.

Thank you.

Keep up the great work.


Apr 17, 2008
bubala in Ontario (inc. Toronto)