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Publick House, Brookline


Publick House, Brookline

Is the Publick House still open? I have not been out that way in awhile, and made plans to meet a friend there later. But I just noticed their website is gone. Anyone been lately?

Looking for kid-friendly Boston dining

I agree that your hotel location isn't the closest to easiest public transit. If you can get to the T, however, I think your daughter would probably enjoy the Barking Crab, which is in the Fort Point area of Boston. Think casual clam shack, only in the city.

Breakfast in Greenfield MA

I can't speak for the breakfast, but I stopped at the Shady Glen on a whim for an ice cream sundae about a year or so ago, and I liked the place in general. I'd definitely give it a try for breakfast if my travels out that way didn't always take me closer to the Chelsea Royal.

Todd English's Tuscany - Mohegan Sun

My take on Tuscany was this: it's basically Olives dumbed-down to appeal to mass crowds who THINK they're cutting edge, adventerous, eaters but actually are not. Now, my meal there tasted good and all (I think I had some sort of salmon), but it really wasn't anything special. The portions were huge.

Overall, I wouldn't rush back, but if I wound up there again, so be it. It did seem a little overpriced, but most casino places are, so that didn't really surprise me or concern me.

I know it's late...but Easter Brunch suggestions?

Oh, yes, of course I'm looking to make a reservation - I wouldn't even think of going out for a holiday meal without one. I will check out opentable, that's a good thought.

I know it's late...but Easter Brunch suggestions?

Ok, it's last minute, but I can't seem to find any Easter Brunch information on any individual websites. Anyone know if any places are doing anything special? We're three adults, and we'd prefer a buffet-style brunch, but would settle for a menu brunch if it's a good one. Boston/Cambridge would be best.

fussy family group outing: a challenge for chowhounds!

It may be too "foreign" for your mother, but I think Shabu-Zen is a lot of fun for groups, and once people stretch their mind a bit to try it, everyone tends to enjoy it.

Less exotic but more $$$, Les Zygomates does a nice lunch and can accomodate a group. It's been awhile since I've been, but I remember their menu as being fairly general.

Bento Boxes?

I can't recall if I've specifically seen Bento Boxes, but there are several restaurant supply stores in Chinatown that have sorts of cool stuff like that. The one I usually go to is on Harrison Ave, but I forget the name.

Any really good roast beef sandwich joint in Cam/Som/Med.

I like Mike's too - and aside from the roat beef, their fish sandwich is great.


You know, I would LOVE to make my own, but with limited kitchen space and somewhat limited time, it's just not an option.

Reminder -- Taqueria La Mexicana caters for the holidays

Taqueria La Mexicana catered my husband's birthday party, and I can't say enough good things. The food was great, cost very reasonable, and Roberto is fantastic to work with.


My family is thinking of ordering a turducken for Christmas - does anyone in the area make a good one? I've seen a lot of online specialty food retailers, and would go that route with a good recommendation, but I sense that something done locally would probably be better.

Nice meal for two in the $50 range in the Southington, CT area?

Thanks! Gift Certificate is ordered. I checked out their website and it's just what I had in mind.

Nice meal for two in the $50 range in the Southington, CT area?

I drew the name of a family member in a $50 "secret santa" gift exchange, and am thinking of a restaurant gift certificate. He and his wife live in Southington, CT. I don't know them well - from what I can tell they do enjoy food, but are far from being gourmets. Any suggestions? I really don't know the area at all. I'd prefer a place, if there is one, where the $50 would basically cover the entire bill for dinner, since I know they don't have a lot of extra money.


Where have you always had a bad meal?

I can think of a lot of places (Vinny Testas/Vinny Ts comes to mind) that I personally would not go back to more than once if it were entirely up to me, but have been dragged by other people.

Where have you always had a bad meal?

Yeah, but the Joshua Tree is really more of a bar that gets a big student-young 20s crowd. The food isn't really very good, but it's kind of an afterthought anyway.

Please help! My vegetarian partner & I are going to Southern VT for New Year's

If it's not what you're looking for, it's not what you're looking for - but the Inn at Sawmill Farm is such an all-around excellent place, that I'd venture to guess they do an excellent job for vegetarians.

Overall I actually find a lot of the restaurants in that area really hit or miss. I've had great experiences with some one week only to have a terrible one the next week. There are not enough middle-range options, and it seems as though only the very high end places (like Sawmill) are really consistent.

Vermont Breakfast

Where on Rte 100 north exactly is Sonny's Cup and Saucer? I'm in that area pretty frequently and I've never even noticed it. I'm excited to try something new now!

And add the Chelsea Royal Diner on Rte 9 in West Brattleboro to the list.

Casual dining in Boston?

I second the Chacarero rec, also in that area if you would prefer to sit down, Silvertone on Bromfield Street is good.

classic vermont breakfast in Brattleboro

Chelsea Royal Diner!

Blue ginger`

I've been to Blue Ginger three times over the years. The first must have been in about 2001, when it was THE place to go, and it was GREAT. At the time I remember thinking it was easily one of the best meals I'd ever had. Went again about a year or so later and it was good, but not as good as I had remembered. Third time was a couple years ago, and it was still fine, but a little less fine than the time before.

Based on my experiences, I'd say that it's a perfectly fine choice for those who want a nice meal in that specific area, but it's no longer the destination that it once was. Because it's been a view years since I've been, I can't vouch for the current prices, but I do remember it being a bit overpriced.

Sweet Chili, Arlington

I lived in Arlington for a few years, and Sweet Chili is one of the things I miss about it. Glad to hear it's still good.

Dinner suggestions for $100-$120pp?

You can't go wrong with No. 9 Park, in my opion, or Evoo.

Breakfast places around Porter

The line at Soundbites is deceiving though, because there's no room to wait inside at all. I avoided trying it for years, assuming that if the line was so long as to spill outside, it must be totally insane. Once I tried it, I was hooked...and I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes.

Is there an easy way to do the North End?

I was also going to mention the family weekends at area colleges - turning the clock back to my own college days, a LOT of people hit the North End with parents. So that was probably a big piece of this weekend being so crazy.

I agree with trying to stick with places that take reservations, especially on weekends. And I don't think it's such a big deal to drive...heck, I live just across the bridge and have been known to drive. You just have to be prepared to pay to park, and probably walk a bit.

b+b oysters with child?

I agree - definitely not a "kid friendly" place. There are plenty of restaurants in Boston, even nicer, non-chain restaurants that are fine for children. B&G is not one of them.

Nordic Lodge

I got dragged to this place for a friend's birthday a couple years ago. Incidently, the price has gone up - I want to say it was around $55 at the time. At any rate, the Nordic Lodge is ONLY worth the price if you're the type who is going to comptelely gorge on lobster. Everything else is mediocre to downright bad.

Your Favorite Night Out (downtown)

It might not be nice enough for what you're looking for, but I always enjoy Silvertone. And I second the Shabu Zen suggestion.

Breakfast places around Porter

Wow, I love Soundbites. The line moves quickly, and while I don't go there expecting to linger all day over my coffee, I've never felt like anyone was standing over me waiting for me to finish either.

I also like Kellys - I just like Soundbites better.

Andys is what it is. I wouldn't go out of my way for it, or define it as "chowish," but it fits the bill if a big greasy spoon breakfast right in Porter is in order.