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Best Diners in Westchester

I visited the Landmark Diner and it's as good as it's cracked up to be. The omlette was very good- flavorful and not watery. Bread was fresh, perfectly toasted, and buttered, the home fries tasted like it was just made and not sitting on a grill for hours like other diners I ate at. Bacon was just ok- on the thin side, but the pancakes were amazing. They don't offer real maple syrup, seems no one does, so I guess I'll just have to bring my own next time. Service was fast and friendly, highly recommended.

Best Diners in Westchester

We usually go to the El Dorado diner on 119 as the service is very good there and the food is solid, but not spectacular. We tried Mt. Olympus on Central Ave b/c we've heard great things but it was a big let down. The pancakes were dry and the only syrup they had was Smuckers "heavy syrup" in little packages. Where the hell is the option for real maple that too much to ask for for a diner in Suburbia? And what's with all the cheap bacon from the local diners around here- flat, crunchy, and dry. At least when I lived in the city and visited Silver Spurs in Greenwich Village they had real syrup and the bacon was thick, juicy, and curvy!

I will try out the Landmark Diner tomorrow and will post my thoughts.

The Red Hat by the River in Irvington, NY

After hearing lots of rave reviews about Red Hat, I finally got the chance to check the place out tonight. The restaurant is tucked away in a quaint location located on the river just near the Irvington train station. The abundance of outdoor tables 'right' next to the river and posh building (which was previously office space) would feel right at home in the Hamptons.

The interior is tastefully decorated with just the right amount of lighting and live Jazz music livens up the atmosphere. The waitresses were very friendly and attentive, stopping more than once to ask how the food was. The menu is simple and uncluttered, but what it did offer on just one page was intriguing. Starters featured a house cured citrus salmon gravlax over a crispy yukon potato cake, which sounded delicious, but I was more interested in the soup of the day- a potato leek soup. They say that a great soup truly defines a chef, and in that case, my hat (no pun intended) goes off to the chef as the creamy soup was perfect, with an even consistency and natural flavor, no salt required. I had the Red Hat burger with maple smoked cheddar, grilled red onions, and fresh cut frites. The burger was large and juicy, the bun was freshly toasted, and the cheddar's strong flavor left a lasting impression, through no sauce comes with the burger so I found myself adding ketchup to add flavor. A little barbecue sauce would've made it perfect.

My wife ordered the roasted farm chicken in light chicken jus with a yukon potato mushroom hash. I tried her chicken and it was absolutely delicious; flavorful and juicy. I liked the potato hash as well. To top if off, we ordered the "Something Chocolate" dessert- a flourless bittersweet chocolate cake with caramel drizzled on the plate, ice cream on the side, and a few fresh raspberries. The warm chocolate cake was satisfying, and the ice cream was refreshing but not too sweet.

Overall I was very pleased with eating at Red Hat and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fine dining experience. The prices were very reasonable, with main courses averaging around $25. I am definitely going back, as I've got my eye on the spice crusted duck breast!