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Any Upcoming Events/Wine Dinners?

The Hidden Bench dinner at Globe was very good. And Norman Hardie is such a character, I'm sure it will be another fun one.
The Wine Establishment has an event with a bunch of restaurants, sommeliers and wines on June 21st. I think it's $90 per person.
NB will opening within the first 2 weeks of July.

Oakville for Bday Dinner?

My favourite restaurant in Oakville is Thyme at Lakeshore and Trafalger

Toronto Bourbon/Whiskey Tastings??

If you're still looking for whisky evenings, the Quaich Society is doing a whisky dinner October 29....

Wine Access Top 100 Canadian Restaurants

Sorry it's taken so long to add the Toronto Restaurants.
The 100 points came based on 50 for food, 15 for wine list, 15 for service, 10 for ambiance, 10 for decor
It's rated by every 5 points....
95+ Splendido
90-94 North 44, Truffles
85-89 Canoe, Chiado, Colbourne Lane, The Fifth, George, Globe Bistro, JKWB, Lai Wah Ween, Mistura, Pangea, Scaramouche, Susur
80-84 Barberians, Didier, Joso's, Starfish, Tony de Luca (Niagara), Treadwell (Niagara)

Toronto Star Review of One in Hazelton Hotel

I believe she gives a fair rating, but the article that accompanies the rating is provocative just to be provocative. Slamming certain aspects or food or service just to to use colourful language (a la A A Gill from the London Sunday Times).

As you say, I don't think Mark is worried. He's a successful restauranteur and will iron out the wrinkles.

Toronto Star Review of One in Hazelton Hotel

Pataki brings up what I have heard first hand and have read reported on Chowhound. Lots of service issues (it has just opened afterall) but I heard the food was as good as his other restaurants. Confusing numbers of plates but that's the concept.

On a side note:
Every Saturday where I work, we wait eagerly for Pataki's new review. Not as a even-handed judgement of cooking in the city but to see who the hatchet is applied to this week from someone who seems rather uneducated or perhaps inexperienced regrading the restaurant industry as a whole.

As a result her credibility is in question and her reviews must be taken with a grain of salt...

Any good Indian food suggestions for midtown Toronto?

Jaadu on Yonge just south of St. Clair is my new Indian favourite in the city.

Chip Butties at BMO

If it was a real chip buttie, the white sauce would have been globs of butter....

Best Single Malt

Just recovered my new malts from the UK and my father......

G&M 1970 Mortlach (bottled in 2001) Best non Islay I have ever tasted.

G&M 1964 Glenburgie (bottled in 2004) very rich.
G&M Highland Park 30. underwhelmed. Have to put water in it to release any nose.
Coal Ila 18. Awesome. Much more smokey than I anticipated.
Bunnhabhain 18. milder than I expected. again water brings out much more character.

My favourites are 1. Ardbeg 25, 2. Lagavulin P/X finish, 3. Mortlach 1970

Sep 12, 2007
industry worker in Spirits

Carnivore's Restaurant in Nairobi

I was recently in Nairobi and went to the famous Carnivore's for dinner. I was anticipating being able to try a wide variety of game meats. We looked at the menu and every item was something I could get a TGI Fridays. We selected the meat sampler for 2, still thinking we could try something different. The platter arrived and the wiater described beef sausages, chicken, and meat. We were a bit confused as we weren't expecting chicken.... The platter consisted of 2 pieces of chicken (very dry. I couldn't finish it), 4 ostrich meatballs (which were very tasty), 2 pork breakfast sausages (identified as beef by the waiter) and 6 slices of beef (think of minute steaks very well done).

I paid and was waiting outside for my girlfriend. She found a manager because she wasn't sure what she'd eaten. He informed her they weren't allowed to serve game and everything was well done for health safety reasons.

To his credit he was horrified that the waiter didn't fully explain everything on the plate and my girlfriend showed up with 4 pieces of crocodile (the only game they are allowed to serve).

Very disappointed.

Wine Access Top 100 Canadian Restaurants

got a copy at Chapters today

Wine Access Top 100 Canadian Restaurants

Anyone seen it yet? Everywhere seems to be sold out. maybe I'm just in the store too late.

If you have it.... Opinions? Deserving or not? Who's missing that should be there? Who shouldn't be there that is?

(For non-Canadians, Wine Access is the largest food and beverage publication in Canada)

Splendido- National Post Review

Gina Mallet gave a very complimentary review today. 3.5/4 stars.....the same rating as Pataki a few weeks ago. Amazing that both gave such high marks but only one seems to read as a positive review.

Gina Mallet:

Amy Pataki:

Old School style fine dining?

What about something as basic as The Keg? Still very good food for the price and very traditional. Not sure how many veggies head there.

Old School style fine dining?

I would say keep hitting golf/country clubs or hit the UK. Scaramouche is about as traditional as Toronto to gets. A fabulous restaurant btw.

To answer your question, I think caesar salads disappeared circa 1985

Peller Estates Winery Restaurant (NOTL) poor experience

I really don't see anything out of line. Yes the portions are smaller but it is a Tasting Menu which implies smaller courses. And it's a lunch so there's not going to be 6-8 courses. And the price point reflects this. Price reflects the quality of ingredients as opposed to size.
If you want big portions for cheap...I keep seeing Arbys commercials on TV!

Toronto Bourbon/Whiskey Tastings??

The Quiach (my scottish parents will cringe at my spelling) Society does monthly tastings. There are mulitple chapters in the GTA. Usually 4 scotches and dinner for $60 but I have been to when they feature whiskies from other parts of the world.

Whisky Live is a huge promo event for the whisky industry. There's one in October I believe.

If you want bars.... Alans on the Danforth. And for some reason Via Allegro, the biggest whisky list in the world!

Toronto Star's review of Splendido - Comments anyone?

...and how was it?

Highlands & west coast of Scotland

3 Chimneys on Skye or Boath House in Nairn

Jun 18, 2007
industry worker in U.K./Ireland

Nova Scotia dining recommendations

In Wolfville there are lots of choices for a small town. Tempest, Blomidon Inn, Actons...

Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews Recs for July

For the St/Andrews area I'd also suggest The Peat Inn as a top end place.
The Seafood Restaurant also has a more discreet location in St. Monans.
The Fish & Chip Shop in Anstruther is world famous.
Markinch has Balbirnie House

May 29, 2007
industry worker in U.K./Ireland

Rehersal Dinner 15-20ppl in Oakville area?

I always really like Thyme when in Oakville.

Cheap eats in Edinburgh central

Head towads Leith. Valvona & Crolla Deli

Apr 30, 2007
industry worker in U.K./Ireland


I find all the sides are good at ghazale but the middle eastern place across the street does better mains....and they serve draft beer

Overnight in Elora - where to eat?

I was out there last summer. The Elora Mill had a great menu but I was overruled by my girlfriend.
We ended up at Baileys. Food was good. Much better than I expected. And the wine list is a joke. Not for what's on it, but what they charge.Very low markups.

Edinburgh to St. Andrews

The Peat Inn is very very good.
The Seafood Restaurant in St. Andrews and St. Monans are both fantastic. The location in St. Andrews in amazing. Basically a glass cube over the water. Gorgeous views.
Balbirnie House in Markinch (also an expensive place to stay)
Rescobie House in Leslie. A real hidden gem for food and a clean place to stay
Luvians for ice cream or whisky in St. Andrews.
...and make sure they also play Kingsbarns!

Apr 16, 2007
industry worker in U.K./Ireland

Single Fine Dining

What fine dining restaurants in the city are good for single diners eating at the bar without reservations...on a weekend night no less!

Edinburgh- top 3 restaurants

A good start would include The Witchery, Martin Wishart, Olorosso (by reputation, haven't been to the last one)....

Mar 27, 2007
industry worker in U.K./Ireland

Does the customer call the shots? You decide

I think you are missing the point. A guest in a place like Splendido will still get a green salad and a steak, but why would you go there for those items?

I think Yannick IS talking about guest satisfaction.

I wouldn't go to Susur and ask for a steak
I wouldn't go to Barbarians and ask for asian fusion.

Because I would be in the wrong restaurant.

The sad thing is diners who order like that leave very good restaurants and say it was mediocre at best...and then post on chowhound!

Is there a GREAT Bloody Mary Mix ???

Give a Caesar a try.....

Adds the missing ingredient to Bloody Marys

Feb 23, 2007
industry worker in Spirits