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Amusing menu gaffes - what's yours? [moved from Boston board]

I went to a retirement party once where the caterer's menu proudly announced its use of "mescaline greens." And this was in a law enforcement field, no less!

And our nearest steak place has an item, intended to make you feel nostalgic ... "Yesterday's Meatloaf." It always leaves me wondering whether they make it from uneaten steak bits off people's plates? Enough to make me want to stay away altogether.

Apr 23, 2008
fieryredhead in Not About Food

Cocktail Pairings

Well, that menu certainly sounds great.
I agree with invino's post; I personally do not care for pairing heavy / fruity cocktails with garlicky, savory food. Save those sweet cocktails for barbecue, mexican, or thai food.
I would think you could not go wrong with your menu by offering:

- pre-dinner choices of campari & soda (or its variants like negroni or americano cocktail), vermouth and soda (sweet or dry OK ... make sure vermouth is high quality and fresh though)

- wine with dinner

- and along the lines of jspear's idea of fruit wine w/ cake, you might also consider ice wine at dessert (there are a bunch of good ones from the northwest), served chilled in little glasses. <mouth waters>

Apr 23, 2008
fieryredhead in Spirits

Family places to eat in DC

I heartily second the recommendation of Ella's Pizza. It's downtown so you won't have to bag out of the museums early to get there. The pizza is really good (try the meatball ... trust me) and the adults will appreciate the fine bar and beer choices. The atmosphere is trendy enough that it feels special, but at the time you're going, you
will not be in anyone's way with kids. (They are always super nice to me and my noisy little pizza-loving toddler, so they have a special place in my heart.)

Mexican is a tough break in D.C. I have yet to find a place that is worth going even 5 blocks out of your way for.

Safe Drink List

Be warned: I love to make Americanos (Americani?) at home, but each time I have tried to order one at a restaurant, I get a blank stare. Why bartenders don't just sneak a peak at a guidebook rather than embarass you by making you explain the recipe to them, is beyond me.

I suggest whiskey sour as a great fallback drink. Almost as easy to drink as Ameretto Sour but without the stigma.

Apr 21, 2008
fieryredhead in Spirits

Gin: my new hobby

So far so good ... stopped by Schneider's for the first time on my way home (it's on my bike route ... who knew?) and picked up a bottle of Junipero. Haven't tried a Junipero martini yet but it sure tasted great with tonic on a warm day!

As for the Plymouths martini, apparently I was going about it completely wrong. I was trying like the plague to avoid any ice melt, and now I read that it actually increases the gin flavor to have some water in there. Plymouths was much improved with 60 secs. of stirring rather than a quick shake, and orange bitters instead of the olive. Now if I could just get the orange bitters to float, rather than sink to the bottom ...

Onward to the other 10 suggestions on this thread. Please somebody tell my office I'll be back sometime in June.

Apr 21, 2008
fieryredhead in Spirits

Gin: my new hobby

At the age of 37 I've suddenly realized that I just love gin. I now find the Bees Knees is exactly that. Even a lukewarm gimlet makes me happier than a cold beer, and despite being happily monogamous I get the odd craving for a nice White Lady at a bar.

So I decided to start learning about other gin brands besides Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater, the two I'm most familiar with. First up, a bottle of Plymouth. Very tasty, herbal, and totally different from both BombSaph and Beefeater. But it was so mild! My martini olive positively kicked the Plymouth's ass and had it begging for mercy, and not in a good way.

This raises three questions for the more experienced gin drinkers:

1. is there an adjustment to the Plymouth martini that I should try (obv. I won't repeat the olive bombs)?

2. are there cocktails that play to Plymouth's strengths?

3. other than Bombay Sapphire (which one poster likened to "molten plastic" I think), is there a gin with strong alcohol notes that is good to drink? A take-no-prisoners gin that will smack you upside the head and leave scorch marks from your teeth to your duodenum, that is the kind of gin I'm talking about.

Looking forward to your tasting suggestions.

Apr 17, 2008
fieryredhead in Spirits

make my date ... Locanda or Sonoma?

Thanks everyone - this is just the detail I was hoping for. We just moved to Capitol HIll so I know we will try all these places eventually -- at our one-dinner-out-per-blue moon pace -- and report back.

JustinS, I totally agree about French bistro food ... it's great but if you don't eat meat, there's not much to pick from GF would prably be happier at Charlie Palmer's than Montmartre. We'll probly try Sonoma this time, then Locanda, then Siam.

make my date ... Locanda or Sonoma?

Partner and I are the date-starved parents of a todder. Finally (!!) we have some babysitting on Friday and are determined to go out in Capitol Hill area.

Many on this Board say "I have heard Sonoma is good" and "I have heard Locanda is good," but I need more deets -- preferably of the non-hearsay variety -- before committing.

Our parameters:
1. Partner eats fish but no meat.
2. Bonus points awarded for an excellent martini.
3. Price not terribly important (capitol grille is too much though)

Thoughts? Other Capitol Hill suggestions?