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Urgent: Restaurant Week Dinner Suggestion Tomorrow

Hey everyone,

I'm going with a friend from out-of-town to dinner tomorrow night. I'm considering taking advantage of restaurant week if we could find the right fit (and reservations!). Here are the conditions.
-Spicy food is out of consideration.
-My friend was hoping to eat somewhere that was characteristic of/unique to New York. So, we're not looking for an expensive Steakhouse, for example.
-An inventive menu would also be a plus. I've looked at several menus that just have basic salmon and chicken dishes as entrees: this is not preferable.
-I'd like to go somewhere where we're getting a bang-for-our-buck, where 35 dollars is cheaper than their normal dinner.

I hope those conditions aren't too limiting...Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

Jul 19, 2009
jmp29 in Manhattan

Canela, Covent Gardens, London

I just ate at Canela last night ( at the Covent Garden location) and it was absolutely delicious and perfect for a pre-show meal. I went with a group, so I tried a variety of foods but my favorites were: Brazilian Cheese Bread, Bacalhau a bras, the Black Bean/Smoked Meat Stew and, I didn't eat it, but the banana/cinnamon cake looked delicious. Highly reccomended, especially as a cheap eat.

Jun 12, 2008
jmp29 in U.K./Ireland

Athens dining

Logia tis Ploris has great and affordable seafood. Excellent cod and smoked eel in particular. If you google their name, they have a website with the location, etc.

Apr 18, 2008
jmp29 in Europe

Santorini, Mykonos, Athens. Any updated recs?

I was just in Santorini a week ago, and although it wasn't an ideal time for the beach, the food was very good. I'd strongly reccomend Naoussa (Erythrou Stavrou) in Fira. Excellent Greek classics: the vine leaves, tarama (roe dip), and meatballs were particularly good.

In Athens, Logia tis Ploris is a must. I wrote a more detailed description in a post several minutes ago, but suffice it to say, it is not only the best, but the cheapest seafood you'll find in Athens. There is an incredibly delicious and well-priced pastry shop at the end of Athinas Street, where it meets Omonia Square. I don't remember the name, but the smell will definitely direct you to this establishment. Also, definitely check out the meat market on Athinas Street. Hope that helps!

Apr 16, 2008
jmp29 in Europe

Best/Cheapest Seafood in Athens: Logia Tis Ploris

After I ate here, I felt a need to write this restaurant up. Logia tis Ploris is not only the best seafood restaurant in Athens, but the cheapest as well. I ate a whole cod for 6.25 euro and my friend had a large portion of Monkfish for 11 euro. They have absolutely delicious smoked eel, and cuttlefish stew. The service is impeccable as well. They offered us a free liter of the house wine, and actually brought us into the kitchen to show us each of the fresh fishes so we could make a more informed decision. We managed to have a full meal with appetizers, several fishes, and wine for under 15 euros a person. This is the place to go in Athens if you want high-quality, low-price seafood. Here is the website, which has a map of location: Don't let the location deter you: it's about a 10 minute walk from Monastiraki Square.

Apr 16, 2008
jmp29 in Europe