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Post Aldrich bite, Ridgefield, Ct.

I visit Ridgefield quite often to see a college friend. We enjoy the Tavern at the Elms Inn....especially if the weather is nice you can sit on the porcch. Make sure you check the hours as I am not sure if they are open every day.

Sadly Guanachapi Waltham was Not Notable

I have been there a few times. Everything was just okay - but all tasted the same. Our tableclothes were sticky and all three times I was there a beverage disaster occurred....soda and water spilled on tables and patrons.

Aug 02, 2006
lola913 in Greater Boston Area

Waltham--different, but fun for an 11 year-old

I live near Moody Street and eat there a few times a week. The new mexican place (near the theater) is good and the staff very helpful. Very family style - plastic tableclothes and soda served in the can. The food at Hungry Coyote (across from the Firestation) is excellent. Their burritoes are stuffed full and reasonably priced. Also, don't forget Lizzy's ice cream!

Jul 12, 2006
lola913 in Greater Boston Area