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banana cream pie

I'm lovin' this discussion! Thank you very much for suggestions. I don't live on the island, but I'll be back and I can't wait to try Flamingo Mart! I should have started this discussion while I was still there a few weeks ago!

Jul 19, 2011
barbecue in Hawaii

banana cream pie

kaimukiman...have read your comments over the years and enjoyed them. does the crust at anna millers equal kapiolani bakery's crust? that's what makes outstanding pie!

Jul 13, 2011
barbecue in Hawaii

banana cream pie

I miss kapiolani bakery's banana cream pie sooooo bad!!! has anyone found a pie worthy enough to be compared to kapiolani's?

Jul 11, 2011
barbecue in Hawaii

In Seattle for Three Days, need recs

Just tried Fish Fry yesterday. Seemed like it was beer-battered. Very nice, light crust; not quite strong enough to stand up to the juicy and very fresh cod we ordered. The fries, while not good by "fry" standards, were just right to soak up the malt vinegar. We also ordered catfish, too. Delicious and very juicy.

Jul 28, 2009
barbecue in Greater Seattle

New-ish places in Honolulu?

forgot to mention The Counter, the new restaurant opened by "jin" from Lost. Heard the sliders come with sweet tasting bread. Haven't had a chance to try it.

Maybe other chowhounds have.

Apr 09, 2009
barbecue in Hawaii

New-ish places in Honolulu?

Ok...we've been here for five days and here's where we've eaten:
Kakaako Kitchen, breakfast: loco moco (no msg), fried rice, kakaako kitchen omelette.
Mariposa, Nieman Marcus: unbelievable popovers.
Ala Moana Mall food court: Yummys (bi bim bop), Chinese Express (tofu, cold ginger chicken)
Kirin Restaurant: ulua with peppery salt, sesame pockets with minced pork and mustard greens.
Sensei Seafood and Sushi House: 50% off Sun-Mon til 6pm; 25% off other days before 6pm.
Shokudo: Hamachi w/ yuzu and capers,
Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin: kurobuta (berkshire) pork, thick pieces, in very carefully fried panko. A double fry method. First fried at 180 degrees, and finished at 200 degrees.
Whole Foods Market: pretty good lunches, some local style.
Kapiolani Community College Farmer's Market on Saturdays, local produce and food products.

I'll be interested to hear where you go!

Apr 09, 2009
barbecue in Hawaii

New-ish places in Honolulu?

Wow, pickled ginger--you've done your research. Impressive! I'l look through some of them. If I think of more places we frequent, I'll let you know. Our absolute favorite shave ice place is Waiola. Two locations, one on Waiola and the other on Kapahulu.

Mar 31, 2009
barbecue in Hawaii

New-ish places in Honolulu?

Boy, I'll be interested in hearing about responses, too. We'll be coming April 3-11. We love Side St, Kakaako Kitchen, Alan Wong--Pineapple, not the main restaurant, Little Village Noodle House, Kirin, Maple Garden...but looking for more places. Clue me in on what blogs you're checking.

Mar 30, 2009
barbecue in Hawaii

Best Bay Area Morning Buns??

Yea, you're right, chefj. Bovine Bakery is good--especially when they ask whether you want it dipped in sugar. Then they pull out a gigantic plastic tub filled with sugar, dump the warm morning bun in there and toss it around. Yummmm...

But my vote is still for Tartine for the best morning bun.

Mission Street Food > how late is it open?

I heard a report they closed? And they are only offering food inside...but I don't know inside where.

Pork Belly Sandwiches Mission Street Food Truck

ANyone know if they still serve these sandwiches starting at 8pm on Thursdays?

Best Bay Area Morning Buns??

Hands down, Tartine Bakery has the best morning buns. Not as heavy on cinnamon as I'd like, but the pastry is absolutely flaky, buttery and not doughy at all. It also has a hint of orange zest. They often sell out by mid-day. But if you can get them when they're warm, you'll understand the long line waiting out the front door in the morning.

5 days in New York--where to start?


Just wanted to thank you for recommendations. Never got to Lugars, but I'll definitely be back. Tried Joe's pizza. wonderful crust! Prune was excellent--great desserts; Gradisca was good, too-though a bit too much into presentation. Their ravioli was delicious but not cooked enough. Our last meal was Cafe con Leche out on west 79th and Amsterdam. Actually, I should say our last meal was at Todd English's new restaurant out at JFK. Big prices, huge portions. Only been open four weeks, so still working the kinks out. At least it was nice to get some quality food before our flight.
thanks again.

Jun 01, 2008
barbecue in Manhattan

5 days in New York--where to start?


I really appreciate the help! We are trying to get either to Peter Lugar, Strip Club or Sparks for steaks.

We had a nice light after theater dinner at Mama Pia tonight. Otherwise, it's been a bit dire. Grabbed salads from Dean and Deluca today while we went on the Circle Line.

We hope the next three days are more successful. We have reservations for Prune and Grandisca. Not into super trendy restaurants, because we have them in San Francisco. Our reservations are subject to change if someone has negative feedback.

We want to try Katz, Patisserie Claude and pizza. now I'm totally confused about where to go if we have one shot for the best pizza.

Thanks again.

May 27, 2008
barbecue in Manhattan

5 days in New York--where to start?

We arrived today, Sunday. Ate at Ben and Jack's steaks. goes on for best steak..and where we can get in with no advance reservations. Where are the best bagels? What areas are stimulating food areas?

Thanks chowhounds!

May 25, 2008
barbecue in Manhattan

steak house

Epic Roast House: Terrible! We went there to celebrate our anniversary. We made our reservations through, and in the past, the restaurants usually make special effort to help with your celebration. At Cortez, a lovely notecard in envelope wished me a happy birthday, along with another little treat during dinner. The hostess also knew it was my birthday as she seated us.

At Epic, there was no acknowledgement until dessert, where Happy Anniversary was written across the plate in chocolate ganache. A tiny candle adorned my dessert. Very nice touch.

Can't say there were many more nice touches there, though. The roast marrow arrived with odd seasonings and tomato jam. Very dry slices of bread accompanied it. For something like this you want bread that's toasted crispy/chewy.

And speaking of bread, when they come around, offering a lovely selection of breads, including mini- corn madeleines, cheese gouyere and rosemary bread, you'd think the specialty breads would be warm.

We ordered epic prime rib and porterhouse steak. My husband's prime rib arrived rare, not medium rare. The wait staff claimed this was their medium rare. My steak arrived too rare for me, so I just ate around it, since I ordered a porterhouse in order to have some great steak leftovers.

My husband sent the prime back, and instead of slicing another slice done to his liking, they put the same piece under the salamander. It came back rather ugly brown looking. The same "off" seasoning is on the prime rib.

I was surprised the plates were not warmed. When you charge $54 for a porterhouse, that steak better be sizzling on a warm plate. My steak was luke warm and looked as if had been sitting there a while. On top of that, the steak had almost no flavor of its own. Even though the restaurant claims to purchase its steaks from the finest local ranchers (Prather Farms and Marin Sun Farms being two of my favorites) these reportedly dry aged steaks did not taste like the steaks I have bought from these farms myself.

We ordered steak fries with herbs, potatoes au gratin and spinach. Au gratin was not cooked enough, steak fries were cooked but flavorless. Spinach with garlic confit (what the heck is that?) was ok.

The wait staff was properly attentive, but you'd think they'd advise you that when you order the steak frites, you are getting about two gigantic potatoes worth. More for leftovers, I guess. I ate about 1 1/2 frites and I was done. You'd also think they'd advise you on Epic's interpretation of rare/medium rare.

Dessert was ok. An apple puff tart that unfortunately had too much almond paste, diluting the flavor. It tasted as if it had been warmed in the micro because some of those puff layers had definitely become soggy. Tasted like some pastry you'd buy at a pastry shop instead of a dessert. Good coffee (illy?) and a nice touch--warmed cream.

Anyway, $200 plus and we are not going back--even though the view was beautiful. The restaurant ambience does not impress, either, with its retained industrial big machine grinders (?) for decor.