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Forrest’s Sidestreet Cafe in Pawling

Came across this article today. Never been there but it sounds very popular. Anybody have any thoughts.

Poutine Truck? - Yonkers

Thanks!. I sure hope so :)

Poutine Truck? - Yonkers

Has the Poutine truck relocated? First tried it 4-6 weeks ago when he was in the parking lot of Andrus Field right near the library on Central Ave. Passed by a few times since and haven't seen the truck there.

Where to order chinese take out in Fleetwood

Jade Garden is subpar. Switched from them to Great Wall, which was ok until they sent us an order of cheese wontons w/o any cheese in them. When I called to inform them about it, the woman on the phone basically told me I was full of you know what. That was the last time I ordered from them. Sad to say that the selection is poor in Fleetwood, with the exception of Spring Asian.

Palace Dumpling--Delicious and inexpensive (Wappingers Falls)

Just went back to Palace Dumpling and was a little surprised when presented with the bill. Within the past week or so they raised their prices by $2 across the board on all dumpling dishes. Pork w scallion up from $5.99 to $7.99. Beef w carrots up from $6.99 to $8.99. Still tasty but a little less of a bargain now. Also, tried the egg drop soup today, which had a nice little kick to it, and liked it.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Just went back to Palace Dumpling and was a little surprised when presented with the bill. Within the past week or so they raised their prices by $2 across the board on all dumpling dishes. Still tasty but a little less of a bargain now. Also, tried the egg drop soup today, which had a nice little kick to it, and liked it.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Finally tried Palace Dumpling last Friday. Had a take-out order of the pork and scallion dumplings and ate them after having them in the styrofoam package for about 15 min and really enjoyed them. For $5.99 (if I remember correctly) I received a generously sized portion that was very tasty. I imagine I'd enjoy them even more if I ate them at the restaurant. Will def be back and thanks for the heads up!

Maggie Spillane's - New Best Place to Watch a Game?

I've been to Maggie's quite a bit and, due to having reasonable expectations, had not been less than satisfied with the food until the lunch I had there today.

The place was very crowded due to a baptismal party there but our party was able to grab one of the booths.

Nachos appetizer: chips soggy, unrecognizable slop on top and the dish was cool temperature wise. I has the "Rowdy Reuben Burger" for lunch and the obviously frozen patty must have been in the freezer for ages. Taste was bleh and hard to explain but visually the patty just did not look much like a burger should. Best part of the lunch was the fries.

I'll give them a pass and assume that the kitchen was putting out buffet tray after buffet tray (no excuse) but I hope things return to what I consider normal the next time I visit.

Guapo in Yonkers

Guapo in Yonkers

Lohud's Small Bites blog had a little piece on Guapo yesterday.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Haven't tried it yet but coincidentally my aunt mentioned Palace at a family gathering and she loves it. She is also very frugal so the prices must be right. Will be trying it the next time I am in the area. Thanks!

Is Yvonne's in Mount Vernon closed?

My experience with the dry food was similar. The buffet brunch food was dry to begin with. There were a couple of dishes that I was usually pleased with, the smothered chicken being one, but at best I thought the food at the Mount Vernon location was okay.

Is Yvonne's in Mount Vernon closed?

Word is new owners and new chef. Paper up over the windows so some type of work is going on. Will be a similar type of cuisine. Once Yvonne's started holding "Ladies Nights," comedy shows and musical acts during prime dining hours I had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before they'd close their doors. The same thing happened to the old Samba na Brasa Brazilian restaurant in Fleetwood.

Also hearing of a possible expansion into the space next door which currently houses a longstanding wine/liquor store which could indicate that a lounge/nightclub element could be in the works.

Modern Restaurant and Pizzeria's new location in New Rochelle - anybody been there yet?

Thanks SeanPK and Jumper46 for sharing your experiences. The flu bug changed our plans and we haven't yet tried the new location. One of the things I enjoyed, aside from the food, was the atmosphere of the former space. It was relaxed and intimate. I'm hoping that, over time, a similar feeling develops in the new space.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Thanks for the info. I'm in that area a few days a month and look forward to trying some new restaurants.

Modern Restaurant and Pizzeria's new location in New Rochelle - anybody been there yet?

Has anybody been to the new space yet? They used to be in a tucked away spot near the old Thruway Diner on Boston Post Road in NewRo but they've recently moved up the road a little to Huguenot Street. I saw photos of the new space and it looks great and heard they opened the new location on NYE.

I hadn't been to the old spot in a while but always enjoyed their food and brick oven pizza. Had a family friend from LI who always insisted on eating there whenever he was in the area and he may be back up next weekend and he's already asking about the place. Any reviews of the new location?

Thanksgiving near Mt. Vernon

You can't go wrong with Buona Sera.

AJ's Burgers in New Rochelle - I love this place

Just before Sandy hit I made my 5th or 6th visit to AJ's and, once again, came away pleased with the experience. Had the lunch special "Mo's Favorite Lobster and Shrimp Positano" which was a very good pasta dish with shrimp and lobster, arugala and tomatoes. The portion size was a little too heavy for lunch but I finished every last bit. Price: $19.

As he's done in the past while waiting for the entree, the owner brought us each something complimentary to try. In this case it was a delicious cup of shrimp bisque. On my previous visit this past summer it was a chocolate milk shake. Good food with attentive and friendly service make AJ's a winner in my book.

Had a nice lunch today at Pete's Park Place Tavern in Bronxville

Stopped at Pete's today with our party of three for lunch today. Not a bad lunch crowd for 2pm with six tables in the dining room occupied. Group ordered the barbecue wings for an app and while not among the best wings I've had, the portion was plentiful for our party and they were pretty good. Sauce had a nice tang to it, meat was moist and skin was crisp and was enjoyed by all.

For lunch, I had the pulled pork sandwich ($12 if I remember correctly) and, in a rare moment of health-consciousness, I chose the greens over the fries as a side. Greens were ok and reasonably fresh. Sandwich was very good, perhaps just a little on the small side, with tender pork and the barbecue sauce very nice and not over sweet like I get in some bbq places.

Entrees for other parties was the something or other hot dog which looked like two dogs on (wheat?) bread, sliced lengthwise with what appeared to be a thick oniony beef looking sauce on top. Got a thumbs up. Also ordered was the turkey burger which also got a thumbs up with the requested well-done fries cooked as ordered.

Service was attentive and parking easy. This was only the second time I've been there and will be back.

Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe | Mini review

Came across this thread earlier today and it inspired me to get back to BP. It had been a couple of years since I had eaten there and I had always enjoyed the food.

Chips and and tasty fresh salsa were provided immediately and the enormous steak burrito was as good as I remembered. Will place them back on my regular rotation.

Metro Fresh market opening soon in Fleetwood

Yes, Harvest Field Market! I am in there every couple of weeks and drive by often but have such a mental block about the name. I wholly agree about the competition and would love to see a larger scale supermarket actually succeed in Fleetwood.

I was just in Ben Nat the other day and am glad to see them still hanging in. This new competition has to be hard on them. I had no idea they had quart sized organic milk.

Galitos Restaurant in Mount Vernon offers authentic Portuguese cuisine

Galitos is one of my favorite local restaurants. Their fried calamari is always excellent and the Portuguese steak with the fried egg on top is something I really enjoy. A busy night can overwhelm the servers though but even when service is a little slow it is well worth it.

Casa Cubana in Fleetwood is open

I finally made it into Casa Cubano last weekend. Ordered a Cuban sandwich and a side of tostones for takeout. The sandwich was very tasty and if the tostones were just a little less greasy I would have really liked them. It was dinner time on a Sat evening and all the tables were full except for the two 2 seat tables in the back near the kitchen entrance. After looking at the menu, the prices look good and I will be back there soon.

Maggie Spillane's - New Best Place to Watch a Game?

I've got to agree and say that Maggie's is my fav place to watch a game while enjoying a beer and a burger. Two Sundays ago we sat on the rooftop on a beautiful sunny day while watching a Euro 2012 match. Real nice vibe, the Irish Bacon Burger was nice and the Heineken was nice and cold.

It's also a nice place to catch a Yankees day game during the week and take advantage of their $10 lunch specials (served til 3pm) with a draft beer included with the price.

Metro Fresh market opening soon in Fleetwood

I went in for the first time a few days ago and was disappointed with the freshness of the strawberries and grapes that I took home. IMO, one reason the Key Foods failed was because of the quality of produce and meats which always seemed to be on the verge of going bad. With that terrific produce market around the corner (behind CVS) there is no way any operator will survive in the former Key Foods space unless they offer the same quality produce at prices competitive with that produce market which I could never remember the name but do remember that even on a mid-week afternoon is crowded with customers.

Maggie Spillaine's Coming Soon to Fleetwood

I heard second hand that they are opening this Wednesday.

Windmill Eatery in Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon under construction

Their rent was reportedly enormous, which is what caused the previous owners to close up. The most recent owner had a poor disposition which was reflected in the poor customer service and the food was not very good. Aside from my own experiences, I heard a lot of complaints from others as well. The next operator will have to have his stuff together in order to generate enough business to pay the rent, unless the landlord wises up and drops the monthly nut.

The restaurant takes up what is equal to two storefronts and when it was clear that Athena's was closing there was talk of breaking up the space into two separate spaces with rumors that a Dunkin Donuts would take one storefront. I'm beginning to think that only a business that does a ton of volume like a DD would be able to afford that rent. It's too bad, the neighborhood really needs something like the old Athena's there.

BARCAR Eatery in Mount Vernon is now AZUL Latin Fusion

They have transitioned into more of a lounge. They no longer promote the place as a restaurant but as a nightclub hosting DJs and Kareoke nights.

The Blue Fountain, Hopewell Junction, NY

The Blue Fountain has been a local favorite of my family for at least ten years and would recommend it to you and your staff. I would describe the restaurant as cozy and they serve good food.

Mount Vernon restaurants to participate in "Taste of Mount Vernon" tasting lunch

I'm going to be able to make it. Ten bucks seems like a good deal and I;ve been meaning to try Azul and Yvonne's.