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Need Input...Best Burger in SLC Area

I am a self proclaimed burger fanatic. Will be in Salt Lake City and general vicinity for a week on vaca.

Looking to hit as many quality burger joints as I can. All input is needed and much appreciated!!!

May 12, 2008
madequity in Mountain States

Need Input On Best Burger In PHX Area

Wow can't thank everyone enough for the solid feedback. We have Map Quest"ed" most and are ready for our tour de burger if you will. We actually are a bit fanatical about our burger joints. In fact we have a 100 point scoring system and take into consideration such things as bun to meat ratio, tenderness, bun softness, melting of cheese, appropriate condiment to meat ratio and on and on. Anyway thanks for all the sources. Was suprised no one sung the praises of "In and Out" though. When we did our LA tour recomendations for them was off the chart. Oh and for those that didn't get the 5 Guys reference here is a picture from one of our recent visits (and no we have no relation whatsoever to them....they simply make a tasty burger is all).

Apr 16, 2008
madequity in Phoenix

Need Input On Best Burger In PHX Area

I am a self proclaimed burger fanatic. Will be in Phoenix this weekend which is one of the few major cities where I have yet to find a solid burger (think 5 Guys in the East for what I consider a solid burger). All input accepted and appreciated!

Apr 15, 2008
madequity in Phoenix