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Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Good grief.

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

The new owner is really making changes.......... We're going to check it out soon.

Need Rec - Bayview or Mt. Pleasant Restaurant strip

Good to know! I walked by to check out the menu and wasn't blown away....


Third for Riverhouse...................


That is for the simple reason that there isn't much. Or none that we have every found, outside of 'big box'...

Gift baskets with wine? Do they exist?

Harvest Restaurant in PEC

What happened? I heard it was closed!

Christmas Dinner 2010 - Toronto Downtown

Otonabee -- do you know if the Imperial room charges for toddlers? I can't see my 23 month old eating enough to make the "1/2 price for kids" price tag worthwhile!

Summerhill Market - Anniversary Sale on Now

tee hee

Beef wellington and cooked lobster claws...

thanks! now I just need 6 people to come to Lakefield to help us eat it ;)

Recipe for coconut cream pie?

You haven't lived................... ;)

Nov 13, 2010
kawarthagirl in Home Cooking

North 44

We loved it 6 months ago.......................

Beef wellington and cooked lobster claws...

Anywhere I could get either or both of these in Ontario --- preferably frozen for the wellington? I am trying to recreate a menu and I am NOT a good cook!

Recipe for coconut cream pie?

If any of you have had the coconut cream pie at Scaramouche, in Toronto, that's what I'm talking about... Light as a cloud, the perfect blend of sweet with some texture from coconut....... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oct 10, 2010
kawarthagirl in Home Cooking

Gourmet Find in Kawartha's - Harmony Farm

Heard of it ... never been... Thanks for the tip.

Bartlett Lodge on Highway 60, East of Huntsville?

Yes. Exactly. Like most resorts in that neck of the woods, some of their dishes seem to be a bit of a stretch but they do a good job and the 'trip' is worth it...

Is Sassafraz really that bad?

Yes. No more description needed. Good for people watching. That's it.

Anyone know if there are nice restaurants with "kids night" in Toronto?

We should get a group together and take over a restaurant ... Would be easy to do with a small place!

Best strawberry daiquiri?

In search for the best strawberry daiquiri in the downtown - Front street to Lawrence, Bathurst to Bayview....

I know it's girly... but I've been dying for one... call it memories of summer vacation!

Joanne Kates still misses Ruby Chinese restaurant (moved from Ontario board)

I agree with phiserking

Birthday Dinner with Baby

The louder the better - we go with our daughter to the pub all the time for Sunday breakfast without difficulty. But for a birthday dinner, have you thought about upscale Chinese dim sum like Lai Toh Hee / Lai Wah Heen?

Lai Wah Heen
108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

Best splurge dinner?

We loved it and found it comparable to Scaramouche for food, though not for service. Nothing compares to Scaramouche for service. We also did wine pairing, and cocktails, which adds up...

Best splurge dinner?

Just did North 44 - really worth it. 2 apps, 2 mains, 1 dessert, 1 cheese plate - wine pairing with the whole thing. $350

North 44
2537 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, CA

Best bistro/diner on Mt. Pleasant or Bayview?

Simple or Mogette Bistro

581 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Dinner suggestions for Cobourg ?

If it's warm out, go to Oasis and sit on the patio in the back - they have heat lamps... If not, the Northside Grill is a nice option - they have a tapas menu that looks fun. I have been for lunch and enjoyed it thoroughly...

De La Mer fishmonger - Bayview

My Mom found the gulf shrimp a little off but she said the other items she and a friend got there were good...

Maple syrup trip?

For a fun daytrip: - Buckhorn Maple Fest! :)

Baby/Stroller Friendly Restaurants Midtown?

We have taken our now 14 month old to Cha Liu several times - store the stroller at the bar... also, if you want to venture to Mt. Pleasant, the Granite Brewery is not great food but big enough that if she kicks up a fuss (ours), it's no big deal...

Foie gras in Toronto

I had the foie on brioche for lunch yesterday at Panagea - it was a seriously humungous portion! Loved every second of it.

Summerhill Market - prepared foods

I agree with sbug206 - too big chunks, too little sauce... we werent' thrilled. But there is so much else to tempt at Summerhill, not the least of which is it's quaint location (park farther away and walk the neighbourhood! Excercise and gastronomy in one fell swoop!)...