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ISO - BYOB in Park Slope/Prospect Heights

Looking for a laid back restaurant in Park Slope or Prospect Heights to host a family party. Good, reasonably priced food, casual where some of the wee ones can waddle around if needed, and where we can bring some great wines to enjoy.
Any suggestions?

Jan 05, 2012
slopefoodie in Outer Boroughs

Montreal and Tremblant

Hello. Heading to Montreal and Tremblant over the Christmas and new years holidays with two toddlers and looking for restaurant suggestions.
Kids go out to eat all over NYC and are good little travelers but are still kids.
Any suggestions?
Much appreciated!

Sunday in London

Going to have a free afternoon in London.
Looking for a cozy, somewhat quiet pub with good food, fireplace.
Staying in soho, but would consider taking a trip within or outside of the city to a small town that we cld wander around in and then hang in a pub that I described above.
If this doesn't exist - any other good gastropubs or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Oct 21, 2010
slopefoodie in U.K./Ireland

SouthernFrance/Nice with Kids

Traveling to Nice and the surrounding areas with a 2 and 4 year old in a couple of weeks. Appreciate any suggestion on any and all...most importantly, food and restaurant suggestions. Thanks!

Aug 15, 2010
slopefoodie in France

Does this exist - seeking good wine/prix fixe dinner

Looking for a place for dinner next thursday for me and my hubby for bday - seeking a great prix fix wine dinner that doesn't cost a fortune - and is generous with wine. Can be a neighborhood place, or something more sceney. Midtown or below - brooklyn too.

Jan 06, 2009
slopefoodie in Manhattan

Seeking a restaurant in London on its last smoking night with baby

We ended up at The Oak in Notting Hill, Mango Tree and a little Italian place in Shephards Square.
All wonderful with a baby - mango tree wasn't great on the food front though.

Jul 12, 2007
slopefoodie in U.K./Ireland

Seeking a restaurant in London on its last smoking night with baby

Am going to be in London on Sat night with my baby and can't believe the problem I am having finding a restaurant for us to go to since several restaurants are saying it will be filled with smoke since its the last night before the smoking ban goes in effect.
We are staying near Hyde Park and want to go to a nice place, not a chain geared for kids.
Something we can't get in NYC.
Any recommendations?
Thank you

Jun 26, 2007
slopefoodie in U.K./Ireland

Biscuit - AVOID....

As a huge BBQ fan I was definitely impressed and hopeful when Biscuit had a line out the door on Friday night. We went last night to check it out and I honestly can't recall when I had a worst meal. and the more I think about it, how does one expect good BBQ from a restaurant that recreated itself in a matter of weeks - I mean, isn't BBQ a craft, a skill? But while you can get great ribs at non-bbq restaurants like Waterfront, the food being put forth from Biscuit's kitchen is an insult. How can you truly ruin fried chicken - or even make flavorless biscuits (esp when its your name!!) I can whip out some fantastic one in a shake with my bisquick mix. My fried chicken had zero flavor or spice - completely bland and while the meat was moist, it was lacking and the pieces were just skin and fat - which I am nbow thinking probably cld have been great with a good batter. The ribs that my husband got were tough, not even cooked and flavorless - unedible which did not matter at all to the waitress. And the sauces are not the best too. Whomever on an earlier post recommended bringing your own - is that really what we have come to? Why do I need to bring my own condiments to a restaurant that should be able to have that covered??? It would have been great to have a BBQ spot in the slope - but this is just not it - take a pass, i guarantee you will thank me. Go to sadie mae's for chicken and waterfront for ribs.

Nov 12, 2006
slopefoodie in Outer Boroughs

Helios - Park Slope

Need to give a nice thumbs up to Helios (sp?name?) the greek place on 6th and almost Flatbush?
Was very impressed with the food, service and dare I say authenticity? The salads offered as part of their meze selection were delicious - so fresh, served perfectly. The entrees - the veal pattie with kalamtata potatoes and basic salad with chicken souvlaki were perfect - the salad dressing so light and lemony - and the best part was their fresh, homemade lemonade - and a good selection of greek beers.
highly recommend.

Jul 20, 2006
slopefoodie in Outer Boroughs

Cabo San Lucas

Mi Casa was American Mexican - nothing special - in San Jose del Cabo there was a place - Don Emiliano that was EXCELLENT - you must have the octopus appetizer, not only delicious, but a work of art.

Jul 12, 2006
slopefoodie in Mexico

Hosting Shower in the Slope

Seeking a cafe/restaurant that has a private space or is small enough to take over for a Sunday brunch baby shower. Does anyone have any suggestions in the slope, heights, carroll gardens, cobble hill, etc? THANKS!

Jul 12, 2006
slopefoodie in Outer Boroughs