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Looking for breakfast places in the (northern) Blackstone Valley area

Highfield Country Club in Grafton Ma. started a Breakfast buffet Yesterday for $9.95
Very good deal not sure of the hours but I'll report back in two weeks.

Sep 21, 2009
brucekc in Southern New England

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point, ME - June 2009 report

What did pay for a Lobster and other Sides?

Val's in Holden MA

You can never have enough places for good Clams in Central Mass.
Scales in Millbury also has good clams!!!

Looking for old fashioned drive-in restaurants.

George's has good Food!

May 15, 2009
brucekc in Northern New England

Maine diners/dives

I love the Bagaduce Lunch! Eating fried clams and watching Bald Eagles in the River
is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!!!

May 14, 2009
brucekc in Northern New England

Illiano's in Norwich CT

We're going to Illiano's I believe it's Italian, Has anyboby been there? Comments?

Chains you wished you had in the USA

St Hebert's Chicken In Canada, 1o times better than Boston Market!!!

Apr 10, 2009
brucekc in Chains

Mac's Diner

I never went to Mac's in Worecster as of last night it will be a couple of months before it's rebuilt when I go there. How was it?

5 @ 10 Diner in Worcester

Has anybody been to the 5&10 Diner in Worcester and care to make comments about it?

What is the best diner in Worcester Ma.

In your opinion which diner is the best one in Worcester?

Good eats (not lobster) in Midcoast maine?

Bagduce Lunch in Brooksville Me. I second Marlintini in Blue Hill!

Chase's Daily in Belfast, ME

The Bagduce Lunch In Brooksville Ma. Won a James Beard award last year!

Mar 30, 2009
brucekc in Northern New England

Mayo or No Mayo

I love lobster and Mayo but not on my Lobster Roll! How to other people feel about
Mayo on lobster rolls?

Mar 19, 2009
brucekc in General Topics

Montreal Fries, W. Bridgewater

Please report your finding, I have been wondering if it's worth the trip!

I tried Modern Apizza (New Haven)

Where is it in Ellsworth?

The Galley in Sullivan, ME

Ethnic food in Maine! I remember thinking how long is "The MEX" going to last when it opened in the early 70's? I guess there is a Mexican Place in Brooksville ME now.
I think I will stop at the Galley as well!

Tourtieres; French-Canadian Meat Pies [split from New England board]

If you like any of the new variations don't forget to report back here so we can try them!

Dec 29, 2008
brucekc in Home Cooking

Tourtieres; French-Canadian Meat Pies [split from New England board]

Taken from La cuisine traditionnelle en Acadie 1975 Cook book from New Brunswick. As stated in this board many make them on Christmas but are also served on New Years day!
Turtiere is made many ways we have only talked about ground pork and meat but chunks of the same and Chicken and Rabbit are also used.
So the answer is every region of Quebec and the Maritimes does not make it the same way: it varies as much in the ingredient as it does in it the way the crust is prepared. A distinct difference exists between northern New Brunswick meat pies, on the one hand, and those from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on the other hand. In the long run it makes trying
different pies more exciting. As hinted by Bacchus in some French Canadian Families my life would be in Jeopardy for Sharing the Family
recipe with anyone, But being proud of my Acadien Culture and hoping
to share it... food recipes is a way I do it.
To be honest in 35 year of passing out the recipe, No one has made it
for me to try it.

Dec 26, 2008
brucekc in Home Cooking

Tourtieres; French-Canadian Meat Pies [split from New England board]

That's Awsome!

Dec 23, 2008
brucekc in Home Cooking

Tourtieres; French-Canadian Meat Pies [split from New England board]

1/2 Ground Beef or Veal
1/2 Ground pork
1 Med. Size potato or Instant (2 servings)
1/3 Cup of Chopped onions
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. sage
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. savery
1/4 cup of water
Piecrust... I use store bought (1 box)
Cook meat until meat has lost it's pink color.
Combine all ingredients together.
Pour mixture in piecrust
cover with second piece of pie crust
Bake in Oven at (425 degree) 20- 30 minutes or until it's browned.
Good Luck! Your Family and Friends will love them!

Dec 22, 2008
brucekc in Home Cooking

Bobby Flay Restaurants Going into Mohegan Sun

I hope he doesn't plan on Charging $20.00 for a Hamburger, Some of us
like value for our Restaurant dollars.

Tourtieres; French-Canadian Meat Pies [split from New England board]

I put Cinnamon, Sage and Savery, I share the recipe also with anyone that ask
for it but I really enjoy making them, At parties They expect me to bring them!

Dec 19, 2008
brucekc in Home Cooking

French Meat Pies

French Canadian! There are many types of Acadien and Quebec qu meat
pies... I make some every Christmas In fact I'm making 3 more tonight , I was just wondering because Shaws used to sell Landry pies but don't anymore, I will try The Millbrook because I live in Northbridge not far from Worcester.
Merry Christmas!

French Meat Pies

Does anybody know where I can buy French meat pies?

N E Patriots games in Ft. Myers

Buster's Sport Bar in Ft. Myers shows all the N E Patriots games on Sundays
Great Food... Plus... Great Srevice = Great Time!

Dec 02, 2008
brucekc in Florida

Sudbury, MA with the mother-in-law

I think I have the place! how about the halfway cafe in on the Marlboro and Sudbury line? It's Kid friendly, Parent friendly and hopfully Mother-in Law friendly. They have a large menu of all types of food. Try it the worst that can
happen is she'll hate her food ( being Crabby anyway) but changes you'll
love your meal and the kids will too!

Need Lots of Sandwiches in Waltham

How abouts Carl's on 55 Prospect St. Waltham Ma. 781-893-9313

Cheap Local Breakfast in Bar Harbor

Was it Jordan's?

Bos-York Beach report (long)

Nice Report! I haven't in been to York in a while and now I have an idea where to eat!

Woodstock CT fair...

Some soft drink company sells all you drink soft drinks with a Woodstock Fair tankard.