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St. Louis Hotel vs. Maison Dupuy for wedding reception?

Hello -
I am living in Boston and I am considering having my wedding reception in NOLA in the courtyard at either Maison Dupuy or the St. Louis Hotel.

Since I might have to book sight unseen I am hoping to get as much info as possible beforehand.

Which one has better food? Has anyone been to a reception at either place? Would you say one is nicer that the other? I am really looking forward to doing something with traditional NOLA food and drinks!

Any info would be much appreciated.

Mar 02, 2010
kapkap113 in New Orleans

Looking for a restaurant for a wedding reception that has a spot for dancing, has anyone been to one?

Hi -
I am looking for a place to have a wedding reception for about 75 people. I would like to have it at a restaurant in Boston and I want the restaurant to include a spot where there can be a DJ and dancing as well as great food. Has anyone been to a reception at a restaurant function space that had a nice spot for a dance floor? I am hoping to stay away from the traditional hotel venues and from places that are outrageously expensive. Thanks!

Dec 17, 2009
kapkap113 in Greater Boston Area

Casa Romero - thumbs down

OMG-I just went to Casa Romero for a pre Valentines dinner and it was the same way as the orginial poster described! It could have been my post. Waiter never around, they never brought is the appetizer we ordered and I ordered the LEGENDARY SIGNATURE Pork dish too, and it was a thin piece of mystery meat covered in a sauce. I thought they brought me the wrong thing! They took it off the bill. It was dry and grey...and that is their signature dish. Yuk. It was one of the worst meals ever!

Feb 15, 2008
kapkap113 in Greater Boston Area

Unimpressed by NeBo

Checked out Nebo this past weekend.

First of all, it was around 8:45 when the 2 of us arrived. We asked to be put back in the dining room where it wasn't so bright. There were plenty of tables open but the owner said there was no way she could sit us back there b/c she had a ton of reservations coming in, which was a total lie!
Not one more party came in after she forced us to sit at a tiny bright table.

The service was good...nice waiter.
We ordered the rib was way overcooked-tough and chewy.
The bruschetta had to be the worst I ever had.
It was flavorless tomatoes on BURNED toast!

We also ordered the margherita pizza...small for 15 bucks, but it tasted pretty good.

Overall would never go back!

Feb 19, 2007
kapkap113 in Greater Boston Area

Raw Bar in South Beach

We ended up at Monty' was exactly what I was looking for.
Very long line for the raw bar, but worth it!

Oct 25, 2006
kapkap113 in Florida

Raw Bar in South Beach

Boston Hound looking for a good raw bar in south beach for this weekend. I am not looking for fancy seafood entrees...I am looking for oysters, fried clams, scallops, etc.
Any recommendations?

Also-any good places for a Friday happy hour?

Oct 18, 2006
kapkap113 in Florida

Soul Fire BBQ-yum

2 of us went to soul fire last night.
We both thought it was great!

They were very nice and made sauce suggestions based on our orders, then the owner who was nice as could be came by to ask us how everything was. I thought this was a very nice touch considering they were closing at 11 and it was after 10:30.

I thought the mac and cheese was perfect.
Nice and creamy with lots of flavor.
The wing and rib combo was good too.
I like how you are able to pick your own warm sauces to go with them.

The pickle sides were yummy and the potato salad was excellent too!

I will definitley go back!

Jul 13, 2006
kapkap113 in Greater Boston Area

sage tonight - longish review

5 of dined at Sage on Monday 6/10 to celebrate and we were very disappointed.

-The waitress we had was very nice, but she was new, so the male waiter there came up to her while she was taking our order and told her loudly that she was taking the order wrong in front of the entire table and that the chef never wants just apps ordered, he needs the ENTIRE menu at once. I thought this was very unprofessional. Wouldnt you pull her aside and tell her so she knew for the next time??

-The same male waiter was very rude when we asked about possible vegetarian dishes. Just kept on saying, nope, cant do it, nope cant do it. They were very unaccomodating.

-I ordered the short ribs, they were super salty!

-The others did not enjoy their meals either with the exception of the person who ordered the gnocci.

We were so very disappointed.
Wouldnt go back.

Jul 12, 2006
kapkap113 in Greater Boston Area