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Louisville, KY to be devoured by Portland food nerds over a four day period

Where did you end up going? Anything that stood out? Heading towards Louisville Monday (after a quick stop in Asheville!!)

Aug 16, 2015
waitress in Kentucky & Tennessee

Charleston Choices - too many great option to decide between - help, please!

Instead of ice cream, doughnuts at Glazed! Or both! Your kids will thank you.

Jul 02, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Raleigh Dining Pet Peeves / Questions

Totally agree the server should eat the change difference not the customer. When servers give me incorrect change, I just chalk it up to laziness and still tip well.

Jun 12, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Charleston - cook-at-home crab cakes

I thought of more information. Only buy lump crabmeat in the plastic containers at a seafood market, never backfin, canned, that weird processed kind..

When mixing, don't be rough with it. You want to just bind it, leaving the lump crabmeat in lumps. I also add a little dab of panko in the mixture. Panko is optional.. but I like it..

May 25, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Charleston - cook-at-home crab cakes

Crabcakes are so simple to make. Why pay retail and risk average crabcakes? I totally know this is not what you asked, but I'm gonna give you a quick recipe!!

Pound of Lump Crabmeat from seafood market. (some seafood markets also sell premade crabcakes and grocery stores)
tablespoon mayo
one beaten egg
tarragon (you can find in jar in vinegar,dried or fresh)
diced red and green pepper
dash of salt, pepper and Old Bay

make into patties and rest in fridge..
then saute in butter, lightly browning both sides, finish in oven for 15 minutes.

make tartar sauce:
diced or food processor pickles (I like dill, bread and butter and capers, but whatever you have)
tarragon since you have it on hand!!

I also love cocktail sauce with them too!
nothing else is fine, but I like to add Worcestershire, pepper, lemon

May 23, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Open fire Paella Dinner in Columbia SC

Open fire Paella with Bovinoche Jeff Bannister was a success! The Under the Table Sunday Supper Club is really fun, good people and great food. I am posting the menu and pics. I also made a little video

Mar 23, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Open fire Paella Dinner in Columbia SC

I bought my ticket the minute I saw it posted! I will give you the run down! Love The Oak Table and the Jeff Rhino Bannister.

Mar 10, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Rogers Barbecue on Atando in Charlotte

Did it look like this? This is how my grandma would fry cornbread. We would roast a bushel of oysters outside, she would fry cornbread outside on a gas burner and she would serve her canned sweet pickles. The best part she would make a ketchup, black pepper, vinegar mixture, just what you think of for Eastern BBQ sauce, and we would dip our roasted oysters in it!!

Feb 28, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Best new restaurant in Charlotte, NC?

Stagioni, they have a bar in the back facing the kitchen, go grab a seat!

Customshop, great cocktails and charcuterie

The Ritz just opened a cocktail bar on the 15th floor called The Punch Room, go there if you have time for a drink.

Feb 23, 2015
waitress in Southeast

suggestion for dinner first night in tokyo

Food for thought, in taxis, don't touch the doors!! It magically opens and closes! I was glad I knew this info!

Feb 20, 2015
waitress in Japan

Bovinoche 2015 (SC, Simpsonville)

He's also a guest chef at The Oak Table, Columbia, SC Sunday March 22. Pre sale tickets. Under the Table Supper Club!!!

Feb 20, 2015
waitress in Southeast

In Charlotte, Luminere?

I went when they first opened and I really enjoyed it! Here are some images on Pinterest. Worth a visit!

Feb 17, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Good Food in Charlotte/Concord area.

[real, relaxed, low-key, and informal]
The Yolk breakfast Rock Hill, SC
go on a weekday, weekends get crazy

Kebab Je in Matthews, Middle Eastern, best part when you order dishes with bread, the bread arrives fresh from a wood fire oven.

El Purgarcito- great place for papusas, barely speak English, just order papusas and tostones with frijoles and crema and a Mexican Coke.

Doan's Vietnamese on South Blvd.

For Hot Dogs:
Brooks Sandwich House, no tables, take out only.
Chili Man, food cart Uptown, only certain months a year, in front of Chima. Search Vic the Chili Man.
Hinson's Drive Thru on Independence.
Jack Beagles, NoDa
Pinky's Westside Grill- I also love Pimpin' Fries at Pinky's - waffle fries with pimento cheese, I add chili and raw jalapenos.

Pio Pio has the best hot, green sauce with their chicken! I always order the Latin family to go, whole chicken, rice and beans, salad and plantains.
Viva Chicken on Elizabeth.

7th Street Public Market, great place to take guest. There is something for everyone! Crepes, coffee, local beer, wine, cheese shop, pizza, sandwiches and hot dogs. One of my favorite items at 7th Street Market is a Chorizo pizza from Pure Pizza. It's like a street taco, but pizza topped with tomato and radish.

Then Sunflour bakery for a mini cream pie.

Feb 16, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Charleston advice on reservations please

If they take reservations, I would certainly make them. Charleston can be a beast! Unless you don't mind waiting, usually there is a nearby spot for a drink! Another great casual place is Leon's Oyster Shop and if you like raw oysters and clams, check out 167 Raw for happy hour!

Feb 16, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Dining in Greenville, SC - Suggestions?

Pita House for Middle Eastern! Not Southern, but a great find!

Feb 16, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Willamette Valley

It is so worth the drive! For a quick visit.. this is if I had a full day.. so you would be going later in the day.. so you could plan accordingly.

I would drive straight to Red Hills Market for breakfast in Dundee, then I would go to Torii Mor and Penner-Ash. And I would go eat an early dinner at Recipe. Here's a little video I made for Recipe

You will be able to visit other wineries too around Newberg, Chehalem has a tasting room. Whichever ones you choose you will love it and be so glad you went. The other wineries on the board are great suggestions too!!

Torii Mor on FB


Here's my drive out to Carlton Wine Studio- you can see how amazing it is to drive around.

Feb 14, 2015
waitress in Wine

Four-day foodie vacation

Santa Fe, New Mexico was my answer before the four hours entered.
Asheville, NC and San Pedro, Belize are two great food cities. With a little research, you can always find good food in most cities.

When the vibe of the place just doesn't feel right

Haul ass! Sometimes when I walk into a restaurant it feels like a fa├žade. I have been polite a couple of times and have learned my lesson, one was a very expensive lesson! Life is too short. If you walk in and someone is rude, shake it off and leave!

I've been in a restaurant, my meal was terrible, I was on vacation, I wasn't going to let this be one of my meals. I paid, got up and went on my merry way.

Feb 03, 2015
waitress in Not About Food

The Oak Table in Columbia SC

Totally agree, I met a client there for brunch, the menu was creative, had a good mix of sweet and savory items. And great service too!

Jan 28, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Your "fav" Charleston area BarBQ?

If you will be visiting for a month, you can travel on a quest for BBQ! I would search SC BBQ trail and pick three places and go!
SC has heavenly mustard sauce and if they offer hash and rice, you have to try that too!!

Make sure you have some fried chicken in Charleston! Just ate at Jestine's and I hear Leon's Oyster Shop has killer fried chicken too!! And I had a fried chicken special at Callie's Little Hot Biscuits too!

Jan 25, 2015
waitress in Southeast

German food in Charlotte NC

It's so funny the restaurant thoughts that stay in your mind! I worked with an Italian chef and his cuss word was, "calamari" it was so funny.

Jan 24, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Best Recipes For Pork Tenderloin?

Do you have a crockpot? I buy one 24oz Bud Light Chelada from Mexican grocery stores and add, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic. You can add onion if you like. Then make soft tacos.

Jan 15, 2015
waitress in Home Cooking

Addissae - Ethiopian in Asheville

Sounds fun, on the list for my next visit to Asheville!

Jan 15, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Bangkok, Ao Nang (Krabi) and Ko Phi Don in February. Any food suggestions welcome.

One more bar, that doesn't answer your post!! Sky Bar in the Lebua Hotel at State Tower. Bangkok

Bangkok, Ao Nang (Krabi) and Ko Phi Don in February. Any food suggestions welcome.

We were just in Krabi in September. AMAZING Take a water taxi and go to The Grotto. Make reservations even for lunch!! This bar/restaurant hardly answers your dietary needs, it's just so cool, it would be terrible to miss!

BANGKOK: Check out Soul Food Manahakorn and Eat Me.

Asheville: big anniversary weekend

I would check out and see if there is a Blind Pig dinner going on in June or even send them an email and ask the day to be on your weekend!

I like to stroll around Asheville and eat and drink a lot! Not commit to one restaurant. But I guess for an anniversary, If I had to chose one, it would be Rhubarb or Seven Sows.

If you see the ice cream sandwich food cart, make sure you try one! Another thing I LOVE to do in Asheville is go to the Winehaus wine shop and sit out front and drink a bottle of bubbles, it's usually my first stop as soon as I arrive or first thing in the morning. {gasp} After coffee, of course, I am civilized. I love lunch/brunch at Limones and Table.

Jan 07, 2015
waitress in Southeast

Wine Pairing with Lobster Bisque?

So with you on the sparkling Vouvray, especially if there is a tiny amount of underlying heat in the bisque! There's a video of my 2 year old nephew toasting water in a Champagne flute, someone wrote "is he drinking Champagne?" I replied, "no, it's sparkling Vouvray" No one gets my humor.

Jan 04, 2015
waitress in Wine

Thunderbird (Asheville, NC)

Any restaurant or bar called Thunderbird is a go! And I would go to any restaurant with Elliott Moss attached to it. In a skinny minute.
Here's some pics of Punkwok

Here's a video of Blind Pig dinner Elliott Moss, Seven Sows Mike Moore and visiting Southern food historian Michael Twitty.

Jan 04, 2015
waitress in Southeast

The Yolk Rock Hill SC

The Yolk just reopened at it's new location in the Food Lion Shopping center on Mount Gallant. It's so delicious, we sampled chicken and waffles, Mojo Hash, chocolate pancakes and some kind of crazy, vanilla French toast with buttercream today! So worth the journey from Charlotte.

The Yolk
1912 Mount Gallant Rd Suite 108
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Dec 03, 2014
waitress in Southeast

Greensboro Dinner

OMG I try to keep my hatred of Vegans way down, but sometimes it creeps up!! Must suppress!! Some of my best friends are Vegan.

Dec 03, 2014
waitress in Southeast