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(East) Williamsburg Options

I've just moved into the neighborhood (close to the Montrose Stop on the L) and find myself very eager to discover my new hood's culinary charms.
While I've done a search for East Williamsburg already, most of the postings that came up were older and potentially outdated.
Because of this I am hoping that the good hounds out there will help me by sharing information, advice and suggestions regarding their favorites, their go-to's, their must-be-avoideds, their splurges, their comforts, their delivery-spots, and all the other in betweens that are in this neck of the woods.

All that said, I am willing to go a bit out of the way for anything exceptional, so you bring the suggestions and I'll bring my appetite.

So much thanks in advance!

Oct 02, 2006
clementine in Outer Boroughs

Party of 30 Staying at Marriott Marquis 44th West Side

If you can plan in enough advance try to book the back area at Saka Gura on the eastside. It is delish authentic Japanese food in a setting that people often find a bit speakeasy-ish and exciting. I have eatne there with a group of about 20, as well as in more intimate numbers, and it has always been a great experience with lots of choices for picky eaters...

Also there is an old steak house in the high 30's, is it called Kelly's?, that many people have recommended but that I have never tried. They may be able to work out something for you.
Lastly, there is Koi at the Bryant Park Hotel, I've eaten there and enjoyed my meal (though some people are not as pleased) and while it is somewhat expensive, it is a great atmosphere for people who want a very urban, sexy city feel. Can't say whether you would get away with 85 a head.

Above all call and ask if the restaurant could create a prix fixe menu for your party, seeing as you have a good sized group there is a very good chance the chef and his staff will help you out.

Enjoy your experience, wherever it may take you!

Sep 27, 2006
clementine in Manhattan

brioche french toast

Any suggestions for restos serving Brioche French Toast?
I am envisioning almost a carmelized crunchy exterior and a custardy center...
have heard great things about Tartine's brioche bread pudding could they also fulfill my FT needs?

La Toque?

I had an exceptional meal there about 2 years ago. I know a tremendous amount can change in that period of time but it was so good that i would be really surprised if the quality had dropped off that drastically. It was at la toque that i finally started eating and liking beets again thanks to a superb pairing with a cabernet franc!
I cannot speak for this place in the most current of terms but I would surely go back if given the chance.
good luck and enjoy!

different needs dining together

I'm coming in to LA from NYC this week and would love some suggestions on where to dine.

My sister has just moved to your fine city and unfortunately cannot be trusted with outlining our dining. If I am a true foodie then she is truly not, her palate is mostly interested in following her diet which means lots of salads, lentils, and salmon, all items that I adore just not on their own all the time.
So if you have any suggestions that will please both of our palates I would be more than thrilled. French to Sushi, new age to old world, I am adventuresome and interested in all kinds of cuisine.

if some references will be of help my top few places in new york are as follows;
New Green Bo
Spotted Pig
tea and sympathy

and many more that i can't think of on the spot...
thanks for your help!

Jul 19, 2006
clementine in Los Angeles Area

SF to LA - An NY Hound needs your help...

A few items to address:
1. Have been having visions of a Jane and Michael Stern-esque journey down the coast of Cali-between San Francisco and Los Angeles- when I visit a friend next week, but having lived on the opposite end of the country for most of my life I need a bit of guidance to fulfill this fantasy.

The trip will most likely include a stop at San Simeon and an overnight stay in Santa Barbara. And my vision is not limited to frozen-custard and fried-everything-else, we are equally intruiged by the more highbrow, dare i admit?, even healthy options that are on or off the road.

2. Since I will be in SF for several days before departing on said culinary-car-cruise I would absolutely adore any advice on great summer spots or unmissable nibbles in and around the bay. I know on my must do list already are cupcakes at that divine place in the ferry building (mirabelle?) after a snack at Taylor's Refresher, and having a mini picnic near the De Young museum.

Your advice is anticipated and appreciated!

with many thanks in advance,