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HELP finding restaurants in Rochester NY

Sorry - my reply to the bakery question is "misfiled." Look above.

HELP finding restaurants in Rochester NY

I think the best bakery in town is Savoia's. It is not in Pittsford however. (You're right about Wegmans bakery. Yuk.)

HELP finding restaurants in Rochester NY

Our favorite restaurant here is Veneto's. We eat there just about every weekend. Everything they make there is wonderful. It's a lively fun atmosphere. Kitchen is right out in the open. Website is a little stale, but you'll get the idea.

Our favorite pricey restaurant is without question Rooneys. IMO way better than 2 Vine etc.

We still love Park Avenue Pub for mellow atmosphere and consistently great food.

IMO ONE Ryan Alley has gone drastically down hill...It started out strong, had a change of ownership, and well, it's just a mess.

Baccos is consistently good Italian.

And, of course, everybody loves Dinosaur Barbecue. Long waits. Head to the bar for a Bloody Mary or any Rohrbachs (local brewery) on tap.

Excellent meals in Worcester MA.

We just came back from a weekend in Worcester and, thanks to Chowhound, enjoyed several great meals. Corner Grill - the best pizza ever and BYOB wine! The Boynton - do try the Chicken Caesar on Flatbread Salad, YUM. The Sole Proprietor - so professionally run on such a busy night; a wonderful meal, perfectly paced service, honored reservations. And you have to LOVE their hedge of Tithonia around the parking lot. Nicely done. The Parkway Diner - what can I say? A very good breakfast in a time capsule.

Sep 27, 2009
CindyK in Southern New England

Adirondacks - Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern?

I think your key word is "worthwhile." LOL.

No, you will not find good ethnic options throughout 99% of the park. You'll be lucky if you can find a decent hamburger. Where exactly are you going to be? It's a huge area...

Schroon Lake area -- looking for moderate to high end interesting cuisine

Indeed, the Adirondacks is not known for its culinary delights - many other delights, yes!!! But food? NO!

The only restaurant we bother to go to anymore is Melody Lodge in Speculator. It's very good.

Closer to you would be the new Italian restaurant in Copperfield Inn (North Creek). I'm not even sure if it's open yet. The Inn was closed for awhile but is now reopened. There's a bar there too with pub food.

We spend a lot of time in Minerva NY (close to Schroon Lake). Believe me when I tell you - don't get your hopes up. LOL

By the way, local ingredients in the Adirondacks is even tougher. It is a not a farming area, and everything served will be brought in from far away.

Is Brown Dog in Lake Placid a lunch spot?

Looking for lunch next week one day. Couldn't find a menu or hours online. Any other suggestions welcome! Thanks.

Tell me it ain't so! Rich Port bakery closed?! (Rochester)

So it's been a while since I've been to the Public Market when BAH I notice Rich Port bakery is closed. DRAT.

Restaurant that replaced The Manna in Newark, OH

Does anybody know anything about the Italian restaurant that replaced The Manna in downtown Newark OH? Thanks!

Lake George dining suggestions?

I agree ^.

"upscale and modern with a "vibe," and great food"

LOL -- it's the ADIRONDACKS silly!

My favorite place near there is Davidson Bros. Brewery. But, oh, no, NOT upscale or modern...

Rochester NY area hot!

They are called Zweigle's and they are the BEST thing ever.

(Sorry - but WAY better than Hoffmanns.)

YUM!!! Chayote in Cornhill (Rochester)

Chayote is already closed. Something odd must have happened there...why would she open a restaurant and then close it so quickly? (I agree that it went downhill fast.)

Rochester restaurants - Christmas Gifts?

Torneudos is very good. Max Chophouse is excellent (owner is Tony Gullace and probably the greatest restaurateur in Rochester). I adore Rooney's - I think it's the finest restaurant in town. Park Ave Pub is our choice for slightly more laid back, but quiet, intimate dinner.

Rochester - Tony D's in Corn Hill Landing

Thank you. That sounds like a good suggestion.

I think we have really bad pizza in Rochester. Everything is that cheap Salatores/Pizza Hut kind of thing. I want NY style pizza - desperately!

We LOVE Veneto but we don't often get pizza there because their other stuff is soooo tempting.

Nona's in Granville OH - don't go

Probably not too many people are looking for restaurants in Granville OH, but here is one I would NOT recommend. We made reservations for a group of 5 for a Sunday night. When we got there they informed us that they were out of the only appetizer they serve (besides soup) and they only had ONE of their 6 or 7 entrees. I mean, how bizarre is that??? They should just put up a CLOSED sign!

I ordered a $9 spinach salad, which was good, but which was literally 4 forkfuls. Then I ordered a $10 gnocchi dish in which I could barely find the way-too-soft-overcooked gnocchis. So, for $19 I left hungry.

A very odd evening for sure.

Buche De Noel- Upstate New York

I also recalled this place -- I've had some of their other stuff and it's good.

Dining on Thanksgiving in the Finger Lakes

It's a half hour away, but I'd call Woodcliff and see what they offer.

Buche De Noel- Upstate New York

Call Savoia's. They are the best bakery in town and they do everything!

Tell me your faves

Could you tell me your favorites in Manhattan for the following categories? I'm interested in a place you might go to on a regular basis - not super fancy or super expensive (by that I'm thinking maybe under $175 for two including a bottle of [cheap lol] wine).




and then

Dim Sum

Thanks so much!!!

Oct 19, 2008
CindyK in Manhattan

Aureole - Is it still good?

I thought I read someplace that Aureole was moving? Or closing? Or something?

Anyway, can you tell me what you know about it.

Thanks so much!

Oct 19, 2008
CindyK in Manhattan

Late Weeknight Dinner in Rochester, NY

Enjoy your visit! It's supposed to rain tomorrow night - too bad, because our weather has been wonderful.

Late Weeknight Dinner in Rochester, NY

Oh that's a great suggestion. How could I have forgotten the Dinosaur???

Rochester restaurants that you can BYO wine?

I only frequent two -

One is Churi's Thai Food in Irondequoit, right across the street from Sea Breeze Amusement Park. She charges $1.00 per glass corking fee.

The other is a temporary one - so call first! That is Chayote, the new Mexican place in Corn Hill Landing (which is excellent). They are awaiting their liquor license, but I don't know how long that will last. They gladly served our wine and beer.

Late Weeknight Dinner in Rochester, NY

I'd recommend either Veneto or The Social (sort of a tapas place) (they don't have a web site).

Both are within easy walking distance of Eastman and are open until 11:00.

Good luck!

Edit - Oh dear, I just noticed that you said weeknight! They are only open until 10:00. Hmmm. Let me think. Everything here shuts down at 10:00 -- I see Nathaniels Pub is open late (that's in Cornhill) - call and ask how late they serve food.

Triphammers claims they're open weeknights until ? - they have fabulous food but it's a little pricey - I'd call and confirm that they'll stay open for you.

And here's another idea - Cafe Cibon on Park Ave.

YUM!!! Chayote in Cornhill (Rochester)

We had the most delicious dinner tonight at Chayote in Cornhill Landing. It was our first time there. The parking was pretty bad because there was an event at the Blue Cross Arena, but we were with a handicapped person and there was one handicapped spot left.

They do not have their liquor license yet and helpfully suggested that we could run over to the liquor store for wine - which we did, so that was great.

We started off with the very awesome Nachos del Casa. This appetizer is huge - really too much for the three of us. It had a ton of cheese and stuff threaded all the way through it - so it wasn't just the top covered. It was the gift that kept giving -- and really tasty.

I ordered the Pollo Adobado for $15.95. Described in the menu as "Grilled chicken breast stuffed with fresh oregano and goat cheese in adobo suace. Topped with a mano-jicamo pico de gallo and served with a potato sope." Fabulous. Just the right size, incredible flavors, lovely presentation, perfection.

My dining companions ordered Camarones Borrachos $17.95 - "Grilled shrimp flashed with tequila, in a cilantro lime avocado sauce served with a cheese stuffed Chayote" - and the Alambres Scollops and Chorizo $18.95 - "Scallop and chorizo skewers grilled and paired with jicama and pico de gallo served with chipotle mashed potatoes."

We were all thrilled with our meals - and told the chef so, when he came out to ask how everything was.

The only thing I'd change is the furniture - groan - the front part of the restaurant features picnic table like furniture with horrid benches. Come on - this food is way too good to be sitting on a bench!!!

This restaurant is owned by the same person who owns our favorite restaurant, Veneto (East Ave), and The Social (East Ave) so I am not surprised it is so good. We will be back for sure - but I might try to sit somewhere besides the benches next time!

Lake George/Bolton Area Restaurant?

Owl at Twilight closed last year. The building is for sale and the restaurant stuff was sold.

Lake George/Bolton Area Restaurant?

Alas, sounds like you are experiencing pretty typical Adirondack dining experiences. It is NOT a place to go for fine (or even mediocre) dining. Their season is so short it's just very tough to stay in business. On top of that there is a dearth of workers.

There used to be a couple of good restaurants in the North Creek area - both recently closed. At this point the only great restaurant that I can suggest is Melody Lodge in Speculator (about an hour from you).

Try this thread on the Adirondacks forum -- but beware! Many places talked about are closed, so confirm first. (One place I noticed on there is The Lakehouse in Wells - that's about half an hour from you. I have never been there.)

Happy cooking!

Finger Lakes Weekend - please advise.

I don't know of a lot of great restaurants in the Finger Lakes region, but be sure to stop by the New York Wine & Culinary Center.

Also, use the web sites for the Finger Lakes Wine Trails - it is an excellent way to get it all in perspective. (Here is a link, click on the "Wineries & Wine Trails" tab.

For the Canandaigua Wine Trail:

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail:

Keuka Lake Wine Trail:

Seneca Lake Wine Trail:

We liked the Glenora Inn the one time we stayed there.


Have fun!

Saratoga to Rochester

Maybe Dinosaur Barbeque for lunch?

Lake George -- August 2008

I am always puzzled by people who want to dine in the Adirondacks! LOL That aside, sounds like you managed quite well. It pays to do homework.

Sometime come visit the real Adirondacks though, and get out of Lake George.