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Crema, new coffe house in Harvard Square

In Harvard Square today, stumbled into “soft-opening” day of the new coffee house mentioned on this board a few weeks ago, It’s called Crema, on Brattle Square (it used to be Au Bon Pain)

The use terroir coffee; I had an espresso and my DC had a double shot cappuccino, 2% dry.; both very nicely presented, both were excellent coffee experiences.

I had an apple scone, ham and cheese croissant and a macaroon; DC dug into a pear muffin and fruit/yoghurt—great late breakfast--all the baked goods we tasted were light, and very good. Also tasted their lemonade, which was truly fine, flavored with ginger—we’ve seen a lot of griping about lousy lemonade recently, this was positively great!

The space is attractive, with exposed brick walls, lots of wood, calm colors and a few attractive photographs (apparently taken by George Howells himself); there’s an upstairs balcony for longer sitting sessions and stools on the main floor for briefer refueling visits.

It looks like it will be a real addition to the local coffee scene.

doesn't get much better than this

Just returned from a wonderful luncheon at Bengal Cafe in Cambridge. A warm, friendly environment that creates a sense of being in the home of some very good chefs.
Several months ago I visited India , and had an opportunity to do "home stays" where you live and eat with a given Indian family. My experience at Bengal Cafe brought back fond memories of this experience.
I went with six friends, and we were served family style by the owner Ali.He choose a menu of beautifully spiced food. We started out with a wonderful Daal followed by a perfect chicken curry. For the vegetarians in the group we were treated to a delicious dish called Labra (beans, squash,eggplant,pumpkin and spices).A Begun Dolma(eggplant cooked in a special sauce) kept the Labra company.Poori came along for the ride.Interesting desserts and all at a very reasonable price.
I would go back in a minute, and I do believe my friends would also.My very good friend from the Punjab moved her fingers swiftly back and forth as she enjoyed her lunch Indian style.

Breakfast Places in Winchester

Get yourself over to Cafe Dolce and grab some interesting Italian goodies with super coffee choices.

winchester on the map

Second trip to the all new "It Rains Fishes" in Winchester.All seven people enjoyed their dinners which included both Thai and Korean choices.The service was perfect- tea cups barely had an opportunity to be empty. Each dish was beautifully presented and accompanied by just the right sauce. I believe we have a winner .

winchester on the map

Just got back from opening night at It Rains Fishes in Winchester. Wow!! They have a whole new menu - Thai, Japanese and Korean. Don't forget the sushi and the wonderful bar- all adding to a special evening.

Casual brunch in Arlington?

Check out Sweet Sue's place on Mass Ave. in Arlington.

lumiere, flora ... any suggestions for a b-day dinner?

Neptune's Oyster in the North End is well worth the trip if you are a sea food lover- and the oysters don't hurt!

good eats in JP

Getting over to see the happenings at the Forest Hill Cemetery and wanted to eat well before we"go"