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Bogota restaurant solo ?

Andres is certainly more of a place for a group, especially since as the night wears on everyone gets up to dance.

Dining solo isn't so common here, but nicer places will be happy to accomodate you anyway. Leo Cocina y Cava is great, and they have a small upstairs that's a little more private.

I'd also suggest going out in Candelaria or zona T so that you can sit somewhere and watch the crowds!

World Cup snack suggestions?

The World Cup starts tomorrow, and here in South America everyone is crazy about it, clearly. Any suggestions for snacks from some of the less culinarily-known nations? I lived in South Africa for a while but there's hardly anything that comes to mind to eat while watching a game (except beer and braai, of course). Ghana? Ivory Coast? Slovakia? Algeria? Thanks!

Jun 10, 2010
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scones in Bogota?

I moved to Bogota about 3 months ago and have had some serious trouble finding quality baked goods (scones, danishes, croissants). Maybe it's the altitude, but the texture is way off, and the flavors are far too sweet. Any suggestions in Chapinero?

Softshells in VT?

Does anyone know where softshell crabs might be available in the Chittenden County area, now that they're in season?