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Restos Around Summerhill LCBO?

driving but just want near by for convenience sake

Restos Around Summerhill LCBO?


I am going for a tutored tasting at the LCBO.

Can anyone suggest a decent restaurant some where in the area?



Romantic Must-Do's for a Chicago First Timer-Honeymoon


I am getting married at the end of December and my husband to be and I are visiting Chicago for our honeymoon.

We are staying downown but I suspect that, as in Toronto where we live, it is easy to get stuck in the over-priced tourist trap kind of places.

We are looking forward to splurging on some fabulous food and wine. We want to go for a few really nice dinners and some more mid-range priced spots.

We would also like a few suggestions for great breakfasts or lunches!

Romantic dinner spots would be fantastic!!



Dec 06, 2008
j2brady in Chicago Area

Preserved Pickled Ginger Recipe

thanks for that!

I did some pickled ginger the other day with the recipe above...just waiting for the vinegar to mellow before diggin in!!

Aug 11, 2008
j2brady in Home Cooking

Preserved Pickled Ginger Recipe

Thanks for that!!

I am going to try the recipe from recipezaar!

Aug 09, 2008
j2brady in Home Cooking

Preserved Pickled Ginger Recipe

I have found some non-canned recipes already...sorry, this is an awkward sentence. I meant these types of recipes are readily available and I have already found them.

What I can't find is a canned recipe for pickled ginger. This is what I am looking for.

Aug 08, 2008
j2brady in Home Cooking

Preserved Pickled Ginger Recipe

yeah, I did the same thing and found the same recipe...this isn't is pickled but is only a fridge-short-term pickle...not actually canned.

Aug 07, 2008
j2brady in Home Cooking

Preserved Pickled Ginger Recipe

Hello all,

I have been looking around for a pickled ginger recipe.

Recipes for a quick pickle that isn't canned (but will last in the fridge) are easily accessible.

I am wondering if anyone has a recipe for preserving pickled ginger?



Aug 07, 2008
j2brady in Home Cooking

Reasonably priced restaurant serving lamb? (Not Mezes)


I am looking for a restaurant that is reasonably priced (ie. entrees around 20-24$) that serves lamb chops.

Also, this cannot be Mezes on Danforth.

I am trying to appease a finicky father and a picky mother as well us myself and my partner that will eat anything and love new foods.

Any suggestions would be great!


Dinner before Dirty Dancing

I say spend the extra 5 on a cab or walk if it is a nice evening and go to Jaime Kennedy Wine Bar. Great food and service!

Ann Arbor Recommendations for a Canuck

Hello all,

I am visiting Ann Arbor for three days in July. It is a sunday/monday/tuesday.

Besides Zingermans...where else is a must see (ie. markets) /eat.


what's up with the place with the big nose?

Hi there,

Does anyone know anything about this place with the huge paper mache nose above the door in the East end?? On queen near leslie?

HELP PLS!!-Meskerem on Danforth


I need the number for Meskerem on Danforth.

There is no listing in the Yellow Pages for this place and a search on this site and google was fruitless.

I hope someone out there knows it!!


Ethiopian Groceries in TO?

Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone can help me source some Ethiopian staples in and around the city.

I am not looking for particular items but just anything really.

Also, if you have a suggestion/recommendation for your favourite Ethiopian, please feel free to share!


I'm mourning my sourdough!


I have a question about sourdough starter.

I have tried in the past, unsuccessfully, to make a sourdough starter from scratch....

Giving it another shot I mixed up a mother...inspired by Rose Levey Bernbaum's 'Bread Bible'.

I did everything right...bottled water....immaculately clean utensils....I took my time and followed the directions to a tee...and it worked!

Two days later I had a lovely, sour smelling, bubbly, mix of flour, water, and wild yeasts. I fed it on the third day and it continued to do it's business bubbling away.

The problem arose on the fourth day. I fed the mother, as I had on the second and third day but for some very disconcerting reason my lovely bubbly starter fell flat. No more bubbles, no more rising....jsut flat doughy mess in my jar.

What happened?

Has anyone had any success with sourdough starter from scratch??


Dec 22, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

DUCK for Christmas dinner...needs accompaniment ideas!


What would you serve with duck for a nice Christmas dinner?

I am looking for ideas bordering on traditional to appease my Scottish family (read bland, mashed potato-lovin, boiled meat, salt and pepper is as spicy as it gets).

I am thinking of doing some red cabbage and bacon, maybe some brussel sprouts....but what else??

Any recs from starter to sauce for the duck to dessert is appreciated.


Dec 09, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

what should I do with butternut squash?

So so so many things!

Besides soup.....

stuff ravioli (either homemade dough or use wonton wrappers)

layer in lasagna

stir into rice pudding for a sweet dish with nutmeg

use in muffins/quick bread like you would pumpkin or banana

Cook down for a squash butter

Also, a friend of mine makes absolutely killer killer squash brownies using the Joy of Cooking brownie recipe...omit the chocolate and add 2 cups squash puree.

Dec 07, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

Nut and Seed Free Bars for an Active Child


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with a recipe for an on the go snack that is high in protein but contains no nuts, seeds, or nut butters.

This is for a highly active child with a nut allergy.


Dec 03, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

Favourites East End Haunts?


Besides Batifole and El Sol...where's good this side of the DVP?

....also I realize I live near Greek town and Little India but I am looking for some other hidden gems.

(Cheap eats particularly welcome!)

turkey breast - what's a dark meat lover to do?

I don't know where you live but with winter setting in here in TO I say freeze the thing and use it for a hockey puck...there are many similarities...dry, tasteless, not very enjoyable.

If you insist on eating up some spicy chipotle burritos/quesedillas. I have done these with dark meat having treated the white portions similar to my suggestion above!


Nov 07, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

Dinner at _______ and Dirty Dancing....please fill in this blank!

My apologies!

It is at the Royal Alexandra Theatre....I thought that was near Le Pap....opps! I haven't been to this theatre before.

Dinner at _______ and Dirty Dancing....please fill in this blank!


My mom and I have a big night out pre-Christmas (and post exams for me!!)....where to go for dinner?

Unjustly expensive and snobby places are not our style....hence my trepidation and taking any chances in the theatre district.

Can anyone suggest either a hidden gem in and around that area of town (besides Le Papillion) or somewhere within walking/short cab/subway distance away?


Turducken at Southern Accents on Markham...any thoughts?

Hello all,

I am booked for two at Southern Accent's annual turducken fest.

Has anyone been in years past? Is it a good turducken experience for a first timer?

I would hate to have my first run at the triple threat turn out to be a bad one!


Cheap Toronto eats?

Hello all....haven't posted in ages! But this topic is near and dear to my tum!

I highly highly recommend New is just east of younge along Dundas on the south side...sort of across from the big hotel there (I can't remember the name of it).

Don't let the dodgy exterior assuage you hunt for cheap eats! The chicken stew is so good. You get a huge jug of mango juice, goat soup, a massive plate of rice spotted with raisins along with whichever dish you order, and then some steamy hot sweet ginger tea at the end...all for 8 bucks!

Frozen Spinach -- what to do with it?

A million things!

Ravioli filling
mixed into pasta
baked eggs with spinach and tomato sauce
eggs florentine
Caldo Verde (spinach and chick pea soup)
egplant involtini filling
between baked fish fillets for a fish florentine dish
mannicotti/caneloni filling
cream of spinach soup
tossed into a bean salad
stirred into mac and cheese
pizza topping
mixed into a chicken cacciatore dish

off the top of my head.....I love frozen spinach

Aug 13, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

get cracklin'

I think it's a suggested way to save the limbs from falling into the coals. Looks like it may also be suggested in order to remove the fat before digging in.

Aug 10, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

get cracklin'

I have been elected to help out a friend's yearly pig roast, but so far they have not managed to get good crispy skin. Can anyone offer some tips? They use a homemade rotisserie, and encase the pig in chicken wire which pulls the skin right off, leaving it not very crispy at all.

Aug 10, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

making whey?


That sounds amazing! Where did you get the info to know how to do that?

I have dabbled but certianly not as advanced as you!


Apr 26, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

Teaching a Cooking Class to 8-12 Year Olds...Ideas?


I also teach cooking to kids with a community based group in Toronto. We actually run a dinner theatre for kids where they learn cooking and improv.

I am in the midst of planning our next session and thought we could share some ideas.

We normally do a 10ish week session. I find organizing the weeks around a cultural theme or a technique (ie. soup, pizza, etc.) works well.

Do you have anything planned out? I would love to hear what you come up with!


Apr 08, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking

Your Favorite Recipes Using Dried Apricot?

I absolutely love dried apricots!

I just had a dinner party and a friend brough the dessert which consisted of dried apricots simmered in a cardamom simple syrup (you could certialy use a cardomom spiked OJ). Each is then dipped in some yummy finely chopped pistachios and then drizzled with creme fraiche.

I have seen similar recipes that pipe a thicker cheese into the appricots lie mascarpone and then they are dipped into pistacios.

This really is a faboulous recipe!

Mar 31, 2007
j2brady in Home Cooking