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Help with a Mexican beer recipe with fruit

Hello, I use to work in a kitchen with Mexican cooks, and one day they made a beer cocktail in a large bucket filled with beer, ice, and fruit. I don't know what it was and i asked them what it was. I don't speak Spanish but I thought they said "Mas Cerveza" which I thought meant "More Beer" which made sense since it would stretch out the supply of beer.

A year later I googled it and came up with nothing. I see Michelada, but it seems more savory than anything.

If anyone knows what I am talking about can you send me a link or recipe please?

Jul 23, 2011
HKFanatic in Beer

Japanese, inexpensive to moderate, not sushi

Thank you very much, a most informative post!

Mar 20, 2009
HKFanatic in Manhattan

Japanese, inexpensive to moderate, not sushi

Hello. I am craving Japanese food but I am going to eat with someone who doesn't like sushi so I was hoping you could suggest a good venue with a large variety of cooked Japanese food, like izakaya (pub food) or washoku or some sort of home style cooking.

I heard Aburiya Kinnosuke was good, and the rating on menu pages were excellent except..... for the very last poster who said they have gone down hill since the menu change and has become a mediocre run of the mill Japanese place. Is there any validity to that post?

Mar 20, 2009
HKFanatic in Manhattan

Asian Supermarket in SoNo

I just went in today to buy some veggies because it is nice and convient, it beats driving all the way to Chinatown to buy groceries but this week there was much less selection than there was two weeks ago to my disappointment.

They use to have egg custard tarts, roasted pork buns and live fish but no more. I hope this isn't a sign that they'll go under.

They do however still have a good selection of fish. The mark up isn't bad neither, 10-15% more than what you'll find in NYC.

Nice selection of dried noodles, I buy their all vegan feed eggs from a farm from Brandford which taste good and a bargain to what you'd pay in a super market. If you ask the meat guy in the counter, you can order freshly slaughtered never frozen chickens from New York. Those chickens are to die for, but be warned, it'll still have the head and feet attached if your not use to Asian chickens.

Hopefully with more patronage they'll bring back all the good stuff they use to have and a huge bustling market soon.

Was the wine director OK to suggest a more expensive wine?

I think the true test would have been if the same wine director would have recommended the 125 dollar bottle of wine if the the 350 dollar was not available. After all, that would be the closest substitute. Judging from your reaction I doubt he would have done that.

Jun 06, 2008
HKFanatic in Wine

Disapointing/Infuriating Lola dinner in Cleveland

I just want to point out Michael Symon's opinon about tofu, "Tofu really has no place in my kitchen" That was lifted straight from his Iron Chef bio when asked what ingredient he avoids.

Apr 23, 2008
HKFanatic in Great Lakes

Mei Lai Wah closed by DOH?!?

This makes me sad, I just found out about Mei Lai Wah a month ago, and each time I went in they were out of steam pork buns. I would be very sad if I don't get a chance to eat their fabled pork buns.

Apr 17, 2008
HKFanatic in Manhattan

Pizza in Stamford

I just move back to stamford after 4 years and Springdale pizza use to be good, is it still good? I ate at Remo's and i have to admit it was pretty darn good. Also is Hope Street Pizza any good? It is always packed when i drive by it.

Home made seltzer/ soda water

I heard about sodaclub in a magazine that promoted how cool it would be to carbonate milk and soup. I log onto the website and it says you can't carbonate anything but water, heck you can't even add the powder in before hand because it will explode. Is it true? Am i limited to only carbonating water? If it is true, where can I buy something that will let me indulge my weird foodie creations of carbonated randomness?

Apr 14, 2008
HKFanatic in Cookware

The Smith

I recommend the gnocchi. My sister dragged me to the Smith just so she can have the gnocchi again. My take on the restaurant is that it is a very well constructed restaurant premise of making simple delicious food that is easy to produce by a cook of competent skill level. You won't get amazing mind boggling cuisine but you will get consistent well crafted food that is hard to screw up. Can't recommend the potato chip appetizer though because the cheese was drizzled on it. I would rather i dip it myself to avoid the chips getting soggy, and to control the amount of dip I got on my chip. Besides that i would recommend. The dessert was pretty good too if I recall.

Apr 14, 2008
HKFanatic in Manhattan