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HK style milk tea

Best milk tea place, better than Ming's and closest, if NOT on par with HK milk tea is AT:

Steeles & Kennedy. This place is south of kennedy and it's the next plaza south of Ming where chiu chow boy is.

The place is called: Tsui Wah's.

Their hot milk tea is the best, cold milk tea DOES have ice, but it's still a lot better than anything in the GTA. AND the lemon tea is BY FARRR the best in the GTA.

Next runner up in my opinion is Pheonix Restaurant(woodbine & steeles near Frankie Tomataoes). ALTHOUGH, I warn you, if you go in and you see an old man making it, don't bother ordering. For some reason he is just no good at brewing it. It comes out water down, rough on the tough and leaves a bitter after taste.......the balance is all off.

Apr 14, 2008
gshock in Ontario (inc. Toronto)