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your fave baked fish recipe

My favorite (and incredibly quick/easy!) baked salmon recipe-- top the fish fillets with a pineapple-soy mix. The recipe below will make enough sauce to top 3 or 4 4-oz pieces of fish.

Mix together:
1 (8-oz) can of crushed pineapple
~2 tablespoons each of the soy sauce and honey
2 teaspoons of ginger
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon (more if you like it) of wasabi powder

Spoon on top of the salmon and bake for 15 minutes at 425.

Jan 29, 2010
bin22 in Home Cooking

Looking for great chow-ish places in Ocean City, MD

Antipasti and Fausto's are both great ideas. I grew up in the area and in high school I worked at the Planet Maze mini golf course next to Antipasti -- drove me crazy around 5 pm when the dinner crowd started rolling in and I could smell the garlic and seafood cooking next door!!

I also really like Fresco's, on 82nd St, for Italian. Menu is fairly small, but the staff is great and I've never had a bad experience there.

Alexandria suggestions

My favorite Italian place in Old Town is Landini Brothers. Besides some chewy calamari I once encountered, the food I've had there is consistently very good.

Sushi Ko - Chevy Chase

Their website is down, but I don't think they ever had prices on it.

If you don't include drinks, $60/person is reasonable. Last time I went, I believe the cost was around that.

Graduation dinner near beltway in MD

Hi everyone-- I'm graduating from UMD in May and will have some relatives coming to the area. I'm looking for a good dinner for about 10-15 people in a mid-price range (entrees in the lower $20s). It's a very picky crowd. Everyone likes Chinese and Italian food, but I get to make the final decision so other suggestions would be appreciated as well! They'd like to drive rather than Metro so places around the beltway would be best. I'd prefer not to go to Clyde's or that type of restaurant since I can go there anytime. Thanks so much in advance!!