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1789 lately?

I went to dinner at 1789 on friday night. The food and service were both spot on. It was very busy and our dinner was very smootha nd enjoyable. The food was terrific ( sweetbreads, scallops, and tar tar) the lamb chopwas the tables favorite served with potato perogies. They have a new chef and the food deff. exceeded my previous meal there from a couple years ago. I will deff be back alot sooner this time around


I have plans to eat at minibar for a couple of birthday celebrations coming up.
I have read both good and bad posts about it but was wondering if anyone has been there recently and had any comments to share

Review of Mio (Long)

I had dinner there last wed. and had a very nice meal, service wasnt great but the food was. Mabey trentn isnt used to having foie gras in a ballontine form but it was nicley done. I also had truffled burrata cheese with asparagus, deliciously cooked shrimp, a pretty good piece of hlibut, and braised beef cheeks it was all very pleasant. and having that 5 course tasting menu + cheese was quite a value. It is hard to find a reastaurant that will exicute consistatly at a good value.. I will deff return to mio

Maestro withdrawal symptoms

where did stefano leave to?

knife/cutlery stores?

Does anyone know of any specialty knivfe/cutlery stores in the dc/metro area. I am looking for japanese knives, sushi, etc. Seems that sur la table and william sonoma have a limited selction. thanks.

Best Sushi in NoVa

Sushi Yama off 123 in Vienna is super fresh, and super friendly..they do a great job

El Pollo Loco in DC?

Are there any in the DC Metro Area?

DC hound in for monday night football

I will be getting to philly mid afternoon and was wondering about recs somewhat close to the stadium where I could go for some nice apps and wine. any recko would be great.

Sep 17, 2007
tthumpern in Pennsylvania

Bebo is Disgraceful

It was my second time in 5 months to dine at Bebo. Both times I had bad experiences. It has been 3 weeks and I have not gotten any kind of response to the self explanatory email. Obviously the restaurant is run by people who dont care about hospitality, the industry or the people who pay their bills.

" Roberto Donna, Management or to whom it may Concern,

I was reluctant to write an email to share my dining experience this past Sunday evening, however, after a few days passing I feel compelled to do so. I was going out on a date and had been craving risotto all day. I remembered a great risotto I had at Galileo and thought that Bebo would be worth the 30 minute drive to get a simply prepared, satisfying dish. In between water glasses being set and water being poured, I had plenty of time to notice both had lipstick stains. Problem fixed with two new, non matching glasses. I asked for a wine list and picked out a bottle of Friuli. I was then informed Bebo was out of not only the bottle I chose, but of all the Friuli on the wine list. So I was recommended a Trebbiano d Abruzzo. Different grape and region, but satisfying even with the chipped wine glass I received. Bebo was also out of both Prosciuttos that you offer on the menu. The fried Zucchini Blossoms were tasty but small in portion, and the asparagus risotto was a major disappointment. Well cooked, but poorly made. The rice had nice texture but the only flavor on the entire plate was the little bit of Parmesan that was sprinkled around it. Tasted as if it had been cooked with water and no salt.

Thank you for your attention to this Email. As I stated earlier I was hesitant to send a complaint, but I felt you should be aware of the everyday happenings at your tables."



Any soft shells yet?

Soft shell season opened off the coast of north carolina this past weekend and I have seen some very fresh whales come in (in the biz) with very nice quality and pretty good value as well.

Rate me a Restaurant!


Citric Acid Powder

They sell it at GNC

Il Mulino

curious about it myself.. Ive heard through the grapevine on 2 occasions that it was very very good. But no details as it was "through the grapeine"

Bebo's (in Crystal City)

I ate at there about a month or so ago for dinner on a sunday. They had very good pastas. Aglio olio in particular. I had the tripe and had to send it was way too salty and seemed poorly executed. The others i was dining with had the lamb steak (wich was quite good) and rabbit, also pretty good. Service was bad. For instance, server poored more wine into my glass to keep it full, however he poored the wronge wine and mixed the two. Talked to some friends who ate there last weekend. Said they loved the pasta and lamb steak, but they ordered apps and the server brought apps and entrees out at the same time. they were out of 4 bottles of wine on the wine list they tried to order, and had nothing good to say about service. Id go back mabey just for a glass of wine and the pasta, but not for dinner.

5 courses at Moto tonight?

i, personally, would chove the 10 course meal. Not that the 5 wpouldnt necisarily be enough (Reasturants gage the amount of food on the plate depending on the number of courses you have.) I feel that if you are going for the experience you should get the most you can out of it. It will only make it more enjoyable. Have FUN!

Feb 09, 2007
tthumpern in Chicago Area

Steak Tartare in DC?

Agree with Eve's steak tartare being excellant..I had it on Monday night and it was great

best Dublin has to offer

from washington dc, I am looking for the most impressive resturant in dublin. what are the most celebrated resturants and the ones with a history of being great?

Jan 22, 2007
tthumpern in U.K./Ireland

Corduroy - way missed the mark

I was also suprised be my dissapointing experience. Ive read many good post ad write ups and all fell short. The problem is when you get to a point of popularity and you charge the price, the reasutant should not have a bad day..and according to has had a few bad days recently..across the board, service, timing, execution of cooking, atmosphere and personality all fell drastically short of expectation.

American Chowhounds with a week in Ireland

I will be on vacation for a week staying in Galway. I will have a car and do plan on travleing all over Ireland. One night we plan to celebrate 4 birthdays and will want an excellent meal. and other times want to taste Irelands comfort resturants and see some great public houses. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything? It would be greatly apriciated. Thanks!

Nov 27, 2006
tthumpern in U.K./Ireland

Palena and Dino

I am trying to figure out which place deserves a visit. I keep reading good things about each establishment and then turn around to read off coments about them. Are either of them even worth trying? Are the two comparable in food and service? if so are they any good?

Monday night hotspot

yeah, Ive never been there but have wanted to go for a while, also have been wanting to try komi, mabey blue duck tavern. Let me clear it up that when I say "hopin" I just mean doing buissness..I dont want to be the only ones in there kinda thing

Monday night hotspot

yeah, Ive never been there but have wanted to go for a while, also have been wanting to try komi, mabey blue duck tavern. Let me clear it up that when I say "hopin" I just mean doing buissness..I dont want to be the only ones in there kinda thing

Monday night hotspot

I have a date tonight an want to go somewhere nice, but I wanna go somewhere with some action as well. Being monday night I dont know if some of the places I want to go are going to be hopin or not..has anyone been to courdory on a monday night? any other suggestions? thanks

New here but already think this is a great board... Be honest- what are you eating right now? [Moved from Home Cooking]

I tried the Lobster Cream Sauce from Lobster Ravioli to make sure it was finished correctly? the only other things I consumed today were Peach Salsa (to be served with seared sea scallops) I tasted a warm fennel and arugula salad as well...My only meal however was a Penut Butter Buzz CLIFF bar for breakfast. Man does the day get away from you or what..

Jul 18, 2006
tthumpern in General Topics

What to do with fresh sardines?

Agree with steinpilz with the marinade, extra virgian olive oil, garlic, lots of herbs, lemon juice, sea salt and fresh black pepper, but insted of roasting..marinate over night and the fish will cure from the salt and acid. sort of similair to civiche. It is a traditional preparation of fresh sardines from southern Italy. Great to be served with costinis.

Jul 18, 2006
tthumpern in Home Cooking

VA Wine Country Dinner

I am trying to plan a trip somewhere close to nova for my fathers big bday celebration. I have 8 people in the party and was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on vinyards and resturants in the same area having moderate prices and somewhat of a casual atmosphere. Thanks.

So Which TV Food Shows Should I Watch?

One of my favorite all time cooking shows airs on the travel channel at wierd times, Ive seen it recently at 11 am, 2 pm 4 am etc. But deff worth watching if you can find it is Great Chefs of the World.

Jul 17, 2006
tthumpern in Food Media & News

Kobe Beef ... not good in steak form?

Over cooked Wagyu is a major waste of terrific meat and money. When cooking Kobe, prepare it as you would foie gras season and sear, over cooking kills the flavors and dries out the meat..pointless..if you dont like rare steaks with amazing flavour, then dont waste the beef

Jul 12, 2006
tthumpern in General Topics

CIA --Hyde Park, NY

As a CIA alumni, I recomend American Bounty for a special night out. Good American Comfort food with fun variations and great service (it is the last stage of schooling befor graduation.) If it were for a lunch I would recomend Colivita, the Italian resturant, for its great atmosphere and lighter menu options. For lavish Front of the house experience and classical French food, there is the E room. There is also St. Andrews Cafe which focuses on dietary cooking but is none the less great food in a more of a leasurial surroundings. My vote is on American Bounty for a "significant" birthday.