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Lunch at Barbeque Beach in North Miami

My friend wanted to go (he's been talking about it for days). The whole BBQ beach thing seemed cheesy to me, but I tried to be open minded about it.

We ordered the bucket of bones appetizer, and although a little cold, the ribs were good. If you are not that hungry, the bucket works as a small meal. I also liked the selection of sauces.

The rest of the experience sucked:

Two of us ordered the pulled pork platter (huge portion, but very fatty and cold). Much of it was not edible. The third in our party ordered brisket (again, big portion, but fatty and cold). Was more edible than the pork.

The mac and cheese side was bad. The slaw was not edible. The beans were not memorable. The fried green tomatoes looked good, but I didn't try them.
The cornbread was okay.

We should have sent the cold stuff back, but the meal was going so bad that I really didn't think it would make a difference.

Overall, the service was slow and bad.

The beautiful Panasonic flat screens were broadcasting in standard def?!?! (the manager promised they would be hi-def in time for football season/what are you waiting for?).

I was hoping the place would pleasantly surprise me, but it failed miserably (with exception for the ribs appy and the fact that you get a lot of food, although fatty, for your money).

As we were leaving, I said that I could deal with the cheesy setup (and would actually embrace it) if the food was good. I hate for a restaurant to be bad.

SFL is BBQ barren. The only places I will go are Tom Jenkins and Scrubys.

Jul 07, 2008
steveowen in Florida


I live in Brickell, and have been to Rinconcito and Tacquerias several times. Both are good, but Rinconcito's ingredients are fresher in my opinion. Rinconcito is the most authentic Mexican food I have eaten in SFL.

Jun 28, 2008
steveowen in Florida

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries Tampa

I frequent the Midtown location. Great burgers no doubt, but the fries are not good IMO, and the garlic fries are terrible. When I'm feeling like a glut, I grab my burger to go from 5-Guys and then drive thru at McDonalds on Biscayne for fries.

Apr 14, 2008
steveowen in Chains

Tom Jenkins BBQ

I really like TJs. Always get the same order: full rack, and large mac and cheese side. It's dinner and then lunch the next day. I enjoy their sauce. The meat can be dry some days, but it is never fatty like Shorty's. Always satisfies.

Apr 14, 2008
steveowen in Florida

West Broward Restaurants

Couple of thoughts:

Wasabi on Pines and Dykes (now made famous by the Idol finalist) is real good. The best sushi in Broward IMO.

Rustic Inn is very good, but not really West Broward.

La Brochette in Cooper City is very good. Great fish choices. The best fish in WB for me.

Apr 13, 2008
steveowen in Florida