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Which Vongerichten restaurant to try?

Hi Hounds!

I'm coming to NYC in July (from New Orleans), just in time for Restaurant Week. I have a Monday dinner free in my itinerary and would like to eat at a Vongerichten place that has a RW menu. Those restaurants are:

• Perry St
• Mercer Kitchen
• JoJo
• Spice Market
• Nougatine
• Vong (not really interested in this one)

Which one would you recommend, taking into account the RW menu?


Jun 27, 2008
MindyMoo in Manhattan

pre-movie dinner near Clearview mall

I second Celeste's options, and would like to add that Fat City is nearby with Drago's and Crazy Johnny's, and Bozo's is off Causeway. I think Cafe Equator (Thai) is open, and Acme Oyster House is not too far on Veterans.

Jul 12, 2006
MindyMoo in New Orleans

Gimme some Houston restaurant ideas -- please!

I am born and raised in New Orleans, and I'm taking a weekend trip to Houston to visit a good friend who is originally from Massachusetts, went to Tulane in New Orleans with me, got her graduate degree in Illinois, and has moved to Houston to complete her doctoral degree. We both are pretty ignorant of Houston restaurants and cuisine, and need some ideas. According to Yahoo Maps, she lives near Jersey Village and Satsuma, but we have a car and can travel. I definitely want to do one fancy/gourmet meal, but I have no idea where to go. Price is no object for that particular meal. I also would like to have some regional cuisine for the rest of the meals, but again I don't have a guidebook and probably won't have a chance to get one before I fly out. I need your recommendations!

Thanks so much in advance!


Jul 12, 2006
MindyMoo in Texas