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Lost in Translation ... Cassoulet

This is one of my favorite recipes - whether "authentic" or not the results are epic.

Jan 20, 2015
johnecampbell in Home Cooking

Desperately seeking restaurant near Scituate

TK O'Malley's and Mill Wharf are both awful. TK's is a bar, with bad bar food and a waitstaff whose average age is 16 and show as much experience. Having forgotten how bad it really was, I convinced my family to go there a few weeks ago and I regretted it from the moment we walked in.

Mill Wharf is average at best. The main dining rooms are well-worn and in need of a cleaning to remove the combination of musty sea and fried food smells. Food is OK; average nothing special. They do have a lovely view - if you can get a seat outside on a nice day you'll have a lovely experience, but stick to the standard fare on the menu - the lovely experience will come more from the view than from extraordinary food. Scituate is in need of some new restaurant choices - it's starting to happen (i.e. Oro), but too slowly. Scituate has the economic/tax base to support much better choices than we have today IMHO. If you build it, we will come!

South Shore Updates?

Surprised noone has mentioned Oro in Scituate, ~ 6month old rest. on Front St Scituate. Beautiful room and nice menu - getting rave reviews. I'm going next weekend and will post after, but curious if anyone else has a review to share?

South Shore Updates?

Have not been to Riva's Pizza in Hull, but the N Scituate location makes outstanding, artisan wood-fired pizzas. Best pizza I've had on the South Shore, and they deliver to my house in Scituare *dangerous*. Give them a try.....

Clambake caterer in South Shore?

Summer Shack (Hingham) also does a Clambake, menu on their website

Summer Shack
310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Wellfleet Oyster Festival

Steve, have been a few times - though not in ~ 3 years now. The festival is fun, truly about oysters - all kinds, raw cooked grilled etc.; form different farmers bays etc. Its a small festival so feels more like a small town carnival (without the rides) than a big crowded event, which we liked. There were some nice artists and craftspeople (not the junky kind) there; in fact my parents bought a print to frame. Overall, I'd say worth the drive on a beautiful fall day; the festival itself will only take you a few hours so be sure to plan for other sightseeing in the area - there is SO MUCH to do/see. If you do go, pls post back so we can see how the festival has grown/changed and what your experience was like!?

Marais, but with a twist?

Visited Paris a few weeks and went to Chez Janou -- in fact was recommended to me by a Parisian. Nice experience, mostly parisians, good provencal food and service. NOT a Michelin experience, but good authentic French bistro food. Sit outside if weather allows.

Aug 01, 2010
johnecampbell in France

Lunch Spot in Downtowm Boston

Thanks for the recs everyone -- we went to Sel De La Terre - was a very nice experience. They have a $21 prix fixe lunch menu which was very good. We both had a salad of mixed greens with pears walnuts and blue cheese, a Duck Confit and a dessert of bread pudding with a boule of coffee gelato on top. Service was very good, appropriately snooty -- could have been a little friendlier but took care of our every need. I recommend it!

Lunch Spot in Downtowm Boston

Greetings All,

I'm looking for suggestions for a lunch spot in Downtown Boston to take my assistant as a "thank you".

Doesn't have to be Michelin 4-Star but definitely looking for something nice, nice atmosphere, very good food (ethnic OK) and definitely not one of the predictable "mainstream" restaurants.

Financial District, North End, North Station and Beacon Hill all OK re: location.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Vinegar and Spice Oven-Baked Ribs

I made these ribs last night and they were fantastic. Marinated them for the full 24 hours. I plussed the recipe by making a sauce from the remaining marinade -- put it in a small pan, added 1 tbsp water and another 1/4 brown sugar, and reduced to a sauce. I cooked the ribs the full 90 min at 325 (on convection); them brushed them with the sauce and cooked for another 20 min or so at 350 to finish them. Also used regular pork ribs -- requiring the little extra cooking time. Served with Potatos Anna, oven roasted asparagus and a nice crusty bread. Perfect fall/winter comfort food. Also perfect "company" food as all the prep was done in advance and everything just sits in your oven while you visit with your guests -- and out comes an amazing meal!

Oct 03, 2009
johnecampbell in Recipes

Best Cupcakes, for sure!

OK so after reading this post I decided to give Sweet a try. The place is, well, sweet. But the cupcakes were, well, average. I have sampled the revered cupcakes from Magnolia in New York -- and these were far from compare. At 4 cupcakes for $12.50 -- I will keep looking for a world class cupcake,

John's Fresh Salsa

TexMan, part of the beauty of this recipe is you can "make it your own". I usually use Goya Hot sauce, but Tobasco will also work, or Cholula (Tobasco or Cholula -- regular or chipotle). Don't be afraid!

Also, I have beex experimenting with adding the following of late:
1-2 Chipotle Peppers (eliminate hot sauce of you do)
1 sm can black beans, rinsed & drained

Sep 05, 2009
johnecampbell in Recipes

Where can I get a great brownie?

Agree with Whole Foods. Their Peppermint Brownie is off the hook!

South Shore Eats?

Hello, and wlcome to the South (and correct) Shore!

I/we spent some time querying folks on South Shore Eats a few month back and they are compiled nicely in the following link:


The Best South Shore Bar Pizza

Scituate Here, a few additions

The Satuit has very good "bar" pizza

Upper Crust in Hingham is still my favorite

British Beer Company in Pembroke also very good

Upper Crust and British Beer both have Scallop & Bacon Pizza, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Italian Sausage?


I agree with Pondrat about the Deluigi's broccoli rabe sausages at BJs. These are the best "retail" sausages available.

However, Pace's makes an OUTSTANDING boutique version, either chicken or Pork. Very, Very good.

Locations in North End, and Near Mass General Hospital. I work/park near Mass General so this is where I pick them up.

1 night in Back Bay area

Leal Seafood in both Copley and Prudential. Casa Romero for Mexican 30 Gouceter St. Steve's Greek on corner of Newbury Street and Hereford for Greek food. Jae's for asian fusion and Sushi (my favorite). McCormick & Schmidt for great Happy Hour & $1 oysters. Back Bay is VERY safe to walk around, esp if you stay on the main streets. Davio's if you're willng to get a bit more pricey. There are superior restautrants in the nearby South End....a short walk, though not s safe as Back Bay. You could cab to Tremont & Clarendon Streets an have your choice of excellent rstaurants, In this nighborhood, try The Fraklin Cafe, Masa.

Starving on South Shore

Since so many were so kind to respond with suggestions, I have compiled them all into a "South Shore Chowhound Guide" (listed alpha, by town), thanks everyone and enjoy!

Sintra (Braintree)
• Sintra in Braintree is very good, reasonably priced for the upscale-ish place it is.

Atlantica (Cohasset)
• Atlantica has a wonderful Brunch on Sundays, and a beautiful dining room with one of the prettiest views on The South Shore.
• I tried Atlantica for dinner last year and didn't like it at all. Lousy sides, average fish, forgetful service. What I remembered most was the nice view (but not much to see there after it gets dark) and the unpleasantly moldy smell in the dining area. Have never been for brunch.
• My in-laws LOVE Atlantica, but as many times as I've gone there, I've always found it both average and overpriced...nice view though, nice folks who work there as well...
I agree about dinner at Atlantica but they have the most wonderful cheeseburger on their pub menu; we sit at the bar or at a table in the lounge and it is a very pleasant evening with a nice crowd.

Bernard’s (Cohasset)
• Cohasset has two very good chef-owned restaurants right in the village. Bernard's, in the old railway station on Depot Court, has a diverse modern Mediterranean/eclectic menu.

Bia Bistro (Cohasset)
• Cohasset has two very good chef-owned restaurants right in the village. Bia Bistro, in an 18th Century house on Main Street, is owned by an Irish chef and his wife and is similarly eclectic.

Feng Shui (Cohasset)
• Feng Shui is a very good Asian place and their lunch buffet is very popular
• Fung Shui on Rt 3A in Cohasset has added an excellent upscale Asian / Sushi restaurant to our local area.
• I agree on the recommendations for Feng Sui -- only place around here (other than Quincy) where the sushi is actually good.

The Old Salt (Cohasset)
• The Old Salt in Cohasset, next door to, and part of, Atlantica, has perhaps the prettiest spot on The South Shore. In Season Only, and weather permitting (ONLY outdoor seating) this place does a lovely job on creative Salads, and a short menu of updated seaside favorites such as lobster rolls. The dining "room" sits on a pier that extends out into Cohasset Harbor.
• Altantica/Old Salt - go for the view, don't expect much from the food, other than the salads which are very good. It's only a step above bar food. Still, there isn't any other place I'd rather go on a gorgeous summer afternoon/evening. And be prepared to wait to sit at Old Salt.

The Red Lion Inn (Cohasset)
• The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset also a good choice and in season you can eat out on their porch.
• Red Lion Inn gets positives for offering German food, something Boston sorely lacks, and also being old-wood charming, though I liked the cuisine at the Student Prince in Springfield better.
• the real crime/loss in Cohasset is the Red Lion which goes through chefs and managers almost monthly...too bad, because the dining/pub area is both beautiful and historic...maybe someday they'll get their act together...

Stars (Hingham)
• For breakfast I love Toast in Hull, and Stars on Hingham Harbor.

Square Café (Hingham)
• Another restaurant that I did not notice below is the Square Cafe in Hingham. The latter has an asian-influenced menu in a lovely room on Main Street in Hingham Square. It is a restaurant that would be as comfortable on Tremont Street as it is in Hingham.
• Square Cafe in Hingham has become one of my favorites. As noted, it has Asian-inspired food, and they offer fabulous appetizers, "small plates," as well as full dinners. I can never decide what to have -- although their calamari with mango and cashews is exceptional!

The Snug (Hingham)
• The Snug is a fun Irish pub
• I enjoy the Snug in Hingham. Nice cozy little spot with great corned beef sandwiches, and decent potato salad.
• I don't care for the Snug although I know people who rave.

Tosca (Hingham)
• Tosca and Cafe Tosca are excellent,

Upper Crust (Hingham)
• Upper Crust in Hingham is the only Pizza I have found worth eating

Bridgeman’s (Hull)
• Bridgeman's in Hull is excellent
• I also love Bridgeman’s, great Italian, lovely setting, and a pretty place to hang out.

Saporito's (Hull)
• Saporito's in Hull is delicious. It's a tiny place that serves fantastic northern Italian. The wine selection is nice as well. It is very casual at the same time so it’s a great place to go for dinner or a special occasion. The only night you may need a reservation is a Saturday. They rated #1 in MA for N. Italian and #9 overall in MA.
• I love that the menu changes seasonally, so you can go year round and try new items. The cavatelli and rigatoni bolognese have been on the menu for 20 years for a reason. It is such a great place because you can have a 5 star meal w/o the pretentious air of some other restaurants. It is so laid back and welcoming. Zagat gave them #1 for Northern Italian and #9 overall in Mass
• I'm an old Saporitos fan. The food is very good, but I don't think it’s what it used to be.

Toast (Hull)
• Toast in Hull is the best for breakfast!
• For breakfast I love Toast in Hull, and Stars on Hingham Harbor. I don't care for the Snug although I know people who rave.

Arthur & Pats (Marshfield)
• Arthur & Pats in Marshfield has the best breakfast food I have had. Proprietor Dee and her brother keep the menu fresh and interesting with constantly changing omelet ingredients, other specials and the best Lobster bisque you will ever have, period. Brant Rock Marshfield, only in Season (Closes October - April 15, roughly). The last Sunday of the season is always "wear your PJs", and people really do. And for you Aerosmith fans, Joey Kramer and other band member sightings are regular here

Hola (Marshfield)

Trattoria San Pietro (Norwell)
• Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell is wonderful too.

Café Bella (Randolph)

Riva (Scituate)
• Riva in the Harbor has great modern Italian food.
• Riva on Front Street in Scituate does have excellent Italian, and has 2 lovely rooms (depending on your preferences, or availability). The front dining room is very quaint, but crowded. In Winter they have a fireplace that adds nice ambiance. The rear dining room / bar is just that, a bar with some high tables. Same food, but a noisier and more boisterous room. In Season, this room opens up to be "open air" which is wonderful in the right weather. There is also outdoor seating, in season. You can eat at the Bar, which we like to do and have done here a few times.
• I will second the positives on Riva.

The Barker Tavern (Scituate)
• The Barker Tavern, a lovely historical building, has excellent food and the small pub is good as well and fun.
• Barker Tavern on Friday Nights for the Pub Menu is a very good "tavern" experience.
• Found the Barker Tavern to be really atmospheric but the food was pretty average.

The Satuit Tavern (Scituate)
• The Satuit Tavern is reliable for good seafood although it is totally lacking in ambiance
• The Satuit Tavern has excellent Fried Clams and seafood, otherwise I cannot understand all the cars in the parking lot! Shows how "in need" we are of better choices!

Mezza Mare (
• Mezza Mare is a good Italian place
• I love Mezze Mare, too! I live in Braintree, and head to MM at least a few times a year...hmm..I think I'm due!

DeNiro's near the Hingham/Cohasset Line
• DiNero's is great for lunch because the prices are so much better and although you won't see it on the menu, you can still get a baked stuffed lobster.

Solstice (Kingston)
• Solstice in Kingston is excellent, as good as any place I've been in Boston
• I will second the Solstice rec. I love it there. From the food to the decor to the service it was all fantastic the five or so times I have been there.

Pho Yuen Dong (Quincy)
• Excellent Pho

China Pearl (Quincy)

Sweet Lemons (Weymouth & Abington)
• Sweet Lemons in Weymouth (rts 18 & 53) does a very good job and they couldn't be nicer.

• While, I wouldn't give them raves, I think Schooners is a pleasant spot for fried seafood, as is Jakes or the Hingham Lobster place.

• While, I wouldn't give them raves, I think Schooners is a pleasant spot for fried seafood, as is Jakes or the Hingham Lobster place.

Oregano-Marinated Grilled Chicken with Charred Lemons

Fantastic recipe, though I skipped the charred lemons.

May 25, 2008
johnecampbell in Recipes

Best Chinese on the South shore??

Feng Shui in Cohassett is a very nice addition, excellent Chinese/Japanese, and Sushi

Israeli couscous...I bought it, now how do I cook it?

Great recipe......deliscious!

May 24, 2008
johnecampbell in Home Cooking

$10 meal for four

Chicken Thighs, Bone-in, is one of the best values available, You can typically get them for $1-$2 per pound. This is my favorite cut of Chicken. Marinated and grilled, cacciatore, almost klimitless ways to cook it. Add to this Saffron rice, and any selection of vegetables.

Saffron rice:
1 C rice (Basmatti preferred, or white)
2 C broth
2 Tbsp butter
Generous shakle of garlic powder
Generous pinch of Saffron

Boil 20 min for white or 10 for Basmati

May 23, 2008
johnecampbell in Home Cooking

Looking for large crock

Try any China Fair. Also, online....Anchor Hocking brand.

driving from Manhatton to Boston

I do not mean to start a Modern VS Pepe's rant...but, Pepe's pizza in New Haven is the best pizza i have ever had, ever. You MUST try the Clam Pizza, it changed my life.

Both Modern and Pepe's are just 1 block off of Rt 95 in New Haven.

If you travel Rt 95 N You may want to stop in Providence RI in Federal Hill, their little italy section. There are many excellent restaurants here, including Cremaldi's Venda Ravioli (a combination italian Deli and luncheonette).

30th birthday restaraunt/ maybe room rental for ~15? (Bos)

How about Grill 23?

Chinatown Eatery

I too was a big Rod Thai fan; as well as a fan of some of the other kitchens in this little gem. While Rod Thai changed ownership many times over the years, the basic menu and quality of food remained more or less constant. Great Thai staples for about $5 a plate. We will miss it too, though have not been since moved to the So Shore. Sounds like there is an opportunity for another enterprising Asian to open another (hopefully cleaner :) place.

Cheese in Paris

Astier is a restaurant that has a famous cheese course included in every meal. A huge platter of cheeses: self-serve, and no restrictions. Excellent restaurant, our favorite.

May 10, 2008
johnecampbell in France

Paris guide book recommended for food

Any Patricia Wells book, although check it for being up-to-date.

May 10, 2008
johnecampbell in France

Weekend getaway in Paris - looking for help...

Astier, 11th.

May 10, 2008
johnecampbell in France

Paris breakfast spots

I don't think Parisians eat breakfast :)

May 10, 2008
johnecampbell in France