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Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Sodagirl- yes, Joe's still has the Mexican murals, probably the same jukebox and (fabulous) old fold-up phone booth in the back. Had a truly amazing grilled mushroom salad w/ gorgonzola there last time. My friends were jumping across the table for bites.

Passadumkeg-Wow, either the Pat's up your way rules compared to So. Maine or you are very easy to please...took my bro the pizza fiend to the Yarmouth Pat's once and he was very-extra horrified. High nastiness factor.

Best new pizza in this area=Leonardo's in Portland and Antonia's in Freeport. At Anotonia's, though, you have to get a large as the crust is different than a small. Highly recommend the Greek olive and bacon. Had a great artichoke heart, 'shroom & garlic at Leonardo's recently. They also do whole wheat.

Help! Lahey Clinic/Peabody Blues

Here is my food emergency: headed to the Lahey Clinic Monday (from Maine), most likely for bad news, maybe terrible, of course, we'd like a fabulous late lunch in the Essex Center Drive area, or somewhere between Peabody and home. REALLY fabulous. Will swap for any and all questions about Maine dining.

Much thanks in advance (we try to be polite, this far north)!

May 29, 2008
janecee in Greater Boston Area

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Joe's Cafe in Northampton, MA. Linguica.

One night in Brunswick, ME?

IMHO, and for what it's worth, in no particular order:

Cook's Lobster Pound is old news with a nice view. The service and food quality can be really spotty. If you'd just like to look at the ocean and eat a lobster, with relatively low expectations, it might do.

If you have a car/time for a little trip, The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is open for the season in Cape Elizabeth (about 20 min. south of Portland). It's picnic tables practically atop a lighthouse, surrounded by rocky coast and a state park. Plus very reliable lobster, steamers and homemade desserts. Yum.

El Camino is mucho overrated. They have a cozy vibe and make a good Margarita, but I have yet to like the food...tough steak one visit, dried-out chicken the next; very basic execution issues.

In Brunswick, Clementine is good for brunch (more so than 111 Main).

OK, I'll shut up now.