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Pasta Plus in Laurel

I don't think there's really any great "authentic" Italian in Howard County. Ate at PP a couple of weeks ago. They don't take reservations; had to wait in line. Had a good meal - some sort of crepes w/spinach & ricotta. Personable waitress w/good service. All four of us enjoyed the meal. Didn't feel rushed, even though it was crowded. It's an institution in the area. Would definitely return.

Best part of Aida Bistro is Aida herself - owner's Mom. The food is usually good but it has become very expensive for what you get and they seem to be catering to those who want to really spend their funds on wine. They are in an entirely different category than some of the others you listed.

Husband and I go to Pasta Blitz for veggie pizza VERY regularly - they recognize us and know what we want before we open our mouths. I like Serafino's pizza (brick oven) but have never had anything else there. Husband likes the spaghetti/meatballs at Strapazza.

Breakfast Between Annapolis & Columbia?

Can never figure out what is "halfway" or reasonably so between Annapolis & Columbia....with decent food. Need to set up a breakfast meeting in a convenient spot - quiet enough to sit and chat. Any suggestions?

Black Black Chewing Gum (Northern VA?)

Don't know if it's the exact same gum, but I bought something quite similar for my sister, thinking it was the same as the old Black Jack licorice gum....turns out definitely NOT. And, it was Japanese. Found it at Border's Books - believe it or not - a couple of weeks ago.

New Mari Luna LATIN Grille

Good question...will have to ask the husband and get back to you.....

New Mari Luna LATIN Grille

Went Tuesday night - had guest from out of town and told them how delicious the shrimp soup was at the original Mari Luna. Poor planning on my part - I think the Grille only has Mexican fare on Mondays when the original location is closed. Anyway, the interior of the Grille is nice....semi open kitchen, bar in front. The menu is definitely Latin - side dishes are heavy on the carbs - plantains, yucca, beans, potatoes - not much for my diabetic brother in law to choose from. We ordered shredded beef, beef short rib, Peruvian chicken, and a salmon in mango/star anise sauce. I found the chicken to be very tasty and juicy but this was my first Peruvian chix experience so I don't have much to compare it to. Came with two sauces which were excellent. I think the short rib was the star of the show - especially the next day when I reheated what my sister had left in my fridge. The server was kind of scattered, but nice - almost as if it was her first day of work. She had to make two trips for every request but was earnestly trying. Entree portions seemed quite large...we didn't have room for dessert. I would go back again, but might try on Monday, just to see what the mix is.

Trapeze (Maple Lawn) Closed??

Rumor surfaced this week that Trapeze might we went last night for dinner to get another bowl of Crisfield Seafood Stew. Engaged a young manager-type in a conversation and he said that they were "talking about it". Supposedly the owners, in an attempt to reduce cost, tried to get the landlord to "take back some space" - the restaurant is so big.
Dinner was slightly different - and we were definitely looking for "signs". The bread was not the suberb multigrain stuff they usually serve. The stew (off of the bar menu) was a smaller portion than in the past. Plenty of patrons in the restaurant and bar.
Got a call this morning from a friend who is connected to one of the employees - and the employee had just received the call that Trapeze closed after last night. Can anyone verify????
This is a shame for eaters in Howard County...the food was reliably good, it was a great "neighborhood place" and much more reasonable (and better service) than the Oz. Chophouse across the street. No doubt the economy has factored into this in a big way. The upscale development surrounding the retail center has certainly slowed down....although Trapeze surely drew from a larger radius.
Same people own the Bluestone in Timonium....maybe they'd consider finding a smaller place to open up in the Howard County environs when things get better...we can only hope!

Creamy Horseradish Vinaigrette

Found horseradish cream made by Mezzeta (Napa, CA) in a grocery store.....check it out.

Jun 02, 2008
Fulton Foodie in Recipes

Mother's Day Brunch in Baltimore

If you don't require a buffet, try Miss Shirley's near Loyola College (Cold Spring & Charles St area). Fabulous food but crowded...

Columbia Area } Where to get a good burger?

Here's a hint...go to Cafe de Paris at Center Park and Rt 108. I don't think the burgers are on the menu, but some friends advised us to sit at the bar and order burgers and frites. It's ground steak and will make you drool!! And be sure you get into a conversation with Erik, the owner - he's French AND funny