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Looking for dinner near--Studio City this Friday

You liked Hortobagy? Sorry, but that was the worst Hungarian restaurant I've ever been in, and that makes me very wary of Maximilians too.

Top Chef-ism.. and the restaurants they visited

I don't think it's that they're that good, I think it's that their chefs have distinct -- VERY distinct -- points of view. Remember also that Top Chef flew David Chang to Singapore for the final of the last Top Chef, and Wylie Dufresne was on Top Chef Masters. "That good" is almost incidental in this context.

Dec 16, 2010
DaveinNorthridge in Manhattan

IS DD&D Xenophobic?

You really haven't watched the show for very long, have you? Jamaican food in Houston, pupusas somewhere in New Mexico where the Mexican restaurant has a Salvadoran chef, Chinese-Mexican tacos from a food truck in Los Angeles, Cuban in Miami using grandma's recipes. Or are you just being picky because there are a lot of American regional cuisines that don't get much coverage any more since the foodie world discovered the banh mi. D, DI and D had pho last week.

Do some research before you make another comment like this, and try not to be hypersensitive.

a couple of days in August

Thanks, and Fang is on my list now. Firefly was 2008, I guess obviously.

a couple of days in August

Okay, this isn't the usual coming-to-SF-with-no-idea-about-where-to-eat post. I think we'll be there for four dinners and three lunches mid-August. Two of them are allocated to Grubstake and to Brandy Ho on Columbus, and the rest are up in the air. If this were 1990 (yes, I know this is probably before many of you became familiar with the city), we'd be going to Little City in North Beach and to China Moon (Barbara Tropp's restaurant, not the one in Moraga, probably at least twice), but both of them are gone, so there's filling in to be done. We were really unhappy with Absinthe last October, and we were unhappy with our treatment at Firefly (although the kitchen was terrific) in June 1998. What should we consider in the City this time? We'll be using public transportation, and we won't be renting a car.

Lunch during the week in Long Beach, close to a Blue Line Station

Where would you take a fairly conservative diner from Orange County to lunch in the Pine Avenue area (I'll be taking the Blue Line down from LA) during the summer?

Ricotta Salata (what to do with...)

Where did you find it? I've been up to my eyes in course prep but I'm watching Lidia's Italy (the episode on Friuli) and I'd like to make the long gnocchi soon.

Aug 09, 2008
DaveinNorthridge in Cheese

dinner before Alex Theater, Glendale

It's been a while. What's good (preferably ethnic and midpriced) near the Alex before a concert?

Art's Deli -- Anyone Been Recently?

Bea's Bakery doesn't still have a B in the window, does it?

Art's Deli -- Anyone Been Recently?

I remember my grandfather taking me to his favorite pickle maker in far east Flatbush (almost Bushwick), so I'm not talking through my hat here. The sandwiches are as over priced as they are in any of the delis I've been to, but the quality is still good, and the potato pancakes at Art's are worth the price of admission (this is based on two visits over the past five weeks). We all have our priorities, I guess.