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Globe reports Whole Foods looking to buy chunk of Johnnie's Foodmaster stores

In my circles we call that place "Breakup Shaws" because we've all had fights with our significant others there and have seen countless other couples fighting...I think it's the layout or some kind of curse.

Missing Brambles from Hanley's in W. Roxbury

Diane's in Roslindale has them....can't speak to the quality. However, I am a big fan of their pastry.

Mega Lobster

Went to Kam Man Market nee Super 88 South Bay this morning and they had ENORMOUS lobsters in the tank. Every person walking by was commenting on their size. Must have been 5 pounds or more each. Wasn't in the market for water bugs today, so I forgot to look at the price, but figured there must be someone out there looking for them.

Rotisserie Chicken Potatoes

On the streets of Paris, rotisserie chicken vendors often roast potatoes under the roasting chicken. The potatoes get bathed in delicious chicken drippings. Anyone know a place in Boston that does this kind of thing?

McKinnon style butcher in Jamaica Plain?

How about Tony's Meat Market in Roslindale Square?

Redd's In Rozzie

Hope they don't source from Quality Meat Market (and I doubt they do), if the article in the local paper is true. Apparently QMM got a delivery of lamb from an unrefrigerated truck with less than ideal temperatures. The picture of the "van'o'carcasses" was priceless.

Whole Lamb, striking out on sources?

There's a halal butcher down the street in Roslindale (near the corner of Birch and Corinth) that seems empty most days, but I've seen them offloading whole carcasses (5-10 at a time) from the truck.

December Openings and Closings

Walked by today. Still closed, but for renovations, the sign says.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 7 in Boston [old]

Definitely Speeds. Definitely, definitely Speeds. Also, some place for clams.

Taiwanese / Chinese in Roslindale

Haven't seen a post on this yet, so here it goes. There's a relatively new Chinese / Taiwanese takeout place in Roslindale on Belgrade Ave. across from the perpetually renamed Albanian place. It's been there for at least 3 months, if not longer, but I just made it there tonight for the first time.

The menu is short by takeout standards and while there are some typical dishes (General Gao, etc), there are a number of interesting sounding noodle soups and other dishes. I don't know anything about Taiwanese cuisine but the food was tasty and interesting in comparison to regular takeout Chinese. I had Famous Spicy Beef Noodle Soup with Sour Vegetable and the XO Sauce Fried Noodles. The XO Sauce Noodles were esentially lo mein though spicier and with better veggies. The beef soup had chunks of beef (tender and stew like), bok choi and pickled veggies on plain noodles; the broth was served separately to be poured over the other stuff at home.

Decor is much nicer and cleaner than my typical take out joint, but that may be because there seemed to be not much action their. Unless tonight was slow b/c of the weather I doubt they'll survive.

If anyone else has been there, I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Source for citric acid?

The Droubi Bros. Lebanese Market in Roslindale usually has it...

Looking for a Mexican grocery store

There is a new tiny Mexican shop across from Romano's in Roslindale Square (though Romano's is Mexican run, they are not related). I think it's called El Chavo, but not sure. They carry fresh tomatillos, tomatoes, chiles, nopal (cactus), etc. In the fridge, they have fresh tortillas (white and blue corn), manteca (lard), crema and mexican cheeses. Apparently they have fresh salsas and tamales on the weekend. They also have spices and dried chiles and other Mexican grocery goods, candy, pastry, etc. Very small operation, but the people are very friendly. When I went in the other day for 1.25 pounds of tomatillos, the guy working there apologized and said there would be getting a fresh shipment from NY on Friday. However, they had lots of good quality ones in my estimation, and they were much cheaper than Shaw's ($2/lb vs. $8/lb). I've been to HiLo...this place is much cleaner.

Chinese Cooking Class in Randolph?

MaineRed - that would be awesome, SF&SP is part of my inspiration, too!

Chinese Cooking Class in Randolph?

I'm interested in taking a Chinese cooking class (Sichuan, ideally) in the Boston area (I live in Roslindale), so I've been looking at the courses at BCAE, CCAE and the Cambridge Culinary Arts Institute.

Through my internet searching, I've found an offering (not Sichuan) at Beijing Cafe in Randolph which seems to be run by the owner. Has anyone out there taken this class or know anything about it?

Looking for good pizza in the Chestnut HIll/West Roxbury area

If you're willing to travel a little farther, Romano's in Roslindale Village has excellent pizza (both neapolitan and sicilian). Don't be put off by the taco joint vibe....


Yatka Mein Soup

A new takeout place opened in ROslindale this week and it has Yatka Mein soup on the menu. I was wondering what it was...the place is called Hong Kong 888 Cafe

J.P, Roslindale, West Roxbury Chinese Food?

Not much great Chinese out here, but I tend to lean towards Triple Eatery on Cummins Hwy for quick takeout. It's not great but it does the trick. The one on the corner of Corinth and Washington Street (is that Imperial Garden? I think so) ranks as one of my worst Chinese experiences ever - tasteless, bland, etc. I think they cater mainly to the french fries and chicken wings crowd.

Food Wall in JP tends to get good reviews, but I've never been. If Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village is within range (not sure if they deliver or how late they are open), that's a sure bet for authetic, excellent Sichuan cuisine.

There is a new place opening soon on South Street in Rozzie probably this week called Hong Kong 888 something or other. When I stopped by today for a menu, they didn't have one yet, but they were prepping some food and it smelled pretty good in there. Don't know if it will be anything special or just more lousy Chinese takeout.

Tacos at Back Bay Station

Had a taco al pastor at a little stand in Back Bay Station that I never noticed before today. Has it always been there? Near the door that leads out to Dartmouth Street near the (closed?) Pizza Depot.

2 warmed corn tortillas, nicely flavored meat, cilantro, onions, lime, hot sauce for $2.25. Very tasty. Anyone try any of the other offerings there yet?

Ecuadorian Food In Boston?

I'm pretty sure that it's guatemalan and mexican. I honeymooned in ecuador and never saw anything resembling ecuadorean food on the menu - however, ownership has changed and I no longer go regularly since I don't work in the neighborhood anymore.