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Turning a non-stick frying pan into a regular frying pan?

Thanks for the advice on Teflon removal. I've a $100 Breville electric wok that I love, but, after twice per day use for two years (and using plastic utensils only), the bottom surface is badly scratched. It's worth $20 to find out if I can give this machine a new life.

Apr 03, 2011
Mr. Natural in Cookware

Good food in McHenry County?

Le Vichyssois is certainly the class act in the county. I can't afford it anymore. But for everyday good eating at a fair price, I like the Green Street Cafe in McHenry (next to Green Peapod - park in back). They serve breakfast all day. My favorites are the skillet scrambles and the stir frys and the malts. The German style apple pancake is HUGE and wonderful. The cafe was Greek owned and still has Greek specialties, but the Mexican chef owns it now, so there may be some Mexican specials too. I ate here for many years and have tried most everyplace in McHenry and Crystal Lake. Forget Around the Clock (except for pastries), Green Street is THE place for home cooking. But skip the burned coffee. http://www.thegreenstreetcafe.com/

For the best cup of coffee on earth (they roast their owns beans every morning), next time you're in LA, try the King's Road Cafe (on Beverly just a few blocks east of the Beverly Center, just east of Beverlly Hills). It's noisy and rustic and a very "in" place, and the food is wonderful (California fresh and healthy). No waiting, but the parking is awful. You WON'T forget the coffee (it's very strong - add lotsa milk - $3 for a huge cup - $1 for refills). Yum!

Apr 12, 2008
Mr. Natural in Chicago Area