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Dealing with Food Hoarders

Ahh! Think ahead
What you could do is get say your parents’ favorite cut of beef but get a bunch take it over to their house and just rave about the “Deal” you got (which just so happens to end the day you supposedly got the deal). Then open their freezer and then bemoan that they don’t have the space for it would they mind clearing out the stuff that is getting old for the “Deal” stuff. You can do this for just about anything. The trick is to replace what they have and then put it in neatly. What they really want to see is a full pantry and when you toss stuff out you make the pantry empty and makes them anxious and angry.

Dec 31, 2011
Kymmie0862 in Features

LA Street Food Fest

Cause - someone has to pay for the permits and security not to mention the trash clean up and the insurance

Feb 17, 2010
Kymmie0862 in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy flat iron steak?

Hi All - in a limited quantity you can get Flat Iron range feed beef from the Thursday Framers Market in South Pasadena. The vendors name is J & J Graass Fed Beef and the market hours are from 4PM to 8PM. The market is right by the Mission Station off the Gold line.

Mar 14, 2009
Kymmie0862 in Los Angeles Area

Smoked Duck and Cherry Pressed Sandwich

I'm Jewish and the meat and milk thing some times gets in the way of great idea's. Like this sandwich for instance <sigh> another good recipe not to be had....

Aug 18, 2008
Kymmie0862 in Recipes