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Upper East Side restaurant recs?

Sorry! I hail from a small city (Seattle) where if you mention a neighborhood, it's assumed you could traverse the whole thing easily. We're at the Marriott that's at 410 E 92nd St. Not sure the cross streets. And I'd say I'd be looking in the range of $35 - $60/person, before tip including wine. Is this possible?

Thanks for the fabbo suggestions so far!

May 03, 2010
laurahutch in Manhattan

Upper East Side restaurant recs?


I'm going to be staying with a friend on the Upper East Side for a few nights mid-May. We will certainly dine anywhere and everywhere we can get a good meal but was wondering specifically about good food in that area. Not seeing a heck of a lot here so thinking it's maybe a bit of a wasteland, comparatively speaking?

Please let me know any thoughts. Any meal, any cuisine probably mid-priced would be prefereable. I'm fairly adventurous, friend not so much although game.


Apr 26, 2010
laurahutch in Manhattan

Serious Pie

And just an FYI in case you were aware, they now have a happy hour, 3 - 5 pm, with pizzas for $5 and wine and beer specials as well. We went before Christmas with three adults and two kids and ordered one of everything and it was DIVINE!! I'm not sure that they have all the varieties on the HH menu but there were at least a half dozen choices and it was greta fun to try them all out. Just a tip!

Jan 08, 2010
laurahutch in Greater Seattle

best hotel/restaurant combo

Have not stayed at the hotel but ate in the restaurant a while ago. It was nice. As Nettie says, fairly traditional but in a nice way. Food was good although I don't remember what I ate. But it was pouring out and it was a lovely space to dry out and have a nice meal in.

Sep 19, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

PDX food carts -- origins?

I just got September's Bon Appetit and there's a whole spread on Portland's food cart scene. Here's a link to at least some of it.

Sep 01, 2009
laurahutch in Metro Portland

Dinner pre-Rose Garden concert?

Thanks all for the info. I'm leaning toward Toro Bravo at this point. Thanks too for the info about the light rail. Y'all are so lucky to have it. And I think the breakfast place I was talking about is actually something like the Everett Street Cafe, at least it looks like what I remember.

Again, thanks all!

Aug 20, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Dinner pre-Rose Garden concert?

Hi all-

A friend and I are coming to Prortland to see Billy Joel and Elton John (Have I dated myself?!) in November. We're staying at the Deluxe (formerly the Mallory, RIP) and the concert is at the Rose Garden. Have not yet scoped out the geography but wondered if you foodie-geniuses had any suggestions for getting in a decent dinner before the concert. We'll either drive or cab it, I'm assuming.

And any breakfast suggestions? I had a brunch-type meal at a French-ish place in this neighborhood that I want to say wasn't too far from Powell's. It was pretty upscale and there was quite a lot of shopping, a West Elm and maybe a Puma store. Not a lot to go on but any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Aug 15, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Near the Seattle Opera House

Prelude, which is right at McCaw is good, I think. They have both regular size entrees and also soups, salads, snacks, that kind of thing. The service had been a little whacky but they seem to be getting it figured out. And it's a pretty nice space.

I would also recommend Crow.

Totally ambivalent about Ten Mercer. I like the space and have had good-ish food there but overall, it could be SOOOOO much better.

I have heard good things about Tillikum Place Cafe which is on the opposite side of Seattle Center on Cedar. Their web site isn't working at the moment but seems to French Bistro-y stuff and I believe they had a small plates type thing going on.

Good luck and have fun!

Jul 31, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Best late night dining on Capitol Hill

Just tried Quinn's for the first time earlier this week and it's fabbo. Truly, truly worth checking out. They serve dinner until 1 am on Fridays. Beet salad and then the mussles with chorizo, sigh...

Jul 31, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Tilikum Place Cafe (SEA)

A friend/aquaintance (who seems to have slightly odd eating habits but is a dear) recommended this place to me. It's not been open too long, I don't think. Menu looks nice to me. I'm looking for a place for a very belated birthday dinner and thought it might be fun to try.

Anyone tried it yet?

Thanks mucho!

May 20, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Looking for Seattle restaurant to accommodate 85 (mostly 5th/6th grade)

I was going to suggest Spaghetti Factory too but I used to hostess there (ah, the good old days) and they don't take reservations. So, unless you were there right when they opened or they were willing to take a reservation because you're such a large party, might not work. But it would be perfect. Huge space and loads of cheap pasta.

I'm tending to agree BIG TIME with the catered meal idea. Have a caterer meet you somewhere with a bunch o' boxes and it will probably be cheaper and WAY less of a headache than trying to order from a menu. And while Gourmondo is great, for the average 5th and 6th grader, I think Gretchen's would be fine.

Regarding the ID (Chinatown) ideas, sorry but I don't know hoards of 11 and 12 year olds who are totally jazzed about anything "exotic."

My only other suggestion, if eating together is not necessary, is the Center House at Seattle Center. I can't honestly recommend any of the restaurants there but there's a huge number of choices (from pizza to burgers to Thai) and it's sort of made for huge school groups. If they're a group that can scatter and then collect again, that could work. If they need a constant eye on them, might not work.

My parents were teachers and did many outings. Good luck!

May 12, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

seattle area affordable nice restaurants for high schoolers

Ooh, nice challenge! Not 100% sure what you mean by "north Seattle area" but I thought of Perche No, by Kidd Valley at Green Lake. It's pasta plus some other great stuff on the menu. So, I think you can have a meal without breaking the bank. I think their pasta is GREAT, most if not all homemade. And while it's a little more "family" than their old location on Queen Anne, it's definitely more upscale seeming than Red Robin or Olive Garden. All that said, they had a fire at the end of February and are currently closed while under repair. But if it's truly prom-ish time you're looking at, keep an eye on them.

My only other suggestion would be maybe Duke's. There's on on Green Lake, I think. Not haute cuisine but steaks and what-not and usually fairly nice ambience. Maybe a little bar-y but a possibility.

Oh! And this isn't north Seattle and may be a little odd-seeming but the Fireside Room at the Sorrento on First Hill is a great, very grown-up space and they serve their bar menu which includes both pizza and a burger. It's not ungodly expensive (unless you're drinking which they won't be) and while it's not formal seated dining, it definitely feels like a sophsticated experience.

(And if you don't mind my asking, at what school do they offer instruction in dining etiquette where the kids can't afford to eat better than Red Robin and Olive Garden?!?)

Mar 19, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Palais Garnier dinner with 13-year old

Thanks for the info. And yes, I plan to set my alarm to get up to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale! I've heard good things about the Ashton and that tickets can go fast so I'm taking no chances!!

Mar 08, 2009
laurahutch in France

Palais Garnier dinner with 13-year old


I am taking my 13-year-old niece to Paris in early July. She takes ballet and so we're going (assuming I can get tickets) to the Paris Opera Ballet and I'm wondering about where to eat near the theater. She's a sophisticated, relatively adventurous eater but she IS 13. I looked around here for spots near the Palais Garnier and here are the three that sounded interesting:

Le Cafe de la Paix
La Fontaine Gaillon

Drouant obviously is kid-friendly. But is it adult-friendly? And what about the others? They look lovely but would they be OK for a young person?

Any other ideas in the area?

Merci beaucoup!!

Mar 07, 2009
laurahutch in France

Help: Seattle dinner for women's group

I noticed that you've not gotten any responses and, in trying to respond myself, see that there are sort of too many competing parameters to be able to give you much of anything. Can you maybe rank your needs and also clarify a few things?

a) Does your price tag need to include beer/wine?
b) Can easy parking be pay-lot parking or do you just want easy free parking?
c) Are the downtown core and West Seattle really your only options?

This might help. Frankly, there isn't anything that meets all your needs based on your original post.

Feb 06, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Quiet wonderful Seattle Restaurant

What about Place Pigalle at PIke Place? The food's good and interesting, the view can't be beat and it's small and pretty quiet as I remember. Quiet, sadly, is a tough one.

Jan 07, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Need restaurant tips for solo dining in Seattle

I'd recommend having the oeuffs en meurette for brunch or lunch at Cafe Campagne. It's absolutely to die for and I've eaten there at a table alone and been fine and they have nifty bar seating and there are always lots of lone diners there, as well. Also, I'd try Three Girls bakery at Pike Place, the sandwich counter behind the bakery. Their reuben is fab, it's solo eater friendly and it's such a great Seattle-vibe place.

And I second Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill (south Capitol Hill). Also, if you're up there some day and just can't work up the energy to go far or be very creative, I have a soft spot for Byzantium. Greek-ish food, and lots of it. Friendly staff whenever I've been. I've gone alone with a book and felt comfortable. I'ts not haute cuisine or probably even very legit but it's comfort food.

Have fun!!

Jan 07, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Best Rueben?

I second Three Girls. Also just love the market vibe in there.

Jan 03, 2009
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Downtown Lunch Seattle

Ooh... Three Girls Reuben is to die for...

Dec 17, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

12 Week Stint in Downtown Seattle

If you're around on a weekend, I'd hit Cafe Campagne for the oeuffs en meurette. If I ever get convicted of a horrific crime and am forced to pick a last meal, that will be it.

Nov 13, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Learning East Indian dining

Can I just say that this is a fabulous thread? Fantastic question ritabwh and thanks so much for the thoughtful, thorough responses PAO and equinoise. I've learned a ton!

Oct 17, 2008
laurahutch in Greater Seattle

Prelude at McCaw Hall

Nope, it's just in the lobby of McCaw Hall. No ticket needed to get in the main doors and it's at the far end of the lobby area, to the right. I suspect, actually, that theater goers heading to the Rep and Intiman might also dine there.

Oct 16, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Seattle seems to be lacking good Breakfast Burritos...

I don't know what breakfast burritos in LA are like so you may guffaw at my suggestion but I like the burritos at Beba's Deli in the Seattle Municipal Tower, up on level 6. (There's another Beb'as at 3rd and Columbia-ish. Don't know if they have them, too.) With beans and fresh pico de gallo, yum... And I had one the other day at abou 10:30 and I didn't eat again until dinner.

Oh, and I'm wondering if Blue Water Tacos does a good breakfast burrito? There's one at 2nd and Madison and others that I've seen around the city. I used to go there for lunch and thought the food was pretty good. Might give that a try.

Oct 16, 2008
laurahutch in Greater Seattle

Prelude at McCaw Hall

We'll be going again so I'll update on their progress. I'm hopeful.

Oct 11, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Lunch suggestions in downtown?

I worked in that building for about five years. Lot's of places in that area but not scads of good food. Cafe Zum Zum in the food court across the street is good comfort food. Heavy but yummy. Beba's Deli at the corner of, like, 3rd and Columbia has my favorite cheapo salad deal: small chicken Caesar for $3.99. They say it's the best Caesar dressing in town. I don't know about that but it's pretty darn good, not sweet. I hate that. Anyway, easy, quick and cheap. Hole in the Wall barbecue is between 2nd and 3rd on James and is pretty good. I second Zaina's.

Oct 10, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Prelude at McCaw Hall

So, my sister and I had dinner at Prelude on Friday night before the ballet. We had not eaten at the place that was there before so I can't compare. That said, we were pretty pleased. The menu had just changed and so what we were offered was not what I had found on the web site. The waitress asked if we'd been before and then explained a bit about the menu: The "small plates" were indeed small and we shouldn't expect to make a meal of them. Duly noted. My sister ordered the pumpkin soup off the small plates menu and a panani with salami off the entree menu. I ordered the goat cheese crostini for us to share and the chicken with couscous. We split a bottle of the viognier on the wine list. (They had glass, half and full bottles on offer.)

The wine was excellent and at $36 not too ungodly. The soup and crostini came out VERY fast. The pumpkin soup was lovely, very fall-y with nice spicing. Not a huge portion (as promised) but tasty. The crostini was good. A nice cheese with a tapenade that had a bit of a kick to it. Then, sadly, we sat. For quite a long time. We sat. At one point the waitress came over and said that our meals were coming up and still... we sat. Not horribly long but longer than we should have. Our food, when we got it was not quite as good as the small plates we'd alread had. The panini was a little much, according to my sister. Too much cheese and... goop. Just a bit sloppy and overmuch. My chicken was good, nicely done. The sauce was a red pepper, tomato-y sauce with toasted almonds. Really nice texture with the couscous but I'd have to say the flavors weren't the most subtle. It wasn't bad, by any means, just not something to write home about either.

So, overall I'd say give it a shot and give them some time. The service thing will have to be worked out. We had a 6:00 reservation and really just made our 7:30 show, with having to pick up tickets. The couple next to use sat down probably around 6:30 and they were being served their entree at about 7:10 and sent it back, not wanting to scarf down their meal in 10 minutes. Waitress clearly knew there was a problem and was apologetic. Given that they're only open for events and just opened for Aida, they've really only been up and running 4-5 weeks, I suppose. It'll take them a while to get there. But we'll go back. I'll be curious to se what others have to say.

Oct 06, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Prelude at McCaw Hall (SEA)

Am going tonight and will report back.

Oct 03, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Seattle's Best Up-and-Coming Talent

Well, Mark Fuller at Springhill in West Seattle was head chef under Tom Douglas for years at Dahlia Lounge so I'm not sure if he's technically considered "up-and-coming." However he's doing some really cool stuff at the recently opened Springhill, so worth checking out.

Oct 03, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Dinner Near the Paramount

I like Dragonfish in the Paramount hotel. Some CH folks don't like it because it's not legit Asian fusion (if there is such a thing). But it's darn tasty and since it's a hotel restaurant they'll be open whenever you pop in after the show. (Looks like Bambuza is closed on Sundays.)

Sep 30, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest

Renton Update: Please post favorite places

Must admit it's been a few years since I've dined there regularly but I used to live in Renton so have a few thoughts. If Southcenter area is considered Renton enough, Grazie, on Southcenter Parkway by the Men's Wearhouse, is pretty good. Not stellar but decent and the atmosphere is very NOT Southcenter.

The Apogee is the local tavern in the Fairwood area. It's definitely tavern food with no frills but I like it. Can't beat the burger basket with fries and the personal combo pizza. Yummm...

And I have to say, if you're going to mention Azteca, then I must admit a guilty pleasure is Red Robin. (Up on in East Hill in Kent and one on Southcenter Parkyway.) I know, I know! It's like the Gap of food places but when you want a greasy burger, they're tough to beat. Order side of ranch with your fries and you have the perfect decadent low-brow meal.

Aug 27, 2008
laurahutch in Pacific Northwest