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Anyone gone through the NYU Food Studies program?

I am currently in the Food Studies program as a Food Studies concentration major. i do enjoy the classes, they are informative, educational, and pressing. (mind that i am an undergraduate) personally my problems with the program have to do with the nature of the student body; young, northeast, middle-upperclass, bubble kids with little to no understanding of economics, politics, or general reasons for why/how things work in our country. for this reason classes often have 20 people arguing one side of the same point.

having said that, the class is great, the professors are INCREDIBLE, the real world application is better and stronger than almost any other major. it is an incredible practical education. currently i am helping to restructure the program to have a more focused path which will only make the program that much stronger.


it is great despite my qualms with it, but so is life/college

Mar 25, 2010
drinkwaj in Not About Food

21st Bday Sushi Dinner

Hey everyone,
So my 21st is coming up. I am going to go out for sushi with my fam and friends, there will be 10 people total. I am looking for the best sushi, best japanese fushion, freshest fish, best creations, everything that sushi is good for, thats what I'm looking for. So I throw it out to the chowhound team of experts. Price isn't really a problem so lemme have the suggestions.

Thanks everybody.

Ama tutti, mangia tutto.

Sep 25, 2008
drinkwaj in Manhattan

Trip to Austin

I will be going to Austin in a few weeks to visit my girlfriend and some family. While in Austin my girlfriend and I would like to attack a new restaurant destination. We do not have a car, but are willing to pay a small cab ride. We will be downtown so walking is great. We are both HUGE foodies and would like an experience that will tantilize our tastebuds as well as be an adventure. I am posing this question to the best panel of foodies I know. I have taken many chow recommendations and every one has been excellent.

Thanks everyone!

Ama tutti, Mangia Tutto

Jun 16, 2008
drinkwaj in Austin

date night TONIGHT! suggestions please

Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I are going out tonight and I am looking for some suggestions. We are both huge foodies and would love some place that has incredible food as well as atmosphere. We are not looking for typical, we want to try some new things. We live in downtown Boston so it would be nice if the restaurants were around here or possibly in Cambridge but nothing outside of that. (All Boston is included i.e. JP, Rosi, etc.)

I am open to suggestions and I know this is the best place to look. So let me have it guys send me anything you can think of. Crazy, odd, new, exciting all those words should come to your mind when making your suggestions.

Thanks everyone.

Buon Appetite
Ama tutti, Mangia Tutto.

May 30, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Crab Appetizer Question

hey everyone, so i have posted a question similar to this a few time recently. i am cooking dinner for my girlfriend and have a Latin sort of theme. the entree is mahi mahi with a pineapple avocado salad on top of green rice. i am having a nice Spanish wine with dinner.

my question is this; i would like an appetizer that goes well with the meal. i would like something somewhat light but full of flavor. the appetizer will be paired with a mojito. i was thinking of doing something with crab, or vegetables, both, or anything -- I'm completely open to suggestions. I would prefer not to do ceviche. also, if something thinks i should change the drink or has any suggestions on better Latin drinks, Spanish drinks, anything of the sort that would great.

thanks again everyone,
buon appetite

ama tutti, magia tutto.

May 01, 2008
drinkwaj in Home Cooking

Suggestions for dinner near Clarendon/Stuart?

I would definitely suggest Sorrellina, delicious but expensive. Also, I just went to Rustic Kitchen on Stuart Street and it was phenomenal, one caveat is that I was there for their cooking show and did not eat from the menu, nonetheless the food was excellent, the atmosphere was nice, and the head chef, owner, and GM were all very helpful, fun, friendly, and knowledgeable. Hope that helps. Enjoy the show and dinner.

ps. I'm not a huge fan of Via Matta. I had a very large menu tasting there ( just about everything on the menu) and I was not too impressed, with that being said tastes are different for everyone.

Apr 25, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Last Minute in JP for 4: Zon's, Cafe D, ?? What Else?

hands down Bella Luna. definitely a favorite of my girlfriend and i. great food, excellent ambiance and atmosphere, superb food/quality/price. great all around spot. (i especially enjoy the plates you sit down to, they are like the ones kids make when they are really little). hope this helped, enjoy where ever you go.

ama tutto, mangia tutti.

Apr 23, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Equipment Question

I'm trying to decide between the Cuisinart Stand Mixer and the Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer, I was wondering what the chowhounders had to say about either product.

thanks for the help guys.

Ama tutto, mangia tutti.

Apr 21, 2008
drinkwaj in Cookware

If you liked Pacific Buffet in Framingham...

i loved PB and have not been able to find a place quite like it, they had pretty decent food with a good price. minado looks great but also pricey. i was wondering if there were any other chinese buffets anyone would recommend in or around boston? thanks everyone.

Apr 17, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Best Brekkie in Boston

Its all about Ball Square Breakfast, best deal for breakfast anywhere in the city, huge portions, delicious, and low prices...what else need to be said?..nothing other than -- nish nish to sound bites.

Apr 17, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Appetizer with Mojito

Hey everyone, I am cooking dinner for my girlfriend, the entree is mahi mahi with an avocado salsa, dessert is my own creation of dessert sangria soup, the only part missing is the appetizer. I am trying to pair each course with a beverage and I was thinking of doing a mojito for the appetizer.

Basically I am looking for suggestions for a nice appetizer that would flow with the flavors of the meal and would be nicely complimented by the mojito. I would prefer a vegetable dish if possible, but am open to all thoughts. I was considering some kind of tapa but again I am open to anything.

Thanks everyone,
Buon Appetite

Ama tutti, Mangia tutto

Apr 14, 2008
drinkwaj in Home Cooking

Where to go for Sushi?

i would have to say Fugakyu is a great place to go. You could take the orange line to Yoki in Medford. Yoki is in the Arbor Point complex. Amazingly fresh, innovative, and tasty sushi. But if you can't make it there then Fugakyu is just as great.

Apr 13, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Best Red Sauce Italian

Cantina Italiana in the North End is a great spot for hearty and delicious Italian food. The Bombolotti all Buongustaia is my favorite. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. Il Panino (the original not express) is another restaurant I would strongly recommend, it is a rich history and the food is equally as impressive. The third place I would recommend would be Pagliuca's, it is across the street from Il Panino and is out of this world. If you end up going to Pagliuca's I strongly recommend asking for their specialty veal dish. It is roasted veal with potatoes, only by request it is not on the menu. If you were to get that with a side of pasta, and another pasta dish you will be in heaven. I hope this helps, good luck and happy birthday.

I DEFINITELY echo the restaurant choice of ARTU. Great food, great atmosphere, all around great place.

Apr 13, 2008
drinkwaj in Greater Boston Area

Appetizer Question

thanks for all the suggestions everyone. i really appreciate the help. i have been thinking about this since i posted this morning and i think i would like to make a salad, or some kind of vegetable mix for the appetizer.

could i have some suggestions following my new though line?

Buon Appetite

Ama tutti, mangia tutto.

Apr 11, 2008
drinkwaj in Home Cooking

Appetizer Question

So I am cooking dinner for my girlfriend, the entree is mahi mahi with a pineapple avocado salsa with green rice. We are having a light dessert, and I was sort of hoping to have an equally light appetizer.

I was looking to see if anyone had any good suggestions for a nice appetizer to compliment my entree.

Thanks everyone,
Buon Appetite

Ama tutti, mangia tutto.

Apr 11, 2008
drinkwaj in Home Cooking