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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

You do a good job of describing the area - as it was six years ago. It still is much the same in that people here want great food, 3lbs of the very best you can buy - for $4.95. This of course creates a culinary challenge. The good news is, it is getting better.

As for your restaurant reviews . . . many may have been accurate at one time. Most are not now. There are many good Italian restaurants. Many Sushi places and many Asian and Mexican places. Good ones too. the thing is, Wausau is like 5 years behind the real world so, while you wrote what you found to be true at the time (and it was), it is now six years later, and many of the things you write are now completely false.

While Mino's may be overpriced, especially by Wausau's standards, it does not "suck". Mino is a true Italian and has come into his own.

Steven's Point does have a 4 year college but, that is what they have, Supper Clubs and college food. It Suck's.

Wausau is building a 4 year college, has built another Hospital and is in the middle of a major interstate upgrade project. Wausau is finally growing in leaps and bounds. The Wausau Metro area is 100K+ and rapidly growing. Still, major chains ignore us.

Competition is creating a better dining experience. With the arrival of the City Grille, the bar has been raised. Back When Cafe`, an already greatly under appreciated gem, is even better. The Wright place on 6th showed up with a higher end cuisine and raised the bar some more. Now the "Supper Club" places like Pinewood, Palm's and Wagon Wheel are in need of a fresh presentation or risk extinction.

How can you say there is no good Asian? The Peking has been offering a classy and quality dining experience for years. Granted, not wiggly creature cooking authentic but, good.

Yau's is the newest offering good Chinese with AWESOME sushi. As fresh as any I have ever had. Excellent.

Kobe's offers Tepakani and Good Sushi. Chang Garden has great Sushi and Chinese. There is also Khamchan's and a Tai place on the north end.

El Mezcal offers good Mexican. El Tapitio - not bad.

Michael's is still here and better than ever. They offer the dishes most others are afraid to try in this steak town.

Hereford and Hop's is fun - fun to watch everyone else cremate their steak.

Of course, Texas Roadhouse is wildly popular. As is Applebee's. Two of the few national chains that are smart enough to build here. Apparently, everyone out there thinks we eat fish fry's 24 / 7 here. Your right about Red Lobster. People here would go into 5 days of celebration if it were to ever happen. For some reason, Red Lobster doesn't think anyone would eat at their restaurant on Friday nights so they will never come.

Mickey's billiards has a young chef that is on his way up. He apparently specializes in seafood and he had a Red Snapper Calce` that was to die for.

Whatever . . . my fingers are tired. I love you out of town types that review all the restaurants you know nothing of. Especially when you make it sound like there is NOTHING here. It is the typical Chicago syndrome. "We're much more sophisticated than you lowly WI people." I'll be the first to admit, we need more quality and diversity but, it is getting better. We just need to let this meat and potatoes palate develop a little first..

Apr 11, 2008
Stuck in Wausau in Great Lakes