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Restaurant Makeover

I went to Saigon Flower on Queen West and was sad to see that they had retracted back to their original menu. The space was much better than it had use to be..but unfortunately the menu did not match it's updated look

Restaurant Makeover

I love that show! I went to Saigon Flower on Queen West and the owners decided to retract back to their original menu. I was really looking forward to trying some of the new dishes.... they should of kept some of the new stuff

5 Days in Toronto, where to eat?

For seafood dinner, $20-30 per person will be a tight budget. Do you like Chinese? 2 of my favs for seafood restaurants maybe an option for you, as you will definitely want to also tour both areas while in Toronto. Wah Sing Seafood restaurant on 47 Baldwin St or New Sky Restaurant on 353 Spadina Ave (very close to Hong Kong style) will fit your budget and satisfy the craving :o)

Finding a wet burrito in Toronto?

Thanks TorontoJo - I may give them a try now! - thanks again for the reassurance ;)

RASOEE The Indian Kitchen (Downtown)...???

Never get delivery! It was soo bad. Everything was leaking out of the containers (some were even broken and I found plastic in my food!!!) and the food (that I did eat) was just O.K. Many better Indian places downtown. Most of my favs has been listed already by other fellow Chowhounder's - thank you.

Finding a wet burrito in Toronto?

Isn't Chipotle a sister company or owned by Mc Donald's...maybe I'm wrong...can anyone verify?

Newly opened: La Tortillaria

I had recently been in and they can also make the corn tortilla's in different sizes from 10cm to 18cm, with 24 hr notice of course ~ if anyone is interested.

23rd Birthday Party resto-night club suggestions?

You could also try Li'ly Resto Lounge on College St - they have a tapas style menu and a lounge/dance option later in the evening, if you like the College crowd...but there isn't really anything that fits exactly what you are looking for. I would eat first at a "nice" restaurant and move your party over to a dance club near by...Do you really want to spend 3-5 hrs at the same place anyways who can neither do both food and club well???