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Chicken gizzards

Hi, I'm a Filipino. We love to used up all there is in a good chicken. We use the gizzards, heart and liver as meat to our pansit (Filipino noodle which is like those you can find at Chinese Restaurants). We also make Adobo out of it, saute garlic and any onion, add the gizzards (well cleaned gizzard, heart and liver, if you buy them from Wholefoods Market they are already cleaned for you but you have to rinse it with warm water to get rid of the smell, like blanching it)add the gizzard, heart and liver. Cook them in medium fire while stirring them constantly, add soy sauce and pepper. This should not take much time, 5 to 10 minutes stirring then add fresh cut leeks on top when you serve it.
We also cook them with either heavy cream or coconut cream, just saute with garlic and onion, add the liver, hear and gizzard. Stirring constantly, so they will not be tough and add paprika as much as you like and add the cream you prefer. Add pepper towards the end. Topped it with fresh cut leeks when serving.
Hope this will help...

Apr 11, 2008
ayachan in Home Cooking