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Birthday Spot Recommendations

Hi there,
Looking for a fun bday spot. Has anyone been to O & B on Front St on a Saturday night?


I'm looking for a loungy bar/restaurant where I can just relax and have a few drinks. I can never seem to find a decent one without having to get there really early, line up really long, dress up in a tux, or spend a fortune. What are people's favourite comfortable loungy destinations?

Barilla Plus Pasta

Does anyone know where to find Barilla Plus Pasta in the GTA? I used to get it at Longo's but they don't seem to carry it anymore.
thanks in advance

French Onion Soup

Where can one get good french onion soup in Toronto?

Pizzelle Maker

Does anyone know where one can get a non-electric Pizelle Maker? I believe they are referred to as Pizelle Grills. I have been able to find only the electric ones, and the girlfriend wants to get an old fashioned stove top one for her sister for christmas. I would love help on this matter. I live in the GTA. Thanks

Help! Girlfriend needs patio at yonge and eg

my girlfriend wants to celebrate her birthday with her girlfriends on a patio around yonge and eg. Males not invited. I get to celebrate on her actual birthday with her. What cab you suggest. She would prefer good food to bar type good. Any ideas? There would be approx 10 in total.

thai food

if the mother is cooking that evening your golden

thai food

Thai Shan Inn is moving in the next few weeks...presently on Eglinton, it is moving just up the street to Dufferin and is fantastic...

thai food

Thai Shan Inn has the best mango salad I have ever encountered in Toronto. I don't know about Megrai, but I went to there old restaurant Me Thai and it was excellent, so I am really look forward to trying it out...Vanipha Lanna sounds interesting as well...starting to get hungry just typing about it....

thai food

I used to go to Me Thai when she was the chef there. It was great but didn't know where they went too.. Have you ever been or heard of Thai Shan Inn?

thai food

Thai food restaurants seem to be popping up on every street corner. Although I am always up for trying new ones, I have found a lot of them recently to be truly lacking. Any suggestions on the best thai restaurant in Toronto? I will give my opinion after I see some of yours...

Eating clams (mussels) in or around downtown

cafe Brussels used to have fantastic mussels. Is it still around?

Romantic Restaurants in GTA

I am looking to take a special lady on a first date ( I've waited forever for this), and I am stumped as to where I can take her that is special. I don't necessarily think the most expensive restaturants are the most romantic (scaramouche had been uttered to me numerous times), but I am looking for something quaint, quiet and with good food. If I need to spend a lot of money I don't mind, but I want it to be special and memorable...please help me!!!!!!