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BA for SOLO Diners

I am quite familiar with BA restaurants, but am looking for suggestions for a FEMALE SOLO diner. Any places better than others? She's not looking for the top tables in town necessarily, just good value meals. Recoleta (staying in hotel there) and Palermo are priorities. Wouldn't mind one suggestion in Puerto Madero. Also eager input on the best hidden gem restaurants in BA! Thanks!

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon OR similar alternatives usual..I'm agonizing over restaurant selections for a client. This is a well-travelled, high-end 45 year-old-couple. They are looking for two memorable dining experiences of course. We are doing Le Cinq one night for a generally traditional, incredible service and cuisine evening. For the second night, we do NOT want to spend that much! We like the look and sound (more of a stylish spot that is definitely unique and different) of L'Atelier de JR and the price is right at 150ish Euros per person. I am, though, simply concerned about mixed reviews of the place and the fact that you need to take an 18.30 seating if you wish to reserve in advance.

So any suggestions on an alternative that is stylish, not so traditional, unique/memorable and a price point of 150 Euros per person?

Thanks Chowpeople!!!

Oct 08, 2010
corkandtee in France

Safe intro to Modern Catalan (Cinc Sentis is booked!)

yes! modern Catalan but not "out there".

Sep 22, 2010
corkandtee in Spain/Portugal

Safe intro to Modern Catalan (Cinc Sentis is booked!)

client will be in Barcelona. They requested Cinc Sentis, but it's booked through the entire five nights they'll be there (8-13 Oct). What are the other suggestions? I reviewed some on this board. Client is late 50s/early 60s...they are doing Drolma, La Dama on other nights.

Up for suggestions...

Sep 21, 2010
corkandtee in Spain/Portugal

Paris: A Memorable Evening for 190 Euros per person with wine

OK Paris's the deal: While I'm familiar with the better ** and *** restaurants in Paris, I'm less up to speed on their price points as compared to the experts on this board. I have a client who will be in Paris for just two night in late October. We've agreed their dinners should include one traditional bistro (I'm advising Josephine) and one Michelin-star restaurant. While I know the great value is some of the lunch tasting menus, they don't want to decommission themselves for a complete afternoon given their short time in the city. They are in their mid-40s and quite into great food, but even moreso into great wines and exceptional pairings. I think they would do best with a relatively informal restaurant (I realize it's all relative in this category!) and I don't think they'd want a spot that might be too far on the cutting edge. But it doesn't have to be super traditional either. The budget is somewhat flexible for a truly memorable experience, but probably only up to 250 Euros per person for two. Your counsel is most appreciated. Cheers!

Sep 02, 2010
corkandtee in France

Vancouver with Kids

HI. I have clients who will be in Vancouver with young children (18 mos and 4). They will be staying at a hotel downtown (Wedgewood Hotel & Spa). Do you have suggestions for family friendly restaurants. I'd like most to be in walking distance, but ok to drive to one.


Trendy / Lively London Restaurant

Greetings. My company, CORK & TEE Epicurean Golf Travel, has designed a 22-day customized golf travel program to Ireland and Scotland including some GREAT dinners! The clients will be spending two nights in London, which is really not one of our destinations so I'm looking for some dining advice. This is a very high-end couple from San Francisco. While they are 70, they like lively/trend high-end restaurants..very much top restaurants of the moment. Thus, I'm looking for suggestions. In general, they'd be looking for Continental/Modern European cuisine although they would not be opposed to a hip Indian spot. One place I personally loved is Tamarind, although it is not particularly new.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. For what it's worth, they are staying at The Berkeley.

Aug 25, 2010
corkandtee in U.K./Ireland

Cooking with Port: Ruby vs. Tawny

I'm making a Port Roast Stuff with Winter Dried Fruit. It has a port wine sauce (precious little port actually - maybe a few tbs). Question is this. The recipe calls for Ruby Port and I only have Tawny. I know the difference between the two and that Ruby is younger perhaps more fruit. Is it really worth going out and springing for a bottle or Ruby? Please advise.

Dec 24, 2009
corkandtee in Home Cooking

Cheap eats in Seville?

I was in Seville in early May '08. I have an Epicurean Golf Travel business and was with a group. A few thoughts: I got a local's suggestion for best tapas and this was the real deal! It's called Eslava and is probably a 10 minute walk from the cathedral. It's quite small (with a few tables and a relatively long bar). Tapas were tremendous and very affordable. The croquettes were amazing. I've also been to Horacio not far from the bullring in a very lively area. This restaurant caters to tourists (English language menu), but is quite good and affordable.

Jun 09, 2008
corkandtee in Spain/Portugal

BCN Avant-Garde Dining 4 Lge Group

My first post on Chowhound! I have a travel company. We do golf, wine and culinary travel. I am planning a dinner for many months from now and am looking for a high-end restaurant (ideally one focusing on Adria-style avant-garde cuisine) that can accommodate a group of 32. It's for October 09 actually, but I need to book soon to promote to a high end group. We'll have some people staying at Casa Fuster and others at the top of Las Ramblas so something in between would be nice, but I'm not going to be too picky as long as this is a top-shelf experience. Any contacts or suggestions would be most appreciated. I will be in BCN next month and am interested in a site inspection.

Apr 10, 2008
corkandtee in Spain/Portugal